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Nokia 6021

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  • arnab basu

i got the 6021 around a week back, and man it sure rocks, i wanted good connectivity w/o a camera since my job doesnt permit it, but the set looks damn sexy from every angle.only problem being the memory, but stil i will vote for it.

  • Anh

I just got this phone today. I live in the States, and my work does not allow cameras due to nature of work. I needed bluetooth, dont care about mp3s/marketing gadgetry. This phone is freakin awesome. The phone feels very well built. rear plastic has a texture kinda like german car vinyl dashboards which is cool. It's about the same size as a SE T610 i have. Another plus, it's freaking cheap but very well made phone. I realize now consumers are getting raped for the camera due to cost.

  • Stone

I bought this phone a week back and to be very honest I am quiet happy with it. I needed a phone that offered good connectivity and that came without an annoying low resolution camera (which I feel is of absolutely no use , to me atleast), annoying ringtones and other features which serve no purpose (to me). The only problem I actually faced is the bluetooth connectivity with my iBook, iSync just doesnt work with the phone. But it works flawlessly with my others. Overall I am pretty happy with the phone

  • kaustubh

did a lot of research on this phone..great phone..but can some one please tell me about the memory status of this phone..i no that it does not have a MMC,but still, can some1 brief me about the phone book,sms memmory?and can some1 tell me how 2 conv mp3 to a format compatible for a ringtone 2 this phone?

  • Arun

Been using this phone for sometime, good one, bluetooth, infrared, 3pgp movies, MMS, email, the main feature is EDGE which provides a very good speed for internet and also sending MMS is almost as fast as SMS msgs due to EDGE, Overall a good phone, all it misses is a FM Radio Module.

  • Maher

Is it have Xpress on covers and how can I open the face cover?

  • michael

to David: try to take out the battery and replace it back after a few minutes.

  • david stewart

i have been using my 6210 and have charged it 3 times now but now it will not turn on again can you please help me please

  • Maher

I bought 6021 in 26/5/2005, I think I'm the first one have it in Iraq, it cost me 190$ made in Hungary,nice design,infrared and bluetooth,3gp movies works ,doesn't support mp3 but you can convert it to amr using mp3 to amr convertor programs,the only problem is the small memory about 2.2MB and it's not extendable.

  • sunalone

Great mobilefone, fast software, lightweight, fast connect by bluetooth, Ir, GPRS... abit entertaiment play amr, 3gp files - so its best if include card slot or larger memmory! I Love It! nothing to lame!

  • Angie

Thanx Michael, I read about the bad screen in N6021 review on

  • Syed Ahteshamuddin

Nokia 6021 hmm nice pice what i like about it is it connection speed n light weight,nice look to impress,Button not like sony hard to press,suggestion to buy 1 now!!!

  • michael

to angie: i got my Nokia 6021 only a week ago but i can tell you for sure that the information you received is wrong!
the colours are deep and are seen well also in the sun, much better than they show in the Nokia 6230 which i own too. Nokia also did a nice thing in the 6021: the bottom row of the screen has sort of a white shade on the colour so you can see the words (menu, etc.) on top of the colour picture much better.
The only disadvantage in this phone is the fact that you can use only a bluetooth car kit and it does'nt go with other Nokia carkits like crk126 but since my next car will have a bluetooth, i'm happy with this phone.

  • James Mark

what a fone. i love it

  • Mr Zhang - 659455978

I just bought it and I face a problem. I call up Nokia and they are checking why. I do not have the PTT push to talk service and by right when I press the button, it should go straight to voice recorder. but it could not. nokia staff try to assist but they have no idea why. so. i got a nokia that has a button on the right side that is useless. and guess what, the battery fully charge for 8 hrs, become flat in 20 hrs time. dont know how to say. can anyone advise me and tell me it is setting problem and not phone problem pls. can anyone who know how to set the right ppt button to do just voice recording pls email me? thanks. dont spam me pls.

  • gal

i have Nokia 6021 but there is a problem in Setting when i chose Ringing tone , when i turn mobie off then on,the default tone got back .. Who CAN HELP ME ? thanks in advance

  • Krio

I love it!
I am a photographer and I always wander why people is so enthusiastic about that odd and imperfect phone cameras. If anyone wants to do a picture, need to use the proper tools, same for listening MP3s or radio: if I want to listen an MP3 I use my iPod... A phone has to be a phone and this is a great phone which does everything a phone has to do, with great connectivity features.

The only thing that I agree on with some of you, is that noise during conversation which is pretty boring, but it's a perfect phone and I have always dreamt about such a complete, easy and funcional Mobile!


  • Nico

Great phone. I needed one without a camera because cameras are forbidden on my new job. Compared to my SE T630 the 6021 has better bleutooth reception an a bit better network reception. Only minus is the sound quality of the speaker, the sound is not so clear as my SE and there is a high hiss at high volume (anoying for those with good ears) the max volume is also at the low side. Lucky there is a decent handsfree mode. Battery is very good. For my use around 5 days my SE lasted 4 days.

  • mohammed

i bought this phone bout a month ago and i c its an excellant phone bluetooth, infrared makes me connect with all my friend phones
it support 3gp amr which is very good feature
i dont need a camera what am i goin 2 photo the only disadvantage is the memory its only 3.3 mb it would be the best if it has mmc slot

  • Alex

It is a very nice and full featured phone but I have a broblem. There is a noise in the headphone. It is not the connection. It is always there. I do not know if my phone has a problem. Nokia told me there is no problem. Do any one else has a problem like this?