Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i

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  • suferguy

Hey.. currently own samsung e730... dun want it any more.. im looking at 6230i.. i was just wondering if the phone viabrates with mp3 ring tones and also if u can use mp3's as sms alert tones too?? any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks! :)

  • Arif

my wife gift me 6230i.its realy a high class phone.thanks my lovelywife.

  • stephen

can someone tell me if one can have bigger font on the numbhers-I have found the names to adjust font

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me about the sound quality of the phone played through the headphones?

  • Timothy

I'm from HK and planning to buy this model. Can anybody tell me does this phone support 1GB MMC? Thx!

  • Denny

What do you mean front plate?? Front cover?? Yes front and back cover can be detached just like most Nokia Express On cover.. after that just clean the LCD with soft cloth or tissue... then it's done

  • Anonymous

to Aparadectos, i have a 1g mmc memory card in my phone right now. it works perfectly fine. question, does anyone else have a problem with dust collecting on the lcd screen? also, how do you guy about cleaning the screen. can you pull the front face plate off?

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me what's the sound quality of the MP3s played through the earphones in the nokia 6230?

  • Aparadectos

6230i cannot support cards bigger than 512mb.
It doesnt matter if you can introduce them the slot.
The phone wont recognise them...

  • Anonymous

Fred, the phone will hold any size card but once you use about 512 the phone becomes real slow so the 512 is a guide line.

  • Anonymous

Ok this is the best phone ive ever had. Im known for changing my handset every couple of months but i keep coming back to this one. Ive had 6111 and v3 and a few more and within weeks im poulling my hair out. the 6230i is so easy to use the battery lasts ages and i get signal where others dont. Next on to try 6233 but im keeping my 6230i just incase!

  • fred

can any body tellme how big a memory card i canhave, the site ays 512mb,but mmc cards go highr than tht now an i really only have 512mb or cani have as big as mmc go? FRED

  • Sno

yo guyz have someone tried out the battery that Mir said yet? is the battery juice gets longer or just the same as old battery?

  • andy

could someone please tell me about the problem im in bosnia and my 6230i wont charge fully..when im in ireland it charges in 1:30 but over here it keeps on going and doesnt fill..has anyone an answer for me::::::

  • Stefan Venter

I need help please! How do you get this 6230i to ring for longer than 3 rings before it goes over to voicemail. Before I can hear my phone ringing, it stops. Please help?

  • sebeo

hi bill byers wot e up t these days this fone is a beast and a half buy it its quite boring after a while but well worth the price

  • Denny


Have you tried the BP-5L on 6230i? What's the capacity on BP-5L? Thanks

  • Mir

Battery problem can be solved by putting in Nokia BP-5L battery. This battery came with Nokia 7700/7710/N92 and gives a very good standby and talk time with 6230i.

  • Foyaz

if u wanna get a phone thats realiable n practicle this is the 1. i hav this but im gonna go for a n93 wen it comes out n i hav to say this 6230i is realy good. i wud still use it if the n93 wasnt anounced. even thought there r alot of phones that have alot of new things in them

  • safa

how to access visual radio. Ive already install the software.and my gprs svc is actv.