Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • boyet in phillippine

i wanna buy diz cp 15days right n0w . .i think diz very nice cp

  • Anonymous

KceeGee, 06 Aug 2009Your comment made me smile. Nokia, hmm.. made the 5800 j... moreMate i feel sorry for you ,there is no comparison between i phone and this phone How can u compare the iphon which is like a luxurious car to a bicycle there is no way ,well if u use the iphon for a week u will know wt i am on about and u will nt be able to use any other phon

  • Ravi

kurt, 07 Aug 2009what is the latest frmware version as of august 2009?Latest available software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, product code 0575590 (India)
Version: 30.0.011

  • Neel

V30 NSU update out

  • maina

hi all,

i have had my 5800XM for five months now, however in the last two weeks my LCD screen keeps fizzling and i have to launch the web browser to get to read anything, is this a firmware problem that can be resolved by an update, or an LCD problem. additionally recommended antivirus for the phone.

thanks all

  • uk786


The 5800 with firmware version 20 or above has CPU clock-rate of 434mhz 65mhz more then before and now it's same as the N97!!

GSMArena please update your figure on the Specification Page ASAP!


  • Anonymous

Krisuix,5800 audio quality 100% better than 5610,my last phone oso is 5610 lolx,and 5800 audio quality is louder and better than n85 and n79

  • kurt

what is the latest frmware version as of august 2009?

  • sundar

Hi all
i bought this phone a couple of days back...
its so nice..
but i jus wanna know where to get the applications such as piano n al???

  • Krisiux

I im planning to buy this phone and i want to know is it louder then lets say nokia n85 or n96? coz i want a phone thats good at music. BTW atm i have i hope its better then 5610?

  • HHH

Hi i was surprised a bit when GSMARENA havent given any updates after V30 released. i have been using this phone since last 8 months. and it is improving everyday. Audio quality have improved after this update. Image galary loading zooming have been much faster than before. & most importantly Web browser page loading speed, zoo & pan & ' Stability' have increased by far. i havent have a single crash while browsing after V30 upgradation. Smartmovie V1.15 made any video in avi, flv mp4 format playable on this phone. I think GSMARENA should go ahead & check these improvements & give update. camera performance under low light conditions is still a headache. probably its hardware problem & can not be sorted out.

  • Nuhel

It need a led flash Light inside video call camera .

  • funky247

no problems with the phone what-so-ever. it's my first phone ever but I'm loving it so much!! high res screen is awesome for gps and web browsing!! touch screen sucks to type on right after you cut ur nails really short though =/

  • Bharath

Nokia 5800 CPU Clock Speed jumps to 434MHz with new firmware upgrade

  • gka3000

sujay, 06 Aug 2009To anyoone who is thinking of buyin this phone would like t... morestop wasting ur time over here and try to check the phone to see if it fits what ur looking for before u buy one next time . cuz in my guess this phone is worth for what its providing , i think u dont really own this mobile , instead ur just jelous of ppl who got it no offence . and if it gave u this much of trouble why dont u describe what kind of trouble it gave .

  • Dave -Florida

LyCaN X, 07 Aug 2009hi all, i watch these comments with utter astonishment. ... moreIf you are amazed by the wide variety of perceptions, just wait until you get on a jury and begin deliberations. You will swear the other people were at a totally different trial! People look at the same single flower but see an arrangement!

  • Dave- Florida

In summary, the phone is great. GPS very accurate, pictures good, calls good quality. Few software handicaps like our ATT Samsung Impression. Touch screen is just right, unlike hypersensitive Impression- I couldnt use it! I really like the ability to use a stylus, even tho I thought it would be girlie before I used it. Much better using a stylus on internet pages tiny boxes, than my clumsy fingers like I must with my iTouch. Note Bluetooth doesnt work well with less than its rated V2.0 accessory, like with the Plantronics 510 (V1.5). Also, with software V21.x, the phone will start dropping calls after about 4 days of continuous on. Pull the battery to reboot & its OK. Browser works very well, battery life good. Unlock button can be activated in pockets while walking, then screen can be activating things. It needs a hard to push unlock button like the Impression. Doesnt keep asking you every three seconds if you want to spend money on a data connection like the Impression (using Google maps, etc). Google maps EXCELLENT on it!(PS- wife LOVES the Impression!)Great to use any MP3 as a ring tone.

  • LyCaN X

hi all,

i watch these comments with utter astonishment. how is that for the same phone, we have so many different opinions? people who love it say nokia is the best and people who hate it/love other phones say that its completely waste!!!!

i have this phone and i havent found any problems with it so fulfills whatever a multimedia phone is made of...great music, affordable price , very good battery life and very good camera ( after V30 firmware)

people who wants so much eye candy and animations are better off without this phone...go for apple or samsung or htc phones...

this is a practical phone for all practical purposes..

read the review about this phone by the technically sound people of this website...stop listening to all the ******** !!!!!

i am only telling this for new people who want to buy the gsmarena review and whatever they say is true..and the bugs/limitations they mentioned WILL be fixed with firmwares..

  • Bruno

punk lover, 06 Aug 2009i want 2 ask 58oo users is this phone great tell me the tru... moreThis is the best value touch smartphone available on the market right now. Great quality for the money.

  • punk lover

i want 2 ask 58oo users is this phone great tell me the truth plz coz im thinkin of it