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Nokia 6260

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  • T3o

Hello all!!!
I`ve downloaded some games from the sites written here but a password is needed when i open them on the phone. What password do i need or where do i get it from ?

Please answer.... thx in advance

  • kapila

Will the price of 6260 drop in Singapore with the arival of N90? I am planning to visit Singapoer next week.

  • T3o

Hello everybody. I`ve downloaded some games from the site`s you wrote here but I need a PASSWORD when i open them on the phone. What do I do or where do I get it from ?

Please answer...

  • hamid

well i jus wanna to say abt diz phone 6260 . i have used many fones like 6600 3650 7650 6230 but all da thing iz diz dat 6260 was my first experience for rotating screen n all and the experience iz nice :)

  • V8 Mike

this is a quite a good phone, but if you want one with an Mp3 player this ones not suitable. As the mp3 is mono and has no bass! Where as 6230 is a Stereo MP3 player. But this meant to be a Business phone so mp3 is not a huge draw back...

  • Slavyan

I'll post one of my post repetitionatly so that when somebody new come to see this.

Ok, because a lot of you want me to send them applications and I really want to do it but I'm too lazy to do it.
SO now I'm posting a great page with hungreds of apps. The only problem is that the page is in bulgarian (my language) but considering the fact that the names are in english it shouldn't be that big problem for you. It has a lot of things but I don't think it has the program that make your mp3 stereo so please somebody send it to me in . The site with the applications is:
And the same site but with a lot of games is:

I Hope you enjoy them. And again, please send me the app that makes the mp3s steareo. I beg you.

  • Nelson douglas

Hello Friends i get my 6260 Nokia phone today and i really need s/w on it can anybody just please for God sake email me sometn like camcorderpro and all that???

  • Nelson douglas

Hello Friends i get my 6260 Nokia phone today and i really need s/w on it can anybody just please for God sake email me sometn like camcorderpro and all that???


is more good then my brick.ohhh i dont have enough moneu to buy this phone..i will dye.i have a nec e 808...

  • paddy

i just got this phone today as an upgrade from the 7200. everything about it is quality apart from maybe the pic quality and the lack of a front screen, but with the flip u can effectively have one.there are a couple of things that im not too keen on, but prob just personal preference, and it is quite big but to be fair if ur gunna read word documents on it and use the net then it can only be so small before its too small ya get me? safe

  • Owen

Hi Valentin Badea =)

If you want a higher resolution which is 640x480, go to Camera, then press Options (left button), then select Settings, then change VGA resolution to "On" instead of "Off".

let me know if this solved your problem.

by the way, i also replied to you via email.

  • badea valentin

does 6260 work as a remote control? if it does , where do I take the compatible program from? I had one but it blocked my phone.
soon, i had somebody put chineese on my 6260, but i only can write messages in chineese or to have my menu in chineese. I cannot read "word documents" in chineese, the document appears like squares
please write to me at ""

  • valentin badea

can anybody tell me what is happening to my 6260 camera? its resolution at best quality is only 480*360!!!!
what can I do?
please, if you know anything, write me at "";

  • Anonymous

Hi Owen,

i read one of the following thread n would like to know the following : is it better to use the card reader to the the transfer of files etc? will using the card reader damage the rs mmc? n if all safe what sorrt of model can i buy?

do u have any recommendation on what sort of antivirus to use?

as for the photocall there's a software call full screen caller 3.02v is it really good?



  • kapila

Thanks for the info shanhz. Maybe after I buy this phone I will have lot of questions.

  • Jay

Does anyone know whether 6260 can be used to answer calls when it is in browser mode (screen side up) without having to open the flap ??

  • sIiiS

Hi ...
Can you Send me Answering Machine for 6260 to my e-mail address?

  • Fun2sh

hi i am from singapoer and currently plannin to buy a nokia 6260 or 6230. seeking advise from u ppl.. which one woul be ideal or any other better model there in this price range.thanks. awaiting ur mail guys.

  • bliss

OWEN, thanks for the quick feedback :)

  • Owen

Hi Bliss =)

I have Full Screen Caller ver 3.01 and it works fine on my 6260