Nokia 6020

Nokia 6020

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  • Francis

My Nokia 6020 has a problem with the detection of the USB data cable. Always it reports a problem occured whenever i use any data cable. Please advice

  • Wanja

My NOKIA 6020 was the most pleasureable phone I've ever bought.

This was up until my little bundle of joy decided to throw it out of a miving car and later tell me that it had gone out of the window.

Ship me one on my bday! Any feeling being!

  • joan

for me nokia6020 is so nice celphone. almost 3 years i use this celphone they strong until now.

  • smarsh

its been nice using nokia 6020 at least for the past three years but uptill now the USB slot has not been identified. you can contact me via this number;+2347039752206.THANK YOU

  • joy

i use 6020 3 years almost still working until now..but my problem is i dont know how to connect my cp to pc to send my picture free..

  • LudaPuff

I'm down with this phone. very nice performance and can compete with new breed of phone in terms of design... :-)

  • Anonymous

i love this phone
its basic, yes,
but it last for a very long time
i've had it for around 3 years
and its still going strong :P
and the camera is pretty good
considering that its VGA

  • wesley

I want to download mxit , i don't exactly know to get it to login.Pls help me.Contact me on 0743833691 South African number.Thanks.

  • asad

hey guys, im usimg my nokia 6020 since 13 april 2006, n it is an awsum set! but im facing only the problem of Restarting!!

  • wesley

how do i download mixit

  • bikolano

Fortune akinsolu, 05 Nov 2008Hello guys pls how can i download games with my nokia 6020? eac... morescrap your phone

  • neesha

hey guys.. i'm using nokia 6020 for over 2 years nw. it's very good & compatible with tough usage. battery lasts for long time. but the only problem is the memory is too short..:-( overall quality of the phone is good..

  • Fortune akinsolu

Hello guys pls how can i download games with my nokia 6020? each time when downloading is complete it show memory error. Somebody help me.

  • Fortune akinsolu

I have been useing my nokia 6020 for some few month now, it a great and i love nokia design. Just check it out for your self it is nokiassic

  • djnc

using it for 2 years now and its a great phone i will get a new phonefor chrismast and i am thinking of nokia 5700 or nokia n73

  • burjui

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2008My Nokia 6020 has the number 2 at the upper left corner of the f... morePress and hold #

  • Mjema

mystic, 17 Nov 2004i'm not wishing to create conflict wih this but if nokia have no... moreYeah u guy 'n'ladies know the nokia 6020 is top .stop to vote that's lote for lotty

  • Anonymous

My Nokia 6020 has the number 2 at the upper left corner of the front screen. How can I remove that. It was soaked from a water basin for a few minutes! What I should I do.

  • milojka

hi people i readed all comments since 2004 till now bout nokia 6020 and there was a go0od and bad word for this phone i own 2 nokia 2630 and 6020 at moment and im huge fan of nokia i had a lot nokias navigators x-press music n-series cheaper ones sony moto and samsungs but i find nokia most easyest and best menus to use every one has their choice but 2 designs what i have are basic phones but good to use no matter camera pixsels or other staff but im proud of nokia cheers

  • Eisha

there's something wrong with my application settings..:-( cnt think of what has happend.. plz help me