Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Mario

Got it love it wish for n97 =)

  • memo

I have a problem with my phone
my nokia 5800 turn off or restart suddenly and I do not konw what I should do with this problem
plz help me :(

  • mj

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970you're a kid! get a life!

  • mj

if your phone hangs.. try to press the red button+the green button together for seconds.

worked for me :)

hope this helps.

  • Lesley

I am currently on my 3rd 5800. I keep experiancing the same problem. The phone will turn itself of with no warning and then say "start up failed, return to retailer" after that it may or may not come back on. Hence the reason I am on my 3rd. This one also seems to have a fault with the lock/ unlock slider in that it makes the screen go fuzzy so you often have to try it a few times before you get it unlocked. I have had enough! Anyone else had this problem or am I just extreamly unlucky?

  • Anon

By the way doing a hard reset deletes EVERYTHING on your phone so make sure you have a backup.

  • Anon

kunal basu - Try to hard reset your phone. Do this by:
Pressing and holding GREEN + RED + CAMERA when powering up.

Hope this helps.

  • kunal basu

i had set up a password to my nokia 5800 for the option of locking when sim card is changed. Now i just forgot what was the password. whenever i am puting a different sim , the phone is asking for the password. plz help me out - how to deactivate this code/ password. as bcos i need to change my sim. plz its very urgent.

  • yuvraj

hi friends i want to know about that fone how does it works and all.

  • Andy

3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, LED flash
Video Yes, VGA@30fps
Secondary QVGA video call camera
I dont understand why Nokia gave a 3.15MP camera instead of a 5 MP camera?

  • danny

i whant to now were can i get a anti virus programe and same themes

  • Hasan

INDIA, 23 Dec 2009Hi, Friends i want a genuan advice wheather i should buy thi... morethr phobe is absuletly good lookinf but ir have some problem like frequently hang problem and software problem.

  • kat

recently bought its a great phone,good battery lyf and a nice smart phone

  • Aku


All my data inside my memory card was gone!!!
The phone just hang when I was receiving an SMS from my friend, so I restart the phone. And the best part was, when I restart the phone, the memory card was automatically formatted. F**k!!!
Is it true that the memory card given by Nokia is corrupted??

  • nipps

how to run games on this cell yaar plzz tell me


Friends i want a genuan advice wheather i should buy this phone or not as i am looking for a phone which is a good looking,and maily which should give a good service as i am a one time buyier i dont change mobiles fequently. Will it be the best buy or pls suggest me some other phone .... Its urgent thanks folks .

And one more thing i have heared that nokia company is selling made in china products in india and in europe and america same handset is made in finland/hugland mobiles which are far better quality that made in china model ... Is it true ...As one of my friend was saying its betted to buy a chinese mobile rather than nokia as both are made in china

Thnaks in Advace....

  • JUL

hi all i am nokia lover my phone was 6600.6630,n73.n82.and now 5800 never change till now,but with nokia 5800 too much problem my problem is foto editor doesnt work volume key doesnt work ,reffrest music on music player so slow and doesnt work and some time menu problem like crooked i have formated my phone memory but still exis and the other problem i dont know coz i purchased 1 month ago pliss help me what can i do for my nokia 5800 coz i love it

  • G

charles, 23 Dec 2009does any one can configure emails on a phon eg outlook express a... moreI cannot configure OVI MAIL with 5800. Please let me know how does it work, because whenever I try OVI Free mail to retrieve my email, homepaid network pop up.

  • gka3000

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970the only plus point in n79 compared to the 5800 is that it got a better quality camera otherwise with all options compared in both phones it is a must say that 5800 is better than n79 all the way ...

  • john

can i used this phone in winter time like -10 degree and the wind chill is -15 degree?thanks!