Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Jacques

I am not so sure about the CPU Speed. Jbenchmark Ace is showing mine as ARM 9 @ 391 MHz

  • Marzuk,chennai

sujay, 06 Aug 2009To anyoone who is thinking of buyin this phone would like to tel... morehello sujay..i think u dont know about the 5800 features clearly....coz last 5 month am using this phone,am really happy this phone performance except camer indoor quality....otherwise i update the version 21..its really nice in music,browsing...generally nokia provide lack bass sound chip..but this phone provide good bass...n 91 is the best sound provide..after that 5800 mobile provide sound..and touch sensitive performance also quite satisfy but not like apply i phone..overall this is mid range phone but it bagged full nokia rule once again in mobile market..after success the n73..well done nokia..keep it up..

  • ananya

I would like to ask all the 5800XpressMusic users that "Does this phone guarantees an easy handling technique like any other buttoned keypad phones or is it very bulky to handle and manage with an already made perception of a touch phone?"

  • sujay

To anyoone who is thinking of buyin this phone would like to tell u all that this is the one of the worst phone that i have purchased not reliable and no point in using and spending on something soooo not worth it and pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls do not spend the money that u have on this particular modern backdrop device.Its one phone that has to have a problem with it and thsi phone is worth jus 3000 rs to be honest. plese take my feed back as this one of the worst experience that i have come accross with all the phones i had:(

  • denpacs

tin, 06 Aug 2009anyone? can i use my phone to connect in the internet using t... moreYup! Very much indeed..
Just use the Ovi Suite Software installed in your PC..

  • denpacs

You should all try Myphone..
Its an application which can simply turn your Nokia 5800 into an Iphone UI..

Good luck!

  • Anonymous

hi frinds hw can i knw the firmware version of ma mine a week ago....vry fine cell..i lik it vry much....

  • mostafa

this phone is great and never hangs in multitasking
and it's sound is great

  • santy

today i purchased 5800, packaging date is july 2009,
in the new retail package there is no rubber case, lentgh of data cable becomes very short & no video stand also no extra stylus in this..
but atleast i got the extra headset free..
Today i purchased this set for my one of my friend.
i am a 5800 user from last one month, i was purchased just after the price becomes low in india .
if anybody want to purchase this set then prefer to search for about 2 month old package..

  • Ajeet

Paffy, 06 Aug 2009Please where can i download the new firmware for my 5800? I hea... moreJust go to

  • Ady

Plz tell that the sound of this phone is like iphone 3GS in speakers or in handfree provided with phone????

  • rohit

i want to know from all the user of 5800 XpressMusic
mobile that
do this model hang during multitasking or r their any other problem with it?

  • Ketan

viperkid, 06 Aug 2009whoa! ur ryt dude. dat was d first time (AFAIK) nokia actually c... moreIndeed nice info. I didn't believe this at first, thought That It's a big bullshit but when i checked out that by myself, i couldn't believe what my eyes saw. Never ever i had thought that the clock rate can be increased by firmware update.

  • petar BG

great phone:))))

  • Paffy

Please where can i download the new firmware for my 5800? I heard it improves the camera with other things, please i need it.

  • creepy.chan

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009It is rather saddening dat the phone canot handle smily et c. No... moreafter my initial charge mine lasted for 3 days and 6 hours... with a couple of music plays, some simple apps, and a 122 mb firmware update..

  • Anonymous

It is rather saddening dat the phone canot handle smily et c. Nokia 6300 which is a lower version can handle this conveniently. I am also experincing battry down time. its absurd and disgusitng dat d batery drains in lress dan 2 days. I do not belif all dis 5 days 4 days use people tak abt.

  • tin


can i use my phone to connect in the internet using the PC's internet connection??? how?? :D thanks!

  • Anonymous

skipper, 06 Aug 2009Hey guys I have been having problems with my phone. Apparently w... moreMMS normal has restrictions, pics will shrink to max 300kb per MMS, but if your network allows greater standards than, you can change this setings at mesage/setings and try!

  • KceeGee

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2009To be truly Honest, this phone sucks to the core. Nokia relea... moreYour comment made me smile.

Nokia, hmm.. made the 5800 just to compete with the iPhone. haha

I may be able to stomach it if you said they made the 5800 to have a core touchscreen mobile to improve on future models... but to compete with the iPhone?

Mate, Nokia DOES NOT NEED to compete with the iPhone.

if you LOVE your Apple iPhone so much, then why don't you just stick to all the forums dedicated to it.