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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

How can i play game since it doesnt hav a keypad.

  • NEO

I'm indeed pleased that the daily interest for this wonderful phone is increasing / gaining back its popularity. Nokia must hv been impressed by tis phone. n i heard that new firmware, v60 will be out in a couple of months time. I can't wait for the new release. :-)

  • NEO

oh, 08 Jul 2010how to solve ONLINE certificate verification during software ins... moreHye,

u can turn off the online certification by:

menu>settings>application manager>installation settings.

choose off for online certificate check.

this will do the trick.

hope tis helps:-)

  • NEO

Aruna, 08 Jul 2010can someone tell me how long i have to do the initial charging??... moreHye..

The recommended initial charge needed is actually 8 hours, but in order to maximise the potential power of the battery, one needs to complete atleast 2-3 cycle full charge (2-3 times fully charge ur battery) and then u can actually know how long the battery can last.

hope tis helps :-)

  • Aruna

can someone tell me how long i have to do the initial charging????

thanks in advance

  • oh

how to solve ONLINE certificate verification during software installation ???

thank you all my friends here

  • Sungod

Andyr12345, 08 Jul 2010where they could have made the 5800 better (possibly Nokia could... moreHey if u want to compare the phone compare with a touch phone not a keypad phone and u forget 1 thing e series wont run all videos in the same manner how this 5800 do and another this e series are business used phone this is for entertinment phone so never compare it with e series thats really lame my brother using e 71 and he want to change to nokia 5800 so stop this nonsence

  • Anonymous

Andyr12345, 08 Jul 2010where they could have made the 5800 better (possibly Nokia could... moreYou are wasting your time talking rubbish about this phone like that, you take it as it is if you have money to bay it, if not..., than go for one other phone, there is thousands to chose and all kind of phones!

If i thought it was to big, to small, to thick, to thin, to black or to white..., than i shall not wast my time for it at all.

  • sid

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010Plzzz tell me the current retail price for this phone... I wnt t... morei bought 5800 for RS.13500

  • Andyr12345

where they could have made the 5800 better (possibly Nokia could still achieve this through future firmware updates):
1.) enable disable bluetooth by long pressing the star (*) key on the phone keypad (nokia E - series phones do this)
2.) replicate call/menu/end hardware keys but touch sensative on screen at the bottom of the display so you wouldnt have to break off what you are doing if you are using finger or stylus to press the hardware buttons.
3.) give users the option of a screensaver in the setup menu (ie just lock keys and touchscreen function but keep the display alive with dim light) yes I know it would use more battery power but if they put on off in menu then can satisfy all users.
4.) a more intuitive phone dialler, so that when you start to dial a number for someone who is stored in your phonebook their name comes up so you dont have to dial rest of number.
5.)if you have shortcut to menu on standby screen, make it so a long press on icon will open up running apps.
6.) make the camera button better function giving it one short press for camera and one long press of the button changes to camcorder.
7.) make date show even when silent profile is selected.
8.) show to do notes on standby screen.
9.) When in camera/camcorder in low light add 'unsharpen' to reduce graininess in photos or filming.
10.) with new firmware you can have more than 4 contacts showing on contacts bar, in the settings they should now put 'show how many contacts on contacts bar' so that you dont always have an empty box with a + sign to add another contact showing on the contacts bar.

Other improvements in hardware design:
1.) could they not of made it thinner - it does feel larger phone than it is when holding it.
2.) would look lovely with a shiny chrome trim around the lcd display (looking like a E51 for example).
3.) a more 'rubberised' back so it dont feel like its going to slip out of you hand or off a desk.
4.) the colour strip on the edge (red/blue/whatever) rubbery again so to hold the phone without it slipping.
5.) the stereo speakers at the top or bottom one on each side (left & right) and not both speakerson the left hand side of the phone as it is.
6.)stupid flimsy covers that cover the SIM card and SD Card slots and are of hard plastic, not rubber.
7.)the middle menu button notification of missed calls not very good, they should have placed a brighter quick flash led light next to the earpiece where the light sensor is.
8.) enabled charging through USB data cable socket.
9.) larger on-off switch that protrudes, like the one on top of the E52.
10.)made the xpress music touch button light up a different colour like red if you have the red version of the Nokia 5800.

  • Andyr12345

I was in touch with orb for nokia who said that I might get better results if I play streaming through adobe flash lite on the Nokia 5800 - but where is it? - streaming always uses real player on the phone and when I went into settings it had no flash lite there just real could be set. for streaming. Now I have the latest firmware for my nokia 5800 which is supposed to include flash lite in with the firmware, but when I tried to download flash lite from a site it said overwrite version 3.17 flash lite with version 3.01 so I aborted it. so where I this flash lite stored on the phone and why cant I select it for streaming media please?

  • Nokia lover

Guys and girls, when is the next firmware with the n97 homescreen due??? =)

  • obed

one of the best nokia phones so far

  • Roar...

MAnon, 07 Jul 2010Should ibuy this phone? The Details listed there look pretty goo... moreYes! Recommended. For it's price, nothing in the market can beat it...

  • Rendy

Amazing fon!!! The main drawback is it's default MMC always corrupt, u hav to scan via PC regularly.. Best recommend!!!!

  • MAnon

Should ibuy this phone? The Details listed there look pretty good, but i would like an opinion from someone who has this phone. Are there any disadvantages about this phone? Is it a good phone to buy?

  • at nokia

229 euros at nokia onlinestore.

  • happy man

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2010There Are 3 Home screen themes for 5800 one will just be normal... morewow wow threehome screen hearing very nice...,

thank you friend

  • Gilly

GSMarena.lover.boy, 07 Jul 2010simply cool... yesterday i was a bit busy so i couldnt buy it bu... moreAs a 5800xm user i recommed u to to go for X6 16gb version..
which is a upgrade for 5800 with capacitive screen, 16gb built in, a par better loud speaker & for Rs/15000

  • rafaele wendy andrew

nokia 5800 is amazing
a very good mobile phone...