Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Anonymous

bad menu and too slow
camera very bad

i want to changed my 5800 with rokr zn50

  • Anonymous

The camera on the back of the phone have good quality, but tend to lag alittle and in the low light it will not be good. The camera on the front isnt as good because it is use to video call.

  • Maximuss

Since nokia begains to make thier phones in china
they are going down for sure
and you see the 5800xm is a simple sample of the result as 6600 and many else more and i think the x6 will be the same as 5800 poor in many ways
i experienced the nokia many times and its very good specially those which made in finland and there's so much defferent between those which made in china
so take care

  • CalVol

Battery life is 5 days with normal talk and WiFi off (scanning off). With moderate WiFi use, it will drop to 2-3 days. Never had it last only one day. Also, set screen to go off after 10-secs. Great phone!

  • Anonymous

hey i updated to the latest firmware and now i can't hack my phone .. Can someone please help me ????

  • Anonymous

im here in the philippines and i have updates 3 days ago.. update via pc... then hack ur phone so that ur phone is not useless..

  • TeamEMRO

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2009Hi,I am planning to buy this phone, but i saw its camera wi... moreCamera is not stable. Sometimes will reflect and capture great light and at times is just horrible. I have found that the best way to take a picture is to have the timer set and just activate it so that blur is at minimal.

  • revolution

hey guys how much is this phone in maimi? really curious as i want it. any help? and im readng here this phone is bad. is it really this flimsy? is it tough and are the software problems still persistent?


  • KCostas

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2009if u have updated it to v31, then it is extremely fast, no ... moreHaven't faced any crashes yet. The only thing i'm expecting from the phone is kinetic scrolling, because in the big lists, like phonebook or song list you can't stop on the place you want just draging the slidebar. Everything else is great!

  • Anonymous

if u have updated it to v31, then it is extremely fast, no lags or crashes and very reliable. i have this phone

  • KCostas

Hey, version 31 is out in some countries! I have updated already.

No kinetic scrolling though. The homescreen is the same. New nokia OVI maps (Incompatible with maps that already downloaded, so you will be prompted to delete them). Improved memory management (more Ram). Improved touch sensitivity. The hack survived the update.

  • Graham

Forgot to mention the W995 can also charge from USB, the 5800 can't.
But the 5800 can handle more apps :P

  • Graham

I own a SE W995 and Nokia 5800...although the W995 is non touch I'll post advantages of both:

5800 pros:
Screen size is giant, with awesome quality
Stereo speakers are pretty good in sound
Video player is good with fullscreen and great quality video
Homescreen isn't crowded with text, unlike on W995, and is much more customisable
Much nicer looking FM radio
Better GPS sensitivity than W995
Better network reception than W995, does not drop internet when switching between 3G/2G
Better video recording than W995
Nicer web browser which handles most pages fine

W995 pros:
Walkman player beats the Nokia one easily
Music keys on side make for easy control
Better Wifi implementation, good sensitivity
I prefer the Sony Ericsson status icons much more than the tiny Nokia ones, and they are much more informative
No annoying red light flash when taking photos, tiny red light when recording videos unlike 5800's distracting one
W995 Camera quality is millions of times better, no matter the resolution...5800's camera is BAD!
Stereo speakers are superior in sound
Battery life is a LOT better than 5800- I have to charge 5800 more than once a day often
Menu is easy and fast to find items, unlike 5800

I really don't know which one to use more :(

  • Hassan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970yeah..buddy..sure!!

  • jason

we're so eager to voice out our problems ang suggestions for nokia but i doubt it if they can hear us.

  • jason

help! i accidentally downloaded map ver 2, how can i gat back to ver 3.0, i cant find anywhere to dload it help

  • pogi

to all filipino 5800 users, may i request you all to write to nokia in the support page on their web page asking when will they release the new firmware here. I did already.. This is for all of us pinoys. Tnx..

  • Chris_Skylock

When will Nokia Philippines to release the latest firmware? C'mon Nokia Philippines!! we're waiting!!

Almost all FIlipinos have NOkia 5800 XpressMusic

  • Someone

The nokia 5800 is a great phone. And Nokia is the top sellphones you get. It's opperating system is better then any other brand. But the decision is still yours.

  • Anonomous

The phone has a very poor camera, but it's still a awesome phone.