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  • Anonymous

Klaas, you are so annoying, can you just shut up and go away?

go back your SonyEricsson forum!

  • Phone Question

I used to owned SE T610 and the camera or the display really disappointing (no more SE phone for me in future), now I bought the 6600 and my wife got the 6230 but 6600 only can record 10 seconds video where 6230 can record 4 minutes. Can anyone here advise how to increase the recording time for 6600 similar to 6230. If not, thought of changing from 6600 to 6230, comparing the functions almost the same. Thanks.

  • Mark LV

I've read a lot of BS here. There is no doubt that this is a GREAT phone - one of Nokia's best ever. I don't accept the silly comments by the SonyEricsson 'cheerleaders'. The only way the 6230 could be improved would be by enlarging the screen and making the camera a 1.3MP one - this could well happen in the future. I would be very surprised if a 6230i (and a 6600i) didn't come out in a few months. Bear in mind that when Nokia devised these phones a VGA camera in a phone was regarded as top of the range; now a 1.3MP is the top.

  • Klaas

Nokia lovers cannot against criticism, that is everything I want to say.

For Nokia lovers, you must not think that I myself back feature because a few dumb guests think that 6230 everything is.

On Skimmed.

The easiest menu, interface and user friendly is SonyEricsson. Try it, then you see what I mean.

  • Me

1 question I can't make up my mind. Should I buy a 6230 or a smsung e710. thanks

  • Usman Kardar

i just bought it today. well here in pakistan its bit cheap like i got it for 345$. its a great fone to have jam packed with features. i think right now its a perfect fone. Nokia Rules

  • germ

wut a gr8 phone at least its available other than neonode and sendo x who just bluff lot

  • roma

i guess this is the best phone with lots of features.although i haven't buy it, i'm anxious to have one, after i've read other forums debating about 6230 and k700, i choose 6230 because i feel that nokia is very user friendly for me than se, and all features i need are packed in one tiny phone makes me more anxious to have this,i dont care for the size of the screen as long as it can be seen.this is like all nokia phones combined to be 6230.hope i'll get it soon i'm waiting the price go lower.

  • Sky

Especially for the 6230's owner/user, pls. kindly advice, can the N6230 bluetooth connect with my IPAC 2210. Since I need it for modem. Thanks for advice.


to all commentator,
can we stop teasing "klaas" unique language ability.

to klaas,
can you pls. go to se phone forum?? bec. this is a nokia reviews/opinions only and i hope you understand.....the more se fans will appreciate you there.

  • yuenling

can i know wat's the difference btween 6230 n 6600? it seems not much difference cos they both got mmc card slot n bluetooth, 6230 even got radio function, i just bought a 6600, kinda regret, can any1 tells me wats da difference? pls~~

  • Hunter

This is a really good phone.I have it.It`s fast,pretty good camera,good conectivity,good stand-by,good screen...and also many other things.Shortly it is the best phone Nokia made since the 6310i,Which is a little old.It`s the best.

  • a happy 6230 user

If you have bought this phone, you may try this thing out:

*#06# for checking the IMEI
*#0000# To view Software Version
*#92702689# [*#war0anty#] takes you to a secret menu with 6 choices:

1. Displays Serial Number.
2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture (MMYY)
3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY)
4. Displays the date of the last repairment - if found (0000)
5. shows how many hours the phone has been on

  • koolmoorden

Klaas is in his own class using the WW II German propaganda: The bigger the lie, more will people believe it. Also, act stupid and just repeat your own opinion endlessly. Maybe he is a president of his elementary school student union!

  • Anonymous

Klaas, go away from this forum, you have said more than enough. Everyone will thank your opinions here and will be really appreciated if you just go away!

  • lee wei soon

how much the price??

  • lol

Klaas is a funny guy. Making no sense but is still dominating around here :P doh!

I never used an SE phone and had my old nokia 3210 for AGES... luckily I lost it a few days ago and will get a new 6230 in a few days.. with a UK contract it was very cheap ;) got a vodaphone anytine 100 min / 100 texts contract for 25 and with that the phone for free.

Can't complain about that :P

*hops around the lil' room waiting for the new mobile* :D

  • Anonymous

Klaas..... SE better than nokia ???

ok can u tell me where the hell i can find the time of calls on my shity T610 ?? where can i find software or games for it ?? why the hell i cant use it in the sun light ??? why dont i use the camera other than it is like shit ?? why the battery is so weeaaaaaaaaaaakkk.... why it is slow ? thats the legendary T610 u and ur people happy with ..... now lets take its app. from nokia witch i think it is the 7250i.... much better camera games and applications everywhere ..... good screen although it is only 4k and the shity T610 65K.... memory is much bigger... and and and and and.... shall i go on ??

that was in the past .... ok

now... nokia 6230 against any shity SE in the same range.... i am sorry SE freek but i will difently go for nokia.... and i will through this piece of shit ( T610) to where it is belong ..... Garbage or any SE freek.... and believe me i will be happy to give it for free.... maybe i will give it with money too just to get rid of it......

u like SE .... it is ok .... i cant tell u u r freek for that.... it is something depending on u no one else...

but dont u dare to compare it with nokia .... cuz it is too baaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd

and SE only good on papers .... screen quality sound bla bla bla bull shit bull shit ...... ONLY ON PAPERS.

  • Passion with phone

Very Individualistic, each has his or her preference. Most important, we must like the phone we buy and of course you pay more and you get a better range regardless of any brand.

Just to recap, many years back Ericsson came out a killer and that was GH388 and dominate the whole Singapore market for some time until Nokia launched the 6110. From then onwards, nokia have been dominating the Singapore market till today. I think Nokia will still continue to dominate the Singapore for at least another 5-10 years.

  • sad se guys

klaas answer to debator point by point. your just takin things and not answering.

this klaas person is under some heavy substances. makes no sense what he is saying.

lady, get your 6230 from germany. here are many that sell the phone under 400 euros and deliver to eu area.

klaas do you know the price of k700i? nobody does. see finnished he made a point that nobody can know that now. we do not even know when it come surely.

menu & interface matter of taste.