Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • DA

Firoz, 21 Oct 2009I bought this phone on 10th October for INR 13100/- with sennhei... moreCould you tell me where is it available for Rs.13,100 with the SN headphones?

  • Anonymous

i just bought a harman kardon soundstick 2 and connected my 5800xm to it , and boy what a sound, the sound system itself is design for ipods and phones. and the clear design of harman kardon gives a very sleek and smart looks especially seeing the blue light on the back ground of the subwoofer. the 2 satelites speakers comprises of 4 individual little speakers on each. guys if you can get them soundstick 2 you should , i recommend it highly.

  • Anonymous

Excellent device for a wonderful price. An all-in-1 phone. Very happy and comfortable with it.

  • Tilak

can anyone tell me is TV OUT feature is working in this phone.Becoz I got one message on box "TV out is not available" but when I go to settings I saw the TVout feature.
Please suggest...

  • Anonymous

the volume on this phone doesnt work as good, and everytime I use the unlock the main screen goes weird, and doesn't matter which key i press it doesn't work !! are there a way to fix this ?

  • SymbianWorld

A new firmware update is available for the 5800:­usic-updated-to-v-31-0-101/

  • Akash

hey guys can any one tell me about the new firmware v.31.0.101

  • Anonymous

totaly rox exept da camera

  • Shreak

Guys,is this genuine nokia phone??

  • rbx

Claire Falzon, 21 Oct 2009My friend and I have the same exact 5800 XpressMusic. My problem... morecheck ur firmware by *#0000#

i guess u need to update it
this will solve ur problem

  • Anonymous

There is new firmware update today v.31.0.101xx no kinetics jet, but anyway i don't care about kinetics.

  • obBi0

I have installed Ndrive navigation software v. 3.5.18 (847) and downloaded v. 2.13 maps but whenever I try to check it it detects maps as being v. 2.14 and I can't run it... not compatible... I'm using hacked version of course... any Portuguese user to help here please? lol compliments to all of you bitxes =)

  • Sandeep

Claire Falzon, 21 Oct 2009My friend and I have the same exact 5800 XpressMusic. My problem... morequite simple really...
first switch on the camera. then click options. finally click use secondary camera. well you're done...
cheers. sandeep

  • Claire Falzon

My friend and I have the same exact 5800 XpressMusic. My problem is that I can only use the camera at the back of the phone, the main Camera while my friend can use Her main camera and her Secondary one. I dont have that option anywhere that I can use my secondary camera. I tried going into the camera, otions and there is no witch to secondary camera. I only have Show open apps., settings, video mode, go to gallery, help and Exit. Can someone help me pleasE?

  • ganze

deep space bar, 21 Oct 2009your welcome how is v31.2 treating you hey i m using v21

  • Roar...

Girl in need #2 (not, 21 Oct 2009Thankyou for reading, And answering my message. I do have 2 ques... moreLooks like the maximum number is 999,
I tried a higher number but it accepts
only three digits...
You go to Messaging, then Option, then
Setting, then Other, you will see on
the second line, Number of saved msgs.
Tap in the number you want, and exit...

  • Anonymous

gudda bala vundi

  • deep space bar

Kazi Moto, 21 Oct 2009If you were to choose btwn a Nokia E63 and a Nokia 5800 Express ... moreget E72 if not N900 it's gonna be the same price range
or just a E71 if you email and text alot

  • Kazi Moto

If you were to choose btwn a Nokia E63 and a Nokia 5800 Express Music which 1 would you go for?

Have sort of made my decision, but am a little unsure.

Of course i want a Nca phone,i.e the look,performance AS WELL. I have done my research, the express is with more features, I dig it like nobody's business, but GEEEEEZE ive always had a thing for that E63.

Now my only worry is i'lb going for that E63 based on that reason which i think and feel it wouldn't be good.

I need some good convinging here. I have conviced myself by saying it has less features than the Express Music, but i'm still 2minded.

I think all i need to hear right now are all the GOOD PRAISES for that phone,NOKIA 5800 MUSIC EXPRESS i.e. then it will narrow down whateva crazzzeeeee confusionz i have.


Ta 2ya all

  • deep space bar

vjdo626, 20 Oct 2009After I updated my firmware to v.30, my contacts bar is showing ... moreit happened to me using v31.2 factory rest it an your should be fine