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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • sai

hei was it real??!!
nokia is stopping production of 5800 and software update?
how unfortunate. . .

  • deep space bar

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2009secondary cam can only use in video calling.cant take picture as... moreum your so.wrong cause the v21 update allows you to.record and take pics.with.the.front camera

  • Anonymous

secondary cam can only use in video calling.cant take picture as u knew.

  • Eldrants

Whatever as long it can play symbian software. Java is suck. It suck to many RAM. Which always make my phone out of memory.

  • Looser

Default video player in 5800 sucks.It can't play files continous,u always ve to go to gallery and choose each file everytime to open.No firmware upgrade for divx,avi or h-264 codec.Its really a cheap set so we can't expect more from nokia.kinetic scrolling, live widgets,divx support are the features reserved for only higher end sets like n900,i think.Good marketing not to make it all in one.Shame on Carl Zeiss,it really loose the brand name tie up with nokia.
!!Myself a Nokia user since 8yrs.!!

  • deep space bar

ALex, 28 Sep 2009Guys... I don't have a menu to open my second camera.... I bou... morei'm having some.probs.after i.reflashed my phone with v21 but download nokia updater and reflash it it should.fix everything

  • ALex

I don't have a menu to open my second camera....
I bought this phone 5 months ago and i still didn't use the second camera...
My phone is wrong, or you guys are having the same problem??

  • deep space bar

Hitman, 28 Sep 2009there iz no tv out cable with dis phone man.......the first batch of phones from last year had A/V cahels but now they.stopped shipping but get.the.psp.componant.cabels

  • Singh is king

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2009Hi,guyz which is beta: Nokia E63 or 5800 coz I wanna buy one of ... moreIf you're a heavy texter (qwerty fan) and less music and multimedia minded, e63 is suit to you.
In case you like browsing internet on your hand, watching videos, listening music or viewing images, then go to 5800.
I don't know what do you mean beta, as i am sure both e63 and 5800 is not beta products. My 5800 is reliable.

  • Singh is king

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Either capacitive or resistive has pros and cons. Resistive touchscreen on 5800 is responsive. If you go some pages before this current page you will find a short comparison between arena and 5800. 5800 is smartphone and cheaper price tag with rich retail package. Arena is only win on its animation UI.

  • sun

steve what are the major difference is camera quality improved in new firmware and touch response kindly give details please,thankyou in advance friend,,,,,,,more info on update please

  • Hitman

there iz no tv out cable with dis phone man.......

  • Steve Job's Liver

Awesomeness, folks, if you still don't know it, the latest 5800XM firmware actually speeded up the CPU from 369MHz to 434Mhz!!! It made the Touch UI and multitasking performance noticeably faster! It's now on par with the N97 & 5530XM. When was the last time any other phone got a factory overclock just by a firmware upgrade huh? Thanks to Nokia for continuing to develop the firmware for this extremely popular, because bang-for-the-buck, smartphone!

  • deep space bar

has anyone exprienced any bugging in v21 nam model and with the HF Charger that makes the battery heat up

  • prabhu

Hi guys im going to buy a touch screen mobile im thinking to buy this..tell me some coments

  • Logeshwari

simply good

  • Anonymous

Hi,guyz which is beta: Nokia E63 or 5800 coz I wanna buy one of them.5800 is gud bcoz of HSDPA but E63 doesn't .Does 5800 have changeable covers?What is the diff btwn it and E63 and which is better?

  • nag

this mobil is good in hyd the stock is not past they was gave pounch and their is a fecelite of tv tuner but now they did not giving.....nag with love.......

  • Anonymous

Spiceuy, 28 Sep 2009Hi people, i just bought this phone and im wondering how and whe... moreIf you think this phone is not complete , you bought the wrong OS, symbian phones has millions of 3rd party softwares, just buy the right hardware. i can watch youtube files straight from my phone, i have zipman, i have Xplore, all im, youtube downloader, you name it. I have firmware v30 and it comes with flashlite 3.2 so can play all flash. What firmware you have anyway?

  • Ady

Finally i buy it and i m very happy with its performance best mobile in the world in this price range who send that this suck????????just contact me i will give full detail about it best mobile