Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Gilly Ricket""

Naveen, 23 Oct 2009Hi. Friends, i purchased new phone in diwali. Now this is c... moreyou r not yet correct frnd, build quality had some more isssssssues, not happy......otherwise really rocking mobile.. May be battery also a issssssued one......

  • fiq_G

Reminder ...
Do not buy this phone ..
Coz my brother buy this phone & then, after 3 week later there are have a problem with the touchscreen. it sowing the Vertical line on screen.

  • Anonymous

rbx, 22 Oct 2009Hi friends, i am a proud owner of this mobile so let me pos... moreyou suck!!!!

  • Naveen

Hi. Friends, i purchased new phone in diwali. Now this is coming china made. No good quality, no sound,camera clarity, and very problems in this phone. Pls don't go with this.

  • Patrick

Can I know where should I get the v31.00.101 software?

  • Bharat

SUN, 22 Oct 2009Hi After thinking for three months about 5530 finally i pur... moreCongratulations. How much did it cost? What is the MRP? Any idea about second-hand costs?

  • jk.patel

nice phone 4 the teenagers and does not give the feel of a old phone>>and the MUSIC IS THE BEST OF THE BEST>>but would be better to have more EQUALIZERS.>>phone is quite good >>but the only drawback is the CAMERA QUALITY>>> BEST BUY>>>

  • jk.patel

rbx, 22 Oct 2009Hi friends, i am a proud owner of this mobile so let me pos... moredid u like itz camera quality i mean while zooming and also indoor pitures i really didn't like that no doubt the phone is rocking! world wide.....and it mwan 4 tht>.

  • Anonymous

i have also updated my phone to v31.0.101. it rorates screen a bit faster, thunder racing is more smooth, bounce is also more smoother and it doesn't crash at all anymore.

  • Anonymous

Guys, you should eweryone update your n5800xm to v.31.0.101.xx ass i solves the problem with camera, it's louder music and more natural, divX playing with Smart Movie player is very smoth and much meter quality just like playing on PC, it's bit faster owerall, foto gallery is refreshing allmost instantly, that means with video graphic procesor is updated and better advanced. There have ben add Mippin gdget, and extra small fonts on web browser.
Taking pictures with camera after update, just reset to standard settings thru aplications manager, and during night taking photos turn in night mode and activate flash for good picture non moving objects.
Just update thru NSU, and you wan't miss the past.

  • ganze

mat, 22 Oct 2009v31 not good bro..i,m jus buy dis pon and then upgared from... morei knw dude mostly v31 doesnt hve any new thing so better to nt update u knw recenly i hve hacked my phone n now i m rlly happy after doing that coz all application r wrking now

  • mat

ganze, 22 Oct 2009can anybody tell me wt's new in v.31.0.101????? v31 not good bro..i,m jus buy dis pon and then upgared from v21 to v31.speaker so ugly.not loudly..

  • mat

haloo.i,m just buy ori set dis pon..any body can explain why d pon canot install pirate software

  • ganze

sennheiser headphone rlly suck no bass at all even after adjusting equalizer no use . sound come so lound n noisy even outer ppl get to knw which song we r listing...lolz
thats why i m using samsung metro headphones n voice clearity is loud n clear

  • ganze

hey guys i seen some comment that ppl r saying they can able to use tv output but when i connect my old n82 tv output cable i cant c anything
i m using v21

  • ganze

Mahesh, 22 Oct 2009Is it true that it supports memory upto 16 gb?ya it'll support even it can support upto 32gb

  • rbx

Hi friends, i am a proud owner of this mobile so let me post some points that might help you:

1. The battery will last for a little more than 2 days for moderate to + side usage;

2. The camera, landscape shoots are very good, for night i recommend go for NIGHT mode;

3. Even when indoors try to turn the flash off;

4. 16 GB is supported but in some cases it has slowed the exp;

5. USE WAVESECURE; this software is really cool; backup or tracking; safety or anything on security; it really rocks; it also helps when u try to update; just use it before updating;

6. For prospective buyers; BUY WITH Sennheisser headsets; my N79 friend is jealous of them :D

2 options;

1. configure access point settings;
change IPv4 settings or static IP settings

2. verify if DHCP at router is enabled;

1. Ensure you have correct date etc.

I anything else troubles you, post here soon i'll try to help you...
P.S. I could do with a bit of an appreciation if you like it :D

  • Mahesh

ganze , 22 Oct 2009on sound i must say phone is amazing n loud. even net browi... moreIs it true that it supports memory upto 16 gb?

  • ganze

Mahesh, 22 Oct 2009Thanks for reply. I desperately wants to buy this phone. Bu... moreon sound i must say phone is amazing n loud. even net browing is mind blowing 5800 is good phone but only camera is disappointed otherwise 5800 is 10/10
u can check da sound i hve posted my video on youtube

  • xaryan

hey can any help me

i bought this fone on 12th oct 2009 nad in just coupl of days i hav xprnc that my memory card got automaticly deleted by its on i hav tryed restoring hardformat nad software reinstall by nsu but i cant get my data on my fone and memory card show it has data on pc and i can access it then y not in my fone its was running fine even messegs are deleted and images r gone i dnt knw at to dot

can u tell me wat problem it can b

note: both time the card memmory got currupted but wat ever was on my phone moory nothing got hamperd.