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  • keith

PAIN SLAYER, 08 Aug 2009pleeeeeeeease help helppppppp....guys i'm so confused between to... morei had the 5800 for 3 m0nths,,for me ,it has to many issues,if the firmware and software problems can get sorted out by nokia it would be much better.i now have a 5730 and i love it,,much more user freindly.faster,,,,a good phone from nokia..

  • wqa


does your 5800 has a screen guard / protector / invisible shield?

if yes, remove it beacause it is touching the sensor thing in the top of the phone which cause the phone to switch of during calls..

  • chai

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2009i come from malaysia too,v30 is avaliable in malaysia,just type ... morethanks so much for info. i just updated to v30 at 5 mins ago.ya, v30 is available in malaysia through OTA...

  • Mohammad Reza

Hi guys
i`m having a serious problem with my nokia 5800

the problem is whenever i call a no# the screen goes black but the phone keep works and the same happen when an incoming call comes so i`m very so confused that how i can solve this plz guys help me out in this case.


pleeeeeeeease help helppppppp....guys i'm so confused between tow mobiles ...5800 or 5730?!plz help what should i buy?!?!?!plzzzz?!

  • tarek

there is something with nokia 5800 its only 2 months
and its not turning on.I dont think its the best mobile phone in the market. Im sure after fixing it the same problem happened i will get E-series

  • KceeGee

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2009Mate i feel sorry for you ,there is no comparison between i phon... moreI actually have an iPhone 3G. And oh, don't feel sorry for me... ^_^

Luxury car over a bicycle? hahaha oh man... that's something else.

Mate, what I was saying is that the 5800 is NOT MADE as a direct competitor for the iPhone.

Oh my Gawd. try to read and understand first before commenting.

  • Anonymous

i come from malaysia too,v30 is avaliable in malaysia,just type *#0000# and click option and then check for update

  • chai

kazama, 08 Aug 2009update v30 already have in malaysia last month...v30 already in malaysia?which type is ur 5800?mine is 5800 type RM-356. use *#0000# to check ur type model. so u upgrade to V30 through OTA or NSU?

  • gka3000

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2009hi! i have this phone i dont know why am i still using it its ac... moredont get mad but its nothing to do with ur phone probably ur service providers sms center settings installed in ur phone is messing around . but i have no idea why . plus u may have installed too many cracked or pirated applications maybe u have a few viruses or torjans affecting ur phone i suggest u uninstall unwanted softwares format ur memory card , back up ur contacts and do a hard reset to ur phone . then request mms and wap settings for ur 5800 from ur service provider install those when u get those .

one of my friends had the same issue and when he was checking out it was his sim card thats giving trouble no other sim gave the same trouble with the same phone so he changed the sim card . (and hes using a nokia 5700)

  • danz

I'm thankful to read your post i already buy that one and so far I'm really enjoying using that phone and i want to be updated about this phone.

  • UGN

Can anybody tell me what does a application called "Python" do? Just explain me simply. What can I use it for?

  • kazama

kwesi barosky, 07 Aug 2009I Bought this phone and it was wooooooooooooooow. there's simply... moreupdate v30 already have in malaysia last month...

  • myteam94

ali, 07 Aug 2009How Can Set Password For Memory Card In NOKIA 5800 Expressmusic?ali,if you want to set password for memory card.first, you go to your file manager,enter your memory card folder and lastly you click option,scroll down and you find an option memory card password

  • Tom

Still no v30 available on OTA or NSU in Ireland with 02....!!!! WTF ?!

  • haroon

chai, 07 Aug 2009u should wait patiently for the v30 firmware. it is not yet avai... morethanx buddy... love u... lol...

  • kwesi barosky

I Bought this phone and it was wooooooooooooooow. there's simply nothing like it. no match atall

  • chai

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970u should wait patiently for the v30 firmware. it is not yet available for all product codes of 5800. mine 5800 in malaysia oso haven get the new update available. but it will come soon. so, just wait n check it regularly.

  • chai

Sani, 07 Aug 2009i just purchased 5800 and searching tr is no quickoffice in my s... moreu need to download it. it is not install in the factory setting of 5800.go to application>download>application>business. the quick office application can be downloaded front here.

  • haroon

denpacs, 07 Aug 2009Just Checked Navifirm.. v30 is already available in NSU but onl... morewhats NSU??
plz help me to update my phone....