Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Aruna

Too many Software problems..

  • d.a

Hi there,im planing to buy this phone.Pls help with opinion is it worth to buy and there is any difference between red and blue one?
THANKs a lot

  • Anonymous

Camera quality is not as per standards of 3.2 MP, whereas if you see sony ericsson cybershot series phone of 3,2 MP, it is much better than nokia 5800.

  • Mr Sleep

Hey peeps,
Got my 5800 for nearly a year now. Been with it through all bad and good. When I bought this set, it was all wrong. The OS was slow, the camera setting was bad and lastly but not least, the touchscreen was dodgy. Infact it was a mess that I nearly swap it with Carls Jr. Thickburger. But on the bright side, this phone gave a promising touch at this price range. Since then, after a few updates, it seem that this ugly duckling has pretty much emerge as a beautiful swan. It is as if everything was 'patched' up properly. This is one of the fine phone I've come across with. Now if this phone packs up with higher pixel camera and slimmer and had about 1 in dimension larger, that will be much more sexier than a ferrari, keep it up.

  • Mark

What about the SMS?Will it vry anoying?becaus of full touch screen?(mean its vry slow in typing VS the keypad phone)i still panic in chosing 5800 or 5730...haiz..

  • ryk

It is amazing how Nokia create mobile phones and market it...
When it was launched there was this hype around it being the first full touch screen mainstream handset by Nokia.
Then they almost halved the price after some 8 to 9 months maintaining interests of consumers.
5800 XM is No. 1 on GSMArenas top phones by interests.
Hats off Nokia...
Apple, HTC, Motorola, LG, Samsung have things to learn...

  • kcuf

Where's the new update?
It's almost New Year and still no new update for this phone?
We were fooled, there's no such new update coming..
We are stucked to this phone with no Kinetic Scrolling, etc..

This sucks!!

  • Anonymous

My nokia 5800 isn't getting detected by pc suite :(

Can any1 help me???

  • Anonymous

this is popably the best mobile like nokia n 82!!!

only mobile which got wifi ,gps and 8gb card under 14kINR(indian rupees)

  • jafer

superrrrrbbbbbbbbb phone thnx nokia....

  • Manas

If you are facing any problem please call me +919038536545

  • Manas

Who is saying this phone is worse, I have this phone and i never grt any problem as of now. Its running fine adn i think this is the best phone of nokia as of now. Thanks a lot Nokia

  • nona

amy, 16 Dec 2009is this phone have a software to read word or pdf document? anyo... morenope amy. if u wannna buy office application i suggested u buy E72. i used one! loving it

  • ali rehan

5800 is the best phone ever
the sound quality is perfect and their is no match of this phone

  • a

Hey friends, i read all the opinions and reviews about 5800 Express music,can any one tell me which one is better 5800 ex music or 5800 navigator and what type of bug 5800 ex music has.will it be better to buy it ???

  • Frank

Got a new 5800 battery only lasts 24 hours. All applications are shut down, Have i got a dogey battery?. Please help before i throw it out of the window, Bring back 2 cans and piece of string Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

  • amy

is this phone have a software to read word or pdf document? anyone knows? Pleaasseee...

  • jul

yes i did ,i have converted mkv file to mp4 avc and leave to default and the resolution to 640- but still cant play on 5800 pliss help

  • Anonymous

Piyush, 14 Dec 2009n one more thing battery back up is also not good. it drains in ... morei have this fone since jan 2k9. it is a very good phone at this price range. good sound quality, and the features if you explore are satisfactory and uptodate. any software that is installable in n97 is also installable in this. and the music quality is better than that of n97 and n900. the fm radio is also good enough. the things i wish it had are
1. fm transmitter
2. more internal memory and ram.
3. better body as it is fully plastic.
4. the widgets

the things i like
1. the os.
2. sound quality
3. it is loud enough... not too loud like 6xxx.
4. screen resolution..(ofcourse there are better screen resolutions but not at this price range)

Why i compared n97, is because they both share almost the same features exept for some mem, qwerty, cam. and the body. i had both at my disposal for quite some time.

  • Anonymous

jul, 15 Dec 2009hi guys pliss help,i cant play mp4 file on nokia 5800 any body h... moreTo convert using tvc. just create a custom profile in tvc using the 640*360 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. rest everything you may leave it as default for the best sound and image quality.