Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

This phone is for the people who have lot of time in life for phone maintainance like formating,software updating, restarting, servicing ...... So on. It just makes your life miserable.

  • supun.gamage

naina, 25 Mar 2010nokia 5800 is just workin fine, i just wanted nokia 5800 compati... morei installed kaspersky 9.0 (that's the latest version). And guess what? UNLIMITED!! But to install it, u have to hack the phone. And the sad thing on nokia 5800 is that it's latest version cannot be hacked. So if u are having v40 u can't do it. As i am having v21, i could.. Yay me!!! Go 2 and search for kaspersky. They have provided all the information on how to install it.

  • Trogan commwarrior

Great phone with no keypad. Its only good 4 playing music and watching videos. U cant play game or access any application that requires the use of keypad wit dis phone. It resembles a china phone

  • kannas

Is this phone supports skype video call or not.....

  • varun garg

5800 owner, 24 Mar 2010hi guys..ive been using this phone since January 2009. Had no an... morehey there...u can try formatting your phone to factory settings...and if it doesnt help you then go to nokia site and update it..there is a new update avaliable (f.40)...i m sure update will help ur phone to perform better


i had juz buy tis hp for 2 month and nw it started lag and jam 2~always gt problem~and juz nw suddenly i cant open my massage and oso i can delete those massage

  • Justine

I have my PC suite installed. :) sorry. please help me!

  • Justine

Hey guys! I've changed my product code. I checked the codes and in the "can I update?" section of nokia. It says V40 is the latest. but when I changed it through NSS. the NSU says, it's not compatible. please help me. I'm trying to get back my real code but it's not working. can somebody please help me? PLEASE! I'm from Philippines. I just want the new firmware. and oh, before I forgot. the PC suite is not installed. thanks. please I need some help.

  • tylor

this phone is constantly freezing during use and turning it off an on doesnt always get it to start up. i have to choose the camera option on startup (for some reason this brings the phone back)

i'm thinking of returning the phone. always wanted an iphone. apart from the freezing this phone is awesome

  • Justine

mike, 20 Mar 2010i'm from philippines my version is 40 i used the NSUhey mike. what's ur product code? please respond immediately. :) thanks!

  • ALi

hey wondering if i shud buy this fone... im into serious texting but also want a big screen so dat it can become my all in one portable media player + phone + messaging device... do u ppl recommend dis for a user like me who sends around 200 msgs per day atleast.. or shud i go for a qwerty based solution?
plz help me out here.. i jus cant make up ma mind.. my odr option was E72 but its screen is a dwarf compared to dis.. any suggestions???

  • Angela

Hi Guys, i am having a problem connecting to Mxit with my Nokia 5800 XM. I think my internet settings is messed. Please can someone assist me with setting to connect to mxit. I'm on using Vodacom network

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2010This phone hangs too much.not it doesn't. you just don't know how to care!

  • giri

supun.gamage, 25 Mar 2010I have this phone and i am planning to upgrade the firmware vers... moreno nothing happens, all your data will be secure.even i have updated to version 40 and is good.........

  • season change

i mean, in full online mode?

  • season change

battery can stand up to 5hour only???That's true?

  • niresh

hey guys,this is a fantastic phone.i have just bought one a week ago.the features are very nyc,the phone is light & easy to use. i love my 5800 !!!!

  • NEO

5800 owner, 24 Mar 2010hi guys..ive been using this phone since January 2009. Had no an... morehye,

well, hearing it for the first time, maybe u can do a soft reset or a hard reset. Mind u if you do a hard reset,u'll del all the info in memory card.

hope tis helps:-)

  • saransh

guys please tell should i take this phone or not does it hang or what ever please help....

  • NEO

Aku, 24 Mar 2010Hi all, Need some advice here... Why does my phone hang ev... morehye,

Maybe try formatting ur card, n then try to put back ur data onto it, sometimes, these memory cards r not formatted n might be corrupted. so try doing this before buying a new one.

hope tis helps:-)