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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Jhan

I am always getting the error gateway error denied while trying to connect on line. What can I do? I used to connect on line before without having any problems.

  • m

XM lover, 21 Mar 2010how to update firmware?use nokia software updater

  • neil

best phone ever.....don't use cable to send infor too your phone u should use Bluetooth and your phone will work best

  • XM lover

how to update firmware?

  • abhi

cathy, 20 Mar 2010I have 5mo. old 5800.I experienced the problem during 1st week o... moreHello Cathy,
Let me help you out with this trouble...
Firstly, your phone isn't effected by any virus.
Secondly, you have experienced a Memory Card problem, yes, your MCard is corrupted dear.
Thirdly, I'm damn sure you cannot recover your videos, but.....
there are chances you can recover the images/pictures clicked, if you didn't use your memory card after it got corrupt, if you did make use of it, I'm sure you can still recover few, even some of your audio files if you are lucky enough.

Reason I know all this is because I experienced the same situation as of yours...
Being techie and also very good at recovering data, I was unable to recover my videos but was successfull in recovering 90% of the other file formats.
This was when I removed my Memory Card as soon as I found out my files are getting corrupted on their own.
The reason for getting videos destroyed first is because a small bad chunk makes the whole video unplayable, and you cannot play it with any video players existing till date.
But I have still saved those unusable videos thinking may be in future I can correct them or may be I get to know some way out... :)

I dont know how come company like Nokia can provide faulty Memory Cards or how come fault occurs at the later stage, cause its data that is more valuable than phonr itself, right....

Anyways try changing your MemCard with the new one and you will find out its working fine again :)

Also, recover the contents by any recovery software, by putting it into Memory Card Reader.
Cheeeeers Have a Good Day...

  • TSNA

Hi, I have been using this phone for quiet some time and I like it. Very recently the phone is getting hot and I have switch off the phone and remove the battery till the battery get cool. I dont know the reason why its getting hot and I am afraid that it may explode. Do you have any remedy for this malfunction. For your information the software is updated. Please help.

  • MAHI

Hey guys.....Wt steps shld be followed for a healthy battery backup, n is it necessary to recharge only aftr it has been fully discharged....????
......Plzzz help....!!!!!!!

  • Pavan

cathy, 20 Mar 2010I have 5mo. old 5800.I experienced the problem during 1st week o... moreHi Cathy,
I can't help you with your current problem, but you may be able to recover the files from your memory card easily if they haven't been overwritten. There are loads of file recovery softwares available such as Pandora still have chances of getting back your son's and husband's videos :)...


  • Pavan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Bought 5800 at NPD in bangalore on 2nd Jan, 2010 for Rs. 13500.....not sure about its price idea about X6...

  • Pavan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Bought it in NPD in bangalore on 2nd Jan, 2010 for Rs. 13500.....

  • someone

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i bought my nokia 5800 xpress for $240

  • Pavan

Peter, 20 Mar 2010Hi Pavan, I,m afraid I still have a problem. I have changed the... moreBTW Peter, are you sure you are not trying to use your service provider specific GPRS services?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 20 Mar 2010Hi Pavan, I,m afraid I still have a problem. I have changed the... moreHi Peter,
I am not very sure why should the application misbehave this way. However, I had similar issue before. But in my case, I knew I wouldn't need my service providers GPRS or WAP connection. So I deleted that connection point from my list. Once deleted, the phone will not find it at all. However, in case you need this connection, either ask your service provider for the details or copy the setting details before you delete it and use them to create it. This is all I can think of as solution to your problem.


  • javin

to download opera mini 5 visit


how to download v.40? is it available to use a webcam in yahoo messenger using this phone? PLEASE NEED A REPLY

  • Anonymous

install opera mini 10 from

  • bose-india

install opera mini5 it is quick easy, interesting and revolutionary

  • ak

guyz i've a problem with touch screen callabaration in my nokia 5800 xpress music...can sombody sort it out for me plz....

  • Peter

Peter, 20 Mar 2010Thanks ever so much Pavan!!Hi Pavan,
I,m afraid I still have a problem. I have changed the priority setting as you indicated and have also changed the access point to the name of my WLAN connection. However, when I do "Menu=>settings=>connectivity=>wir­eless lan=>(select the wlan)=>options=>start web browsing, and I then select Music or Sport or whatever, it connects via my service provider. It drives me nuts!!
Any additional advice please!

  • Peter, 19 Mar 2010Peter you don't need to uninstall the pc suit they re not the sa... moreThanks !!