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  • KaRaN

Hey Friends.. I have visited the Nokia store today & what I came to know that Nokia 5800XM is now just in 13K... ...not in 16K.

  • ex 5800 owner

there is only one way to fix this poor excuse of a phone. Smash it ,,and get a nother one.i did,and i havent looked back...nokias are behind the 8 ball compared to samsung,,lg,,even motorolla are making a phones at present are of very poor build,,being made as cheap as possible, and it really shows...but hey,,if you like constant problems and the need for a thousand upgrades ,in an attempt to fix them,,,buy a 5800,,,and you too can be one of the million or so nokia stawllwarts ,who will spend countless hours typing #ooo*#*#000*#00000***#in an attemped to update,,,or taking of the back cover to remove the battery because its frozen,,or whats even more fun,,spending time at a nokia care centre,,again and again and again+1 more again,,,i loved doing that

  • Lomba

I am interested in buying this phone, so I ask people who already have it..How good is the battery life? I am a normal user, mainly only use sms & phone calling. I might be inclined to chose an Lg, but their battery life is usually very poor. Also, how good to pics look on this phone? I'd like to hear a good review from someone who already has it.Thanks.

  • Carlo

Guys I cannot update my office applications! Can anyone help may? it always fails and I cannot open the one i currently have.. I nneded that SO badly. it says purchase license available/purchase

  • Charlene Erasmus

I do not like my phone at all!! Much TOO difficult!! Anyone want to swop?

  • Acronymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970With the new firmware the processor has been reclocked to 434Mhz from 369Mhz of the old firmware. But the sad and rather embarrassing truth is that is runs only at 192Mhz. This is very strange because technically at 192Mhz it's supposed to be fairly slow which it isn't. Nokia must must explain this whether it actually runs at 192Mhz or at the claimed speed of 434Mhz.

  • Anonymous

mine got 140.5 mb version 31.0.008. not yet reset..

  • PTP

I've just got to know that current models dose not have the TV-OUT function any more.
I've confirmed it from NOKIA CALL CENTER in INDIA.

  • m

in terms of new version software,the philippines is always been the last to have it.but in terms of sales,the philippines' always updated and most filipinos appreciate it.perhaps there's need not to trust it if they continue doing phils. pls take action on this.thanks

  • Anonymous

rishi pherwani, 16 Sep 2009this phone really sucks its qute slow,only its music qualit... morei think its the best mobile nokia has ever made,its all in 1 and yet you can enjoy your surround soudu as well and the speakers re really loud

  • rm

VMS, 16 Sep 2009Nokia is cheating this time(Nokia5800)- 1. picture quality... moreVMS, what the F*** are you using your phone for? are you a photographer? are you in a band? did you buy this phone for the games? get a grip man... this phone is awesome and i think you should just use the phone as intended not as a playstation/digital camera??? come on!

  • Anonymous

VMS, 16 Sep 2009Nokia is cheating this time(Nokia5800)- 1. picture quality... moreHi i'm facing the problem as u, my phone just hang at the nokia logo screen
i bought it back to the service center.. still not ready for collection...
hope this will not happen again... PRAY PRAY..

  • Anonymous

VMS, 16 Sep 2009Nokia is cheating this time(Nokia5800)- 1. picture quality... moreAnd gsmarena's review need to be updated with the latest firmware. Review is a turn-off.

And lambasters with old fw installed need to find a newer firmware before bashing this phone and driving off potential buyers.

  • Shazib

I had purchased my Nokia 5800 phone in January 2009.
It worked fine until last month, now its display goes blur with scrambling lines. Firstly, I thought its a software issue but after hard reset of phone the problem still persisted. Took it to a nokia care centre in kenya and yet they have repaired it for 20 days now. I'm sure after they fix the screen problem, and another issue will crop up. For details Plz see the follwing video---
This is by far the worst Nokia experience i ever had

  • Anonymous

VMS, 16 Sep 2009Nokia is cheating this time(Nokia5800)- 1. picture quality... moreI agree with others that

1. Your phone sucks.
2. Need to browse some forums for FREE apps and tips for maximizing your cp's performance. You need to tweak it just like iphone users jailbreak their phones.

Btw, Opera Mini 5 is out.

  • Adeel


I have just experienced top two mobile phone last week IPHONE 3G and NOKIA N97 price wise they are really high price phones. but IPHONE is very gud with it's interface or software but very difficult to handle with transfering stuff like totally dependant to ITUNES which is very irritating mostly NOKIA users. there is no mass or memory direct access system. But touch system and graphic is awesome no doubt about it. as far as N97 is concern again NOKIA is NOKIA very easy to handle and specially camera is better then a sony cyber shot digital camera i have compared it. very gud phone but still the price is very high. so if you want to enjoy N97 features with low price the answer is NOKIA 5800 with v30.

There is only keyboard and camera quality difference and nothing else but price is half.

I bought it yesterday Rs.25000 here in Karachi.

1-Good Touch Big Screen
2-Good Sound Quality
3-Good Body and Shape
4-Enjoy lots of touch and other games in big screen
5-Enjoy movies and video songs on big screen
6-Download on the air with wifi no need to open you pc to download stuff.


  • Adeel

I just re-bought nokia 5800 after sold out N97 and updated v30 in 5800, you can not beleive that after update v30 there no big difference in n97 and 5800 except camera result. It performs very gud with v30.0.011 :0)

  • Anonymous

how to check processor speed?

  • Acronymous

VMS, 16 Sep 2009Nokia is cheating this time(Nokia5800)- 1. picture quality... moreVms your phone is the worst 5800 in the world. heh heh

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2009This phone is great. the only thing most people seem to not... morevery hard core dont worry..