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  • PB

killersmith, 29 Jun 2009the "Message memory full" issue is a bug. I had it when i transf... moreits a bug??? gosh!!! how do i update my software version??? ive been going thru the forum n came across "certificates" wot is all dat about???

  • killersmith

PB, 29 Jun 2009hello everyone, i just bought this nokia 5800 2weeks back and h... morethe "Message memory full" issue is a bug. I had it when i transfered my messages from my 6233 to my 5800 using PC Suite.
you will have to erase all the messages(or give a hard reset) then update your fone to v21.

  • killersmith

ayabon, 29 Jun 2009Hi...i have tried your steps to avoid getting expired certificaa... morehey....there are many possibilities for "expired certificate" problem:

1. The application u are trying to install may be an unsigned application. In that case u will have to sign the app online which is a rather complex process.

2. Check your firmware version. press *#0000#. If its then update your firmware directly from the fone. Go to options>update(on the same page). It will update automatically and all your installed apps, contacts etc will be unaffected(atleast this was the case with me). You can also update from ur PC using PC suite but it will erase aal ur fone data. Then try to install the apps.

My friend had the same problem in v11 but it was solved in the new version which is v21.0.025.

  • PB

hello everyone,
i just bought this nokia 5800 2weeks back and honestly i like it and i think its worth the cost!! but i do a minor issue , sometimes if i want to personalize d profile, it displays a msg saying "message memory full,please close some application" so in dat case i switch it off n switch it on!!! whats d issue??

  • Anonymous

NIT, 28 Jun 2009I think 5800 xpress music camera should b more than 3.15 MP it w... moreu r rite abt u hve say....

  • Winura

ayabon, 29 Jun 2009Hi...i have tried your steps to avoid getting expired certificaa... moreI'm pretty sure that you have not set your date to a somewhere 6 to 12 months back during the installation of applications...

  • Angel

GD, 27 Jun 2009The China phone does have problems. You need to upgrade it to ve... morehey there, I just bought the 5800 fone. Saw your comment..Mine is also a China one. Can you please tell me how you upgraded it please? I just love this fone and do not want to get any problems with it. U can email me on thanks

  • ayabon

Winura, 27 Jun 2009Well if you bothered to read a couple of pages back your questio... moreHi...i have tried your steps to avoid getting expired didnt work for me, i still get the same problem,can u help me?

  • ayabon

i still have problem with this "expired certificate" thing..i have turned off the "online certificated check" but everytime i download from may pc it still gives the same problem :( HELP ANYONE

  • Anonymous

Hello there, I just bought my 5800 fone on saturday...Im loving it so much...Would like to know if anyone can tell me where can i get free applications for this phone please? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  • Jackie

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2009does this phone really have wi-fi? Am planning to buy a fone and... moreYes, it comes wt Wi-Fi. I have tested wt my home wireless network and it works!

  • JWFK

This Phone is great as far as music quality is concerned, but the music software is a disappointment and need improvement.
If you have a micro SD M/Card down loaded with 2000+ songs then you will realise the problem. The Phone only capture appro. half the nos. of songs in the music library and the rest of the other songs are auto sorted by the phone into files like artists, albums, genres and composers.
To locate a particular song not captured in the music library is a pain in the neck. Nokia should fix this problem to make the 5800 xpress music phone a true music device to enjoy and if this cannot be done then this phone can be called a piece of shit. My advice to all potential buyers of 5800 to check out first before purchasing it.

  • Ghost

iv had this phone for about a month
the wi fi hardly ever finds me wi fi at home
in fact it found it once and never after that

the phone get quite slow after w week of use

the battry dies very quick

if you have any network problems. its generally mtn problems
so use vodacom to sort that issue out

  • Herirto

this phone is superb
who don buy it,will extremely regret

  • Ali

V. 31.0.015 is rumoured to be comiong in next few days. The Ovi suite 2.0 video on nokia beta labs site actually shows a 5800 being updated to that version. Here's the link :

  • Anonymous

This phone is not the 1st nokia's touchscreen, i used 7710 which is a touchscreen phone and had good options like creating new folders, cut, copy, paste and soo on........but now i have 5800 and this also has good features for low price.

  • Anonymous

Try samsung phones...they have gud build quality, gr8 touchscren, n new user interface, n gr8 camera n audio. Samsung nw rulez. Nokia phones do nt hav fun factor. For any query try to email me

  • Anonymous

it does have free wifi, im getting this phone soon :D

  • NIT

I think 5800 xpress music camera should b more than 3.15 MP it would b better if it was 8 MP with xenon flash and with lens cover...
N i think nokia should increase the quality of camera and should surport DivX and XviD....
am waithing for this kind of options