Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

gps not workin with free nav. wat u did?????

  • Roar...

trouble maker, 24 Jan 2010Hey, i need help..i cant make up my mind. should i get 5800 Xpr... moreTouchscreen phone is the way to go. And C905 is not a smartphone...

  • Anonymous

free nav doesnt use gps......unable to find ny satellite.... n even doesnt work in offline mode....wat wrong NOKIA

  • Roar...

vrc, 24 Jan 2010Does nokia 5800 have scratch free screen?Nope...

  • Anonymous

i just used the free navigation today and its absolutely brilliant ... FYI, used it in hyderabad, india ... spot on ... just brilliant ... thanx nokia

  • shailesh lakhmani

your service is too poor in your servicecenter.
they are concern about only money..............

  • trouble maker

i need help..i cant make up my mind. should i get 5800 Xpress Music or sony erricson C901? any opinions?

  • Reuben

Abhi, 23 Jan 2010Hello Reuben, My product code was same and version was same..... moreyeah bro did u try it?? cuz i read about this, and it is quite easy, but do u think i should take it to the nokia care and get it done there? and btw are you in India?

  • vrc

Does nokia 5800 have scratch free screen?

  • m

Reuben, 23 Jan 2010hey i'm currently running on v30 firmware, when i try to update ... moretry to uninstall your nsu then install it again

  • abhishek delhi

hi friends i just updated my f/w from 30 to 40 from my vodaphone live gprs connection it is so easy first go to device updates by *#0000# on keypad and select option check for updates it will start to connect to nokia server select any connection if you have wifi select it if gprs select it. If update is avalable select it it will start downloading dont fear if connection is lost while downloading it can be resumed after downloading is complet select to update it will restart and update will start it will take 5 minuts or less dont use your phone while updating when the blue line will reach the end the updating is complete phone will restart then switch of your phone and hard reset it by pressing green key red key camera key along with powerbutton keep pressing them until the country selection option come on screen select all desire option and the phone is started with new home screen and kinetic scroll and lot mor new functions and features. Any probleme about it email me

  • naresh

ma mobile often states the message as "memory full close some application " that i am unable to open the menu hangs

  • Anonymous

vrc, 23 Jan 2010please anyone tell me should we get the touchscreen laminated...... moreyes u should get it laminated as saves ur screen n ur phone is safe

  • Pratik

Hey, recently i upgraded my 5800 (code-0575590 WHICH HAS NOT GOT ANY UPGRADE SO FAR) to v40 from nokia care center for free. i also knew how to change the product code but didnt tried it to save my warranty but when i got back the phone from nokia care i checked my product code from nss it was changed to 0559673(behind battery cover it was same). please any body who has updated your fone through nokia care confirm me that have they changed your product code to.
Please check it through Nemesis service suite or any other software which can get the product code of the fone.

  • pom-a-poo

Hi guys i need your help when i have updated my firmware to v40, I cannot install or uninstall applications. It gives me an error message "unable to start operation.Installer already in use".
Pls help i need to installs new apps and uninstall old apps.

thanks in advance

  • Harsha, Hyderabad, I

I upgraded my phone to v40 at Nokia Service centre, Malakpet, Hyderabad for free. They did it in just 10 minutes. Wow.. Then I could see the phenomenal difference. The phone is really good now. Kinetic scrolling, more speed, faster opening applications, files, images and videos etc. But same touch sensitivity. I could observe more options and features in v40. I downloaded ovi maps v3.03 with the help of software updater inside the phone. Live tv, python etc. also were downloaded as a result of which the phone memory now is nearly 45 mb only. But, believe it.. Its really an awesome phone now. Internet is at blazing fast, music quality and sound even improved, though camera quality didn't show much difference. Ovi maps is really wonderful. Lot of features and free navigation for life. No question of hanging anymore. Friends believe me.. You may upgrade it to v40. But, be careful about your battery. Its draining a bit faster due to lot lot of features in the new version. But, the nokia 5800 battery is still lot better than any other phone(except nokia E72) I still believe. I'm happy after this v40 and ovi maps v3.03. That's my feeling.

  • Anonymous

hey people, 5800 Xpressmusic v40.0.005 firmware are already to download via nsu and not available via fota. finally all the nokia 5800 xpressmusic fan can enjoy using kinetic scrolling and use 5530 homescreen feature like. the update not available to all country but it will release momenteraly. after you update to latest firmware, you'll see the different. finally nokia heard the voice of 5800 fan.

  • Thunder

i meant 5800 XpressMusic :D owner*, i just pissed my self :((... please some1 say somthing about 375 Limitation, ty...

  • Thunder91

cooza, 23 Jan 2010if you look at the gsm arena audio results yourll find that they... moreThanx 4 reply dude, but what u said about 375song Limitation,it sound's Crazy or Impossible, i just cant believe That man :D,i mean this need another 8500 Owner to judge about it...jeez...

  • satish

vrc, 23 Jan 2010please anyone tell me should we get the touchscreen laminated...... moreyes lamination of touch screen perform quiet well not to worrey