Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i

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  • Ivan

It is a very good phone but it seems it is inpossible to send a picture from it to another phone via infra-red! :-(

  • Lisa

mmm for a user just with main needs for a cell phones, I say it's just perfect, but for style... no bluetooth and personalized screensave :/ I'm stuck with that digital clock!

  • adham

it a good phone for businessman

  • salloo

well this is an average set doesnt have any mindblowing feature only thing which matterz is its shape the sexiet sleek one in my perception is not a very bad choice but not very good either its cost is aout 219$in the present market but the set is not higly recomended

  • XyZ

Cheap and nasty. Poor call quality. Horrible. Overpriced junk.

  • Mike

This phone is quite good for the price. It includes a high quality radio which can be played through the loud speaker but requires headset to act as the antenna. The loudspeaker is very good when using as a phone call or listening to the radio. This phone has good reception. Has a Simple key pad layout whcih is good for txting. The 0.1 megapixel camera is not as bad as said, it is 288x352 whcih may seem small but is not that bad. The camera has a usable night mode, portrait mode and self timer for 10 seconds. Amazingly this phone has 4mb of memory (3.6mb usable). Also is IR but i can send ringtones or recive them from other phones
However this Nokia 6610i is let down by the screen. The screen is of decent resolution 128x128, but it is an out dated STN Passive matrix display which looks ok but has ghosting which ruins the camera view finder mode and makes the camera look bad. It is also notice able when in games and scrolling fast. The polyphonics are not that great either. However they are loud and nice to hear but are to simplistic they are only 4 voice, which means 4 tones can be played at once, where as more expensive ones like 6230 have at least 24 tones played at once. From my observations this phone is identical to the nokia 7250i, the cases fit each other! technically they are the same. However i like this phone still and i would recommend. since it does alot for a low price. I got this for $430 NZD


i love this phone


i think this phone is great, but i would like to know if you can send a photo from 1 phone to another via infrared?

  • guest

the only thing thats improved with this phone is the design. the cameras just as bad as the 7250!

  • Anonymous

not bad

  • Yasir

Is there any comparison b/w Nokia 6610i and Siemens c-65 or SX1 ?

  • bratanov andrei

is very very good,goodluck,is fain,ok

  • idris

i think its a great phone. though its not really flashy. it is definitely tapping

  • Manesh T. Mathew

Good phone.
Phone should have a VGA camera instead of CIF type.

  • baba

hi!! just check out this mobile!!
ok bye take care..

  • Abdu Salam

very good

  • anoj

wat is meant by CIF camera, nokia6610i the best in market now?
plz let me know the exact price also

  • LUBO

This telephon is very very good!

  • Manesh

Good features

  • ibrahim zatar

i have this device its great except i did ask for anew tones to add to my device many phone shops told me that this device produced wiyh out software just like other nokias to load tones through the internet,is that right and how could i have this service please help me,i wanna add more notes to my device..thanks for ur cooperation