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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

Chetan, 16 Mar 2010plz help me i want 2 buy nokia 5800 XM is dis phone is good ... moreIts GOOD-BAD-UGLY.
GOOD- for complete with features, Value for money. Low price.
BAD- for very unstable OS. hangs & freezes every now and then.
UGLY- due to freezing prblems you loose peace of mind. not very intuitive visually. No UI consistancy.

  • Chetan

plz help me
i want 2 buy nokia 5800 XM
is dis phone is good or bad
plz rply sombdy......

  • Anonymous


PROBLEM: Applications menu doesnt open.

WHAT I DID : I had installed many themes from OVI stores site (but not from any other sites) On setting one of the theme started srewing up many things & slowing down the phone. After restarting the phone, (usual trick of removing battery & memory card & then inserting the card) it started working fine, except WHEN I CLICKED THE APPLICATIONS MENU, it gave the error "MENU: Memory Full!, Please close some applications and try again" though i had not opened any applications. It seemed like consistent problem for me. Then i deleted all sms from phone memory to make around 43MB space free and Deleted most of the theme & downloaded app files from memory card (using file manager).


Now, i can use my phone only for call, music, camera. Also, there are some inconsistancy in the response - like sometimes recent call hostory doesnt show up, sometimes msg crashes, images gallery crash etc. I think al the probs due to same cause.

Being a app/games lover, I surely cant live with it. PLEASE SOMEONE WITHTHIS KIND OF EXPERIENCE SUGGEST ME IF "hard reset" Can SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

Or CAN SOMEONE SUGGEST A BETTER SOLUTION (I hate going to Nokia Care!!! coz they dont really Care!)

BOTTOMLINE: 5800 IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WANT PEACE OF MIND.Its for those who need a complete phone with lots of features at the cost of stability & a cheap price too.

  • sai

please tell me from which date onwards(pack)we can find pre-installed latest version v4*****5 in nokia 5800 and also tv out provision

  • NEO

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010for me,this is the best phone i ever had!in 5800,u have camera,v... moreHye,

Thanks for your gd comments, :-) well, this phone is just gd, near perfect, :-) hehe, and the reset, they're 2 types of reset, soft reset and hard reset,

soft reset is just restoring factory defaults, n all ur data is intact, and in order to do it, press this, *#7370#

hard reset is where u delete everything from ur mobile, its like a new (virgin) phone. :-) in order to do that, do this: press call (green) button, hang up (red) button and the camera button (at the side) all at once while switching on ur phone.

hope tis helps :-)

  • NEO

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010Hi guys, Does the latest batch of 5800 supports TV-Out?Hye,

The tv-out feature is still intact with nokia5800xm, BUT i'm not sure bout the tv-out cable, whether nokia is still supplying it. i bought mine 2 months back and the cable was optional. well, u can but any streo-to-3RCA and connect it to ur phone. i did just that and it works perfectly fine, :-) and its hell lot more cheaper, :-)

Hope tis helps :-)

  • NEO

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010What is the latest sw version?? plz replythe latest version is v4*****5. :-)

hope tis helps :-)

  • NEO

rahul, 15 Mar 2010hy Neo i tried that but it keeps on searching for hrs but finds ... morehi rahul,

sorry that it didn't work for you. it worked for me, :-) anyways, there are so many music player apps for 5800XM, u can try LCG Jukeox, folderplay, etc to subsitute, they work equally great as the integrated music player.

Hope tis helps :-)

  • bart simpson

Hi my phone screen face i cant see any thing on it,it got drop.Is there any way that it can be fixed.

  • A..

I have heard some good and some bad opinions, but finally do you all recommend me to buy this phone or not? Please reply.

  • AK

Hi All,

Nokia 5800 has everything you could possibly want from a phone. I have my handset for 11 months now. Unfortunatley i am having endless problems with the phone. To list a few

1. cannot respond to sms at times ( keypad not responsive)
2. The phone hangs and needs to be rebooted ( I reboot 10 times a day)
3. the pictures are horrible compared to other phones
4. You cannot switch between applications at times.
4. I got a line which keeps coming and going on my display.


I think you get the picture. If the phone was more reliable it wil be perfect value for money phone....

Maybe i am just unlucky with the version i have... By the way updating with new frimware made no difference

South African user

  • Anonymous

rahul, 15 Mar 2010hy Neo i tried that but it keeps on searching for hrs but finds ... morerahul,,,its simple just format your mc,and then cant refresh library music..i already make....NOKIA sales talk to memust do like that...

  • YALE

how do i lock the phone plz help

  • hasan

Jamshid, 15 Mar 2010I am interested in buying the 5800, but I need someone to help o... more1. wifi will work even though you are using an inactive sim or even no sim.
2. quick office does not come preinstalled but you can get quick office 6.2 for viewing/editing any kind of office file. search on Google and you will find it.

  • Yasser

venus-bangalore, 15 Mar 2010guys, plses smebody help me - how to resolve "menu: memory ... moreI had the same problem,happens when you install too much of apps on phone memory or mem.card. There is a software named "batch uninstall" in Ovi store, free app. Download it , install and put it as a shortcut on the homescreen. Then you can uninstall unwanted apps from that with ease (can remove many @ once). Then use the normal app manager and remove other unwanted stuff. The 5800 is a good mobile, it's processor is underclocked to 192 mhz inorder to save battery power, though it can run upto 434 mhz. That's the reason, so only install useful apps. Good luck with your 5800 and enjoy it. Mine is perfect after that procedure. :D

  • Anonymous

for me,this is the best phone i ever had!in 5800,u have camera,video and internet access!what i love most about it is when you are using it as a web browser u just nid to click what u want to click unlike using other phones u will get bored pin pointing what you want to click by using nav.keys! You can also view it in a full screen view as if you are browsing your pc! The only problem is the stock memory card that comes in the package when u buy it is always corrupted!u stil nid to go to nokia care to replace it! And its battery? It only stays 1day when u always use it and 3days when standby mode. I just dont know how to soft/hard reset it! And when is the best time to do it?

  • MANI

hi, i hv purchased N 5800, it has "MADE IN CHINA AUTHORIZED BY NOKIA CORP. FINLAND".... plz do inform me, is it origional one??? m worried..! it has totally same specifications which are provided in dis site.

  • Pny

venus-bangalore, 15 Mar 2010guys, plses smebody help me - how to resolve "menu: memory ... moreBuddy same problem here... I did a hard reset.... Nw workin fine... Nw i alwaz hav fear of restarting the phone... 5800 sux....

  • Anonymous

Hi guys,

Does the latest batch of 5800 supports TV-Out?

  • ravi

hiiiiiiiiiiii guys does 3g network works in andhra pradesh????? plzzzz post a reply