Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i

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  • Nokia Guy

Having returned the horrible "Motorola C975" I am glad I chose this phone. This phone has every thing I need in a phone. It's user friendly, easy to text, finding contact in phone book etc and is the same size as the 6100. Although the 6230 has more features like mp3 player and video camera I don't need these as I already have a 40 GB mp3 player which I am very happy with and don't care about a video camera as it records about 10 seconds of footage which is hardly anything. The only moan is the quality of the camera which is 4,096 compared to the 6230's 65,000 pixels but if you connect the phone to a pc you can use software to enhance the images which makes it clearer. Radio and GPRS are superb. Overall in my opinion 9.5/10. Good alternative to the 6230 if you dont need the 6230's features or it is too expensive. You can find it under 100 on the internet.

  • Anonymous

Good phone...

  • sohail akhter

i find it best

  • sohail akhter

i find it best

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately nokia has missed the mark on this phone, picture quality is bad, it feel cheap, not very sturdy, sorry I ever spent money on this.

wtf are u goin on bout, the pic quality may be a bit bad, but its still ok, its very sturdy easy to use and on top of it all it looks gd feels gd, small and it has a radio wot more do u want?

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately nokia has missed the mark on this phone, picture quality is bad, it feel cheap, not very sturdy, sorry I ever spent money on this.

  • JIO

too old plus shit camera

  • Munirah

is it good than nokia 3220 or e398? uh? help pweseee...!!

  • Syed Arsalan Ali

by shape it is a gr8 fone of nokia but if there realone player ,video recorder,n other like 6600 ,it will be a in-comparative fone ,thanks

  • richard

infact, i,m really enjoy your products

  • Hadi

It is a cute and adorable phone .It is
nice for men if you consider to its shape

  • ayo

i think the nokia 6610i is the bomb! mum promised getting me one,i just can't wait to receive my's so cool.

  • Anonymous

this is the same as the 6610 but has more memory and a camera

  • kieran

i bought the nokia 6610i on thursday. it is a great phone and well worth the money. I was going to get samsung e700, but i realised it does everything the e700 does but better. The cameras good, could be better but it works which is good for me. The best bit is the radio though, good reception, u can store up 2 20 channels and it doesnt waste battery life. The reception on 6610i is gr8 and so is battery life. i think that anyone on these forums putting down the nokia 6610i is out of their mind and they dnt no wot they are tlkin bout, because this is the best fone i eva bought! dnt listen to down raters listen to me! for all u peeps who are interested in buying 6610i then go for it, its well worth it!

  • sohrab

hi to all im sohrab from iran i like this kind of nokia phone(6610i)its very well and i like it very very much but unfortchenly its not here to buy so im so sad i want you to send one of it for me please. i can pay for it ok?
this is my address please say to me how i can buy one of this kind of nokia phone(6610i) :iran-fars_shiraz_modares blvd-fazl abad avenue-7th valley-number109 tanks alot please send it for me

  • shailesh

6610i is too good for me

  • grizzly-nike

i like this phone a lot but i think that if it had more than 4096 colours and a VGA cam. vas more attractive. well tghis is my opinion! please write in my mail if you want to share your opinion with me
thank you!

  • Gaurav

Its the Best phone ever by NOKIA!!!

  • Nokiamanics

Best of the best-I loved this phone very much because it's so good...

  • Anonymous

this is a crap colour fone the radio is fuzzy 1/10 if u ask me it sucks big time!