Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • lloyd

lovely phone

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • Anonymous

Im going to open a contract very soon, and im not sure what to take, Sony Ericsson w708 or the nokia 5800. Could someone aid me in my choice

  • me

hey, m going to buy a new fone n m confused b/w nokia 5800 xpress music and n79. Can nyone tel me which one is better?

  • denpacs

haroon, 07 Aug 2009whats NSU?? plz help me to update my phone....NSU (Nokia Software Updater)..
It's one of the software included in your Bundled CD with the phone..
It updates your phone to the latest firmware depending on your product code..
You can also update it thru OTA (Over The Air)..
I can email you on some infos and procedures..
Just leave your email here..

Good luck!

  • denpacs

law, 08 Aug 2009No V.30 For Philippines yet? When will it be released here?I think so..
Nokia Phils. always late in releasing new update..
Well if you cant wait, you can always change your product code..
I already updated mine 2 weeks ago..

Good luck!

  • renju

hey, i have been using the nokia 5800 express music since the past 4 months... i have had many phones in the past but this 1 is the best i have used till date. it has a very good interface, exeptional screen quality, tones are pretty loud, basically very high on features. there is a news in the market tht this phone is prone to software hitches n all.. but believe me this phone has never given me any such problem and gives me an all round multimedia experience. three cheers for nokia 4 cmg up with such a nice model (Y)

  • Ritesh

Yesterday's Price of Nokia 5800 Xpress Music At Nokia Priority Is Rs. 16500/-
And At Reliance Digital Store Its Rs. 16889/-
At Mobile Store: Not Available! Reason: Noiki Roll Back Nokia 5800 Back Because Of Batrry And Speaker Problem !!

  • Mohammad Reza

wqa, 08 Aug 2009@mohammed does your 5800 has a screen guard / protector... moredear friend
there is no screen guard / protector / invisible shield.we i bought it just a plastic and i removed it.that`s all buddy.
anyway thank u so much for ur guidance.

  • Borno

Sory 4 spellin mistake. Dat will b 'write'.pain,after buy dat 5800xm,the unbeaten king of dat cheep price,go ipmart forum 4 ur essensial 1st get ur cert nd key 4m opda dan u ll b able all unsign app 2 sign.if u knw dat dan ok.nd last think 5730 was usin by my ltl bro.few days ago it jst parted!enjoy!

  • Borno

@pain,,,dude,5800xm is 3tyms better dan dat 5730xm.u jst chk bot dos 2 phns featurs nd u ll clr.5800 s60v5 nd u ll get a lots of app whos much better wrk dan 5730.5730 is a fat guy wit keybord,yak,nw a days who use dat whn talking apps help u 2 right!i think u dnt need 2 think 2nd tym 2 buy 5800xm beauty!

  • Sandy

Hi can anyone tell me the software improvment in version 30 like new software install or any thing ??

  • nippy

how much this fon here in the philippines in nokia store? somebody pls answer me... thanks.

  • Anonymous

great phone
great price!

  • kenjie

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2009You should go for nokia 5800 music express.. Nokia 5800... morei have both phones,,5800,,5730,, 5730 is faster around menus..the display is smaller, but is much clearer.a lot of the display on 5800 is wasted on onscreen what you see onscreen is no better on the 5800,,music player is better on 5730,,but not as loud through handset...but the big thing....touch screens are just a fad,,and they become tedious after awhile

  • UGN

Can anybody tell me what does a application called "Python" do? Just explain me simply. What can I use it for?

  • Anonymous

Tanvir, 08 Aug 2009Can anyone tell me how i find office for 5800.i bought it 7... morego to menu, download!, applications, business, quickoffice.
You would get it for viewer. If you want to able document editor you need to uprgrade it by purchasing. Hope it helps thanks.

  • max

a very performant and good phone.i vote Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

  • KaRaN

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970You have to do nothing brother... when the new firmware will be available, it will only be updated then....

  • KaRaN

PAIN SLAYER, 08 Aug 2009pleeeeeeeease help helppppppp....guys i'm so confused betwe... moreYou should go for nokia 5800 music express..

Nokia 5800EM has larger display than Nokia 5730EM.

Nokia 5730 has nothing extra than it except QWERTY keyboard & a little memory storage space. QWERTY is not so much important in these kind of phones...
If you are seriously finding a QWERTY phone... then go for Nokia 5730EM.. but in this you will NOT get TOUCH SCREEN feature... which exists in Nokia 5800EM.

So It is clear... "Nokia 5800EM" is better choice... (comparing the two)