Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Tom

Still no v30 available on OTA or NSU in Ireland with 02....!!!! WTF ?!

  • haroon

chai, 07 Aug 2009u should wait patiently for the v30 firmware. it is not yet... morethanx buddy... love u... lol...

  • kwesi barosky

I Bought this phone and it was wooooooooooooooow. there's simply nothing like it. no match atall

  • chai

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970u should wait patiently for the v30 firmware. it is not yet available for all product codes of 5800. mine 5800 in malaysia oso haven get the new update available. but it will come soon. so, just wait n check it regularly.

  • chai

Sani, 07 Aug 2009i just purchased 5800 and searching tr is no quickoffice in... moreu need to download it. it is not install in the factory setting of 5800.go to application>download>application>business. the quick office application can be downloaded front here.

  • haroon

denpacs, 07 Aug 2009Just Checked Navifirm.. v30 is already available in NSU bu... morewhats NSU??
plz help me to update my phone....

  • Sani

i just purchased 5800 and searching tr is no quickoffice in my set. even i put one word file but its not opening.... how its possibile plz help me

  • ali

How Can Set Password For Memory Card In NOKIA 5800 Expressmusic?

  • Anonymous

maina, 07 Aug 2009hi all, i have had my 5800XM for five months now, howev... morei have read on other sites that if that starts to happen...frizzy or means your screen is going out.

  • denpacs

Just Checked Navifirm..
v30 is already available in NSU but only for 2 specific product codes (as of now)..
Go check it and change yours to have your phone updated to the latest FW thru NSU..

Good luck!

  • haroon

how can I update my firmware????
-checking for updates
-receiving data from nokia
-no available updates

what should I do??? plz help....

  • Anonymous

HOw can I fix no gateway reply problem...
I'm in philippines... I'm usaing globe..

pls reply...

  • Winura

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2009hi! i have this phone i dont know why am i still using it i... moreRe install your firmware mate. That'll fix your problem.

  • Anonymous

hi! i have this phone i dont know why am i still using it its actually all good but what irritates me about this phone is i love texting and i do text alot to my friends and this is the third time this phone stopped sending my texts! =( i honestly dont know why its doing this! i am really sick of reseting it every time when it stopps my texts and keep them in outbox! i can recieve texts from every one but i cant send them! what should do now? should i sale it for good and waste half of my money??? because its becoming crap nd irritating to me! and i am really disappointed because nokia was the best brand of cell phones and now its getting worst! HUH ="@

  • Kieran

To all the people who compare this to a iPhone....Please, don't be idiots, they are completely different phones. Yes the iPhone is faster, more responsive, and has a better software package. Thats because its another £300/£400 more expensive. This is a budget touch smartphone, the iPhone is a luxury multimedia minicomputer with phoning ability. They are entirely different products.

  • Rockas

Since firmware the processor clock was increased to 434mhz, specifications must be updated.

  • Senotrius

uk786, 07 Aug 2009**GREATEST NEWS!!** The 5800 with firmware version 20 or... moreNo change in speed..its still at 369..used the application posted here.firmware v30.

  • Anonymous

u have used the 5800 fone from the launch of it
i would love to hear from them about this fone.
such as
what makes it different from other's?
what is best in this (picture & video & sound quality,
clarity of the camera with 3.15 MP)and etc

above information must be given bu the people which have it more then a 6 month

  • Lm

i brought 5800 1 week before in mobile store. very good phone price is 16669/-

  • Anonymous

SHADYZORO, 04 Aug 2009i have bought one, and i thought that its camera from the s... moreMate go buy ur self a camera dnt expect much from a cheapy phone pls dnt give us unnecessary headache