Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Aysha

I have been this phone 5800 for 10 months and it a big pleasure to have this phone.

  • Anonymous

is the best phone

  • aysha

For me is the BEST phone, is better than the iphone. I really like this phone

  • Jawwad

Girl in need #2, 20 Oct 2009Yes me and my best fwend r gonna buy the nokia no Questions Abo... morei have been using 5800 for almost 2months now, and u can save msgs either in memory card or phone memory, and i am using phone memory, and i got 792 sms rite now in my fone.

  • ganze

Mahesh, 22 Oct 2009How is the internet browsing experience? What is the price of it... morehey its good recenly week ago i purchased it frm andheri w in 14500rps

  • Anonymous

Tilak, 21 Oct 2009can anyone tell me is TV OUT feature is working in this phone.Be... moreit is available, i have used it

  • Snak3

I was wondering if you’d be able to help me! MY Nokia 5800 bluetooth seems to be not working anymore… I used the code *#2820# to display my bluetooth address but its blank...

The phone wont allow me to activate my bluetooth at all. It says “unable to perform bluetooth operation”.

This could be a hardware issue but do you know if your bluetooth address can just disappear? I tried phone reset and formatting memory card... not working...

  • rafeeque

Nasabina, 22 Oct 2009hey plz can anyone help me out everytime i try to install these ... morehi solve "expired" problem first u change your date and year.then install applications.5800 capable n95 softwares

  • SUN

Hi After thinking for three months about 5530 finally i purchased 5800 : what can i say about you guys this is fantastic phone xtermly happy for using 5800 i purchased on diwali i got senhesr headset and blue thooth and 500 cash back in scratch card music is like im listening on home theatre i have creative ep 630 my gudnes i downloaded themes in torrentz in single shot i downloaded 110 themes trust me you never regeret buying this phone its my dream phone in my budget i got everything i need in phone value to my hard earn money im from hyderabad india its black coour every one is asking about this phone on features in friend cirle all are planning to buy 5800 now ,,,,,,,really what a phone ill tell you more later,,,,,,,take care jai hind

  • Karthikeyan

Gilly Rocket''', 22 Oct 2009Hey nanbaa mine is Nokia 5800d - 1 NMS Black.. My frnds N79 TV ... moreNandree nanbaa. I will try to get a new tvout cable and respond. It will be a gift for many of them if the tv out works.

By the way , battery sucks for me I hear music from morning to night sometimes radio. had to charge evey night.

The charghing is very fast just one hr enough to get full mark.

  • Pollywog88

How often do you charge you phone? It seems I will be charging my celfone every other day with moderate usage. How about you guys?

  • Nasabina

hey plz can anyone help me out everytime i try to install these files n others in my nokia 5800 xpress music, there comes the error called " expired certificate". i tried a lot my changing my phone' s time and date but it says the same....plz i need the help.............i need help really

  • yuri

do 5800 really gives good battery life even if you're using the muisic or videos?how long will it last if you will play non stop mp3 music?

  • Mahesh

How is the internet browsing experience? What is the price of it in Mumbai?

  • ganze

can anybody tell me wt's new in v.31.0.101?????

  • gajendra thkur


  • sv

user, 22 Oct 2009im curious, those this phone have a 369Mhz cpu, or a 434 Mhz cpu... morefrom firmware v21 onwards its 434

  • Gilly Rocket'''

Karthikeyan, 21 Oct 2009Kumar If you dont mind, what is the model number of your mobile.... moreHey nanbaa mine is Nokia 5800d - 1 NMS Black..
My frnds N79 TV -outcable works with it...

  • Gilly Rocket'''

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2009the volume on this phone doesnt work as good, and everytime I us... moreGo to menu- settings- phone- Accessories- Headset , Headphones, Wirelesd car kit, musicstand, TV- OUT, Text phone.
This may help you frnd :-)