Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Sani

i just purchased 5800 and searching tr is no quickoffice in my set. even i put one word file but its not opening.... how its possibile plz help me

  • ali

How Can Set Password For Memory Card In NOKIA 5800 Expressmusic?

  • Anonymous

maina, 07 Aug 2009hi all, i have had my 5800XM for five months now, however in... morei have read on other sites that if that starts to happen...frizzy or means your screen is going out.

  • denpacs

Just Checked Navifirm..
v30 is already available in NSU but only for 2 specific product codes (as of now)..
Go check it and change yours to have your phone updated to the latest FW thru NSU..

Good luck!

  • haroon

how can I update my firmware????
-checking for updates
-receiving data from nokia
-no available updates

what should I do??? plz help....

  • Anonymous

HOw can I fix no gateway reply problem...
I'm in philippines... I'm usaing globe..

pls reply...

  • Winura

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2009hi! i have this phone i dont know why am i still using it its ac... moreRe install your firmware mate. That'll fix your problem.

  • Anonymous

hi! i have this phone i dont know why am i still using it its actually all good but what irritates me about this phone is i love texting and i do text alot to my friends and this is the third time this phone stopped sending my texts! =( i honestly dont know why its doing this! i am really sick of reseting it every time when it stopps my texts and keep them in outbox! i can recieve texts from every one but i cant send them! what should do now? should i sale it for good and waste half of my money??? because its becoming crap nd irritating to me! and i am really disappointed because nokia was the best brand of cell phones and now its getting worst! HUH ="@

  • Kieran

To all the people who compare this to a iPhone....Please, don't be idiots, they are completely different phones. Yes the iPhone is faster, more responsive, and has a better software package. Thats because its another 300/400 more expensive. This is a budget touch smartphone, the iPhone is a luxury multimedia minicomputer with phoning ability. They are entirely different products.

  • Rockas

Since firmware the processor clock was increased to 434mhz, specifications must be updated.

  • Senotrius

uk786, 07 Aug 2009**GREATEST NEWS!!** The 5800 with firmware version 20 or abov... moreNo change in speed..its still at 369..used the application posted here.firmware v30.

  • Anonymous

u have used the 5800 fone from the launch of it
i would love to hear from them about this fone.
such as
what makes it different from other's?
what is best in this (picture & video & sound quality,
clarity of the camera with 3.15 MP)and etc

above information must be given bu the people which have it more then a 6 month

  • Lm

i brought 5800 1 week before in mobile store. very good phone price is 16669/-

  • Anonymous

SHADYZORO, 04 Aug 2009i have bought one, and i thought that its camera from the specs ... moreMate go buy ur self a camera dnt expect much from a cheapy phone pls dnt give us unnecessary headache

  • boyet in phillippine

i wanna buy diz cp 15days right n0w . .i think diz very nice cp

  • Anonymous

KceeGee, 06 Aug 2009Your comment made me smile. Nokia, hmm.. made the 5800 just t... moreMate i feel sorry for you ,there is no comparison between i phone and this phone How can u compare the iphon which is like a luxurious car to a bicycle there is no way ,well if u use the iphon for a week u will know wt i am on about and u will nt be able to use any other phon

  • Ravi

kurt, 07 Aug 2009what is the latest frmware version as of august 2009?Latest available software for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, product code 0575590 (India)
Version: 30.0.011

  • Neel

V30 NSU update out

  • maina

hi all,

i have had my 5800XM for five months now, however in the last two weeks my LCD screen keeps fizzling and i have to launch the web browser to get to read anything, is this a firmware problem that can be resolved by an update, or an LCD problem. additionally recommended antivirus for the phone.

thanks all

  • uk786


The 5800 with firmware version 20 or above has CPU clock-rate of 434mhz 65mhz more then before and now it's same as the N97!!

GSMArena please update your figure on the Specification Page ASAP!