Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Pif

skool87, 25 Aug phone will be out in few from i would... moreNo problem with my 3.0 firmware whic ios teh latest. Also i did not hacked it and i easly instaled every aplication i needed


  • Pif

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2009What's the real procesor speed ? 434 or 369MHz? sry for the bad ... moreIt was 363 MHz but with firmware update 2.1 it got overclocked to 434 MHz so depends on the version how fast is the CPU.


  • skool87 phone will be out in few from i would ask if i needed to update firmware?which one?it is problem with new firmware?.
also how can i hack my 5800.n y need to hack the phone to insall some application?

  • Anonymous

What's the real procesor speed ? 434 or 369MHz? sry for the bad englesh :)

  • Anonymous

wer would i find the document viewer for this phone?"

  • shahril

i have the same problem but after i update firmware to v30, hack my 5800 with helloOx and install speedy go,my phone run smoothly and more certificate error after hacked..i really2 love this phone man;-)

  • FR

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2009hey all, how to know which firmware your phone has?v20,or v21?Press *#0000# from your phone

  • UGN

5800 looks awesome in this music video. Enjoy and leave comment

  • pogi

xmxm, 24 Aug 2009@pogi , does ur phone's screen flicker ? and by the is their any... moremy screen sometimes flicker once when i lock the screen using the keyguard on the side but its not an issue for me.. Got no problem at all with v21 mate..

  • Anonymous

hey all,
how to know which firmware your phone has?v20,or v21?

  • coolkav

Hi.. I upgraded to v30 a month ago,and I have been having problems with the screen, it will flicker all the time I lock and unlock the phone, so I wanted to know how to go back to the v21.. Because I did a hard reset for the phone, the firmware did not go back to the original one, it is still v30 and not working well.. Need help urgently please, I want to go to the manufacturer only as last resort.. Thanks..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2009which is better to type messages- nokia N97 or the 5800That depends on what you feel is easier to type in.

You should try both phones if you can, some people are fine with touchscreen QWERTY, others prefer a physical one.

If you don't have previous experience with touchscreens then the learning curve will be harder, but I think a touchscreen QWERTY is fine, although it does take a bit to get used to it.

Like I said, there's no better way for you to know than to try it yourself.

  • coolkav

xmxm, 24 Aug 2009i have a question to those from the philippines , does the retai... morewell i have got the flickering problem since i upgraded to v30, and i dont know how to roll back to the older firmware..

  • Anonymous

which is better to type messages- nokia N97 or the 5800

  • KHAN

Zaheer, 24 Aug 2009helloo...i bought NOKIA 5800 abt 2weeks often hangs up.... moreHiii Salam Zaheer are u anderstand Urdu then i say u why your mobile heat byee

  • Nikki

Can anyone tell me how i can stop the phone ringing when i heave the headset connected? I would prefer it to only ring through the headset earphones but at the moment it rings through the earphones ans also out aloud so all can hear. Any advice????

  • Osamito

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2009Hi all, just wondering if some one can help me im looking to buy... moreyes .. youtube videos are working perfectly as same as computer .. and wifi is working :)

u will love this phone :D

  • Zaheer

helloo...i bought NOKIA 5800 abt 2weeks often hangs up...n d battery has to b removed n restarted then...also d phone gets heated up often when i use cud d matter be...does anyone else encounter dis same problem??..i hav already updated it to v30...plzz help..thaaaknx!!

  • snyper_boi69

jas bought n5800 7days ago the package includes the spare stylus,stand,pouch and plectrum stylus but i notice wen im using bluetooth the battery drains fast compare to my samsung star the battery lasts for 3 days i even watch some movies at nokia care center they told me to wait for v30 coz that will sove my problem they said

  • nik

safrican, 24 Aug 2009I recently bought this Nokia 5800 XM. I am still getting to know... moreOh! comeon man. This phone is rated as one of the best screen quality phones. I think your screen has some trouble