Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i

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  • azreal

its pretty much just a 7250i, CRAP!!

  • Anonymous

can some1 please advise me which phone is better 6610i or 6230? thanx x x

  • Hamuda Shokree

nice and very nice for NOKIA
and i wesh more powr fol foll this companey

  • Eleanor Quijano

please mail me a brochure of the Nokia phone b/c when I'm due to upgrade my contract...I'm interested in that model....hopefully, it's not any bigger than my Nokia 3200 camera phone which I posses now...!

thank you,
Eleanor Quijano
you can retrieve my address from your records....@ AT&T

  • Anonymous

its ugly.yuckieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!no decent pic

  • Danny B. Dulay

I got my Nokia 6610i two months ago and until now I wasn't able to find ways to enable me use neither PC Suite 6.2 nor 6.3? Infrared doesn't recognize the unit it only shows RM-37 which I think is the software loaded. Could anybody help me out on getting my unit recognize by any programs to enable me download polyphonic ringtones, graphics and edit data from my contacts.



  • kieran

ur rite skater42 this fone sucks im gnna go wit my samsung e700

  • goran

Ican just say they are the best

  • Laura Warren

think its an excellent phone-i got it as an upgrade.


Sonal: Via Prudential they have decided to give you Nokia 6610i. See the details and let me know which network do you use. I will inform them and they will post the phone for you. It will be sitting on your desk (unless Tejas fiddles with it).

Love baba

  • gill

been offered this phone on cotract with orange, told the phone cost over 400.0 obviously ive been fooled. It was coming with 6 months half price line rental 15.00 and 400 free air time then after 6 months change to any tariff or stay for 30.00 and get 200 minutes free air time, any advice would be grateful
cheers Gill

  • DJ

4096 color oni?ZZZ,the camera is as gd as crap den.

  • Risto

does 6230 has better camera than 6610i?

  • Akshay

What is meant by CIF camera is it different from vga camera

  • unknown

6610i is standard

  • terapin

4 all those whu said:"we dun nd a gd camera since dis a fone , go get a camera if u want a gd picture"... i wood say ... STOP LIVING UR LIFE IN IGNORANCE!!! if other fones from other brands can do a gd job on de camera ... y can`t dis model do de same? dey earn money based on YOUR IGNORANCE... think ... izzit worth it? I m surprised dis fone even got a ratin above 5 ... dat is ... hilarious... go get other models or get 1 without de camera at all ... don`t get a camera fone wif a lousy camera... what for?

  • farhad

what is meant by a cif camera.please email
me its meanings.on my adress.

  • farhad

please send me picture taken by this mobile on my email adress.

  • Mark

The 6610i is one of the best phones that nokia have brought out and you get what you pay for people, if you want a good camera go and buy a camera! the 6610i does exactly what it says on the tin well done nokia!and some of you ppl should really get out more!

  • skater42

@ Kieran


Two years ago I would have agreed with you, this phone rocks. NOW, this phone is way behind the rest, so as 70% of the rest that Nokia produces.

My Sharp GX20 with it's "plain" CCD VGA camera takes EXCELLENT pictures very suitable for Web and even print-out. Great color, great contrast, and 90% of the time sharp. It has a macro and normal mode, so you can take close ups of something.

If you want proof, e-mail me and I'll send you some pic's.

Sony Ericsson is keeping up with Sharp by producing excellent quality camera phones. Where is Nokia?

If you want quality and really use a Multimedia phone, try some other producers. Nokia is only the best if you've never tried anything else.
And your pride will be hurt even more if Nokia isn't coming up with something good soon.