Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260

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  • 9300nokia

Dear, princess raine. -ve: Not megapixel, button location weird. Bulky. Looks stone.

  • princess raine

i love this phone! ithink its amzing. any negative views about the nokia 6260?

  • jahir

pls anyone can clear my doubt is the rs mmc fits with normal mmc
card reader ?i'm having 17 in 1 card reader reply to my email me pls

  • PranavPC

changed mind, going for 6230. i can bear with small screen, low-res cam. But EDGE !! & durability of the body during lots of travelling - 6630 any comments ?!!

heard launch of 6230i - rumours ?!! pls reply...

  • korando

too bad the camera is not a megapixel camera.The size is also too big

  • Annas Khan

Saudi Arabia
there is only one thing i can say about this phone its amazing!!!

  • Sheldon Comerford

Does antone know if this phone has a torch?? I can't find it on the specs. I need it as I am a potholer

  • kumuthini



got the phone 2 months ago..still LOVEIN IT!! ofcouse the phone has some minor glitches but its aite..!! well 2 months ago it cost me $400 US dollers in NEW YORK. but its worth it. AH who said the cam sux?? its better than some of the other phones i know!

  • Gaurav Kumar

Hi Pranav,
You have written that you have read lots of reviews but still you are asking such silly questions.
Obviously You can replace the existing memory card.
--If you have heard lots of problems with it then why still you wanna buy it???
--Your purpose is to get the internet on the move. You can get just maximum 9.6 Kbps with GPRS Connection. (Atleast with Hutch or AirTel). Go for 6630 with edge.
--Right now it is out of stock in New Delhi but Distributor Price in Delhi is Rs.15744/-
--Take Care!

  • PranavPC

N6260 - read lot of software bugs. Can anybody tell, is it possible to upgrade the OS/firmware (maybe in future) by any means. do let me know general procedure/cost involved.
thanks in adv...

PS: i've studies lots of varied reviews on web for n6260. mostly complains abt poor cam, bit buggy, very delicate, no EDGE, confusing options, erratic behaviour on twists - cam starts, bit big to handle with 1 hand !!

still havnt decided my buy on this/other...request ur guidence

  • samuel

i just want to know the recording length,if it can record video for an hour fast reply.N6260

  • PranavPC

Hi, thinking of 6260. my basic need GPRS/Internet (laptop) on the fly, good storage capacity (contacts/music/clips etc), ok cam, ok music, stylish, most IMP value for money. Does this phone suffice my reqts - kindly suggest in short pls.

Anybody has idea abt cost (bill/wrnty) in Mumbai/India ? Thanks in advance...

i read it comes with 32mb RS-MMC as in package. Can i also lateron purchase more MMC & compliment the earlier 32 MB ??
(i mean addl slot for future expansion)

  • kumuthini


  • SP

i heard people say there's a lot of complaints about this phone, has this phone been solved the software & hardware problems (if there's any)?

  • PE

IM waiting for mine to arrive here in Iceland as i have ordered it in UK, i just cant wait to open that box, explore it and share my view with you guys about the 6260!

  • asaf

i got this PHONE a week ago and i have to say this phone is the best from the best .

  • özgür şenuysal

hı. ı want to learn abaut 6260

  • damie

i love the phone

  • Draconia

I have finally bought the 6260!
I love the features, even though the phone is quite complicated. I have a few grouses though:
1. How do I get Word documents onto my phone for viewing? Is it only via email?
2. I can't create shortcuts for the truly necessary items, like Create New Text Message, Gallery, Alarm Clock, Real Player, etc.
3. I only have ONE game on the phone- Snake!
4. Sometimes when I'm entereing a new word during a text message creation, the phone will announce an application error and quit the creation without saving.
Any help, anyone?