Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i

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  • Anonymous

Mostafa, 12 May 2009why when l try to download certain free mobile phone programs is... moreDKU-5 is the cable....

  • jezi

why i cant hear the voice from my caller unless i press the laud speaker

  • Tejas

How can connect my pc (windows 96) to use internet?Which cable and setting required?Please answer me.

  • Mostafa

why when l try to download certain free mobile phone programs is the nokia 6610i not listed-I want you to send a siutapl program and cable for this phone

  • Jish

Using this phone from 2005, still in good condition

  • Anonymous

why when l try to download certain free mobile phone programs is the nokia 6610i not listed

  • wafu_sigbin

really love this phone.had it with me for 3 years.too bad it died the following year...some phone design doesnt resemble like a phone.but this one is...very nice keypad to send sms message.comfortable to touch...not more so with the cam and screen.but overall its great...thanks for making this design

  • Spear5893

Used by my daughter for some years. In general a reliable cell phone, user friendly, many features. But, why the awful on/off switch on the top! So tiny, and seems weak, had two new ones' fixed so far!

  • Mohan Chandran Bahra

I am using this mobile from May 2004 without any problem. Total Call Duration is 628:48:47 hours and till continues succesfully(16/03/2009)....!!

With best wishes,

  • omoding mark

This phone is the OBAMA of nokia phones.Undisputedly a superb phone.It fell in a full basin of water n all i did was to sun dry it and it worked. But its extremly senstive to water so keep it as far as possible from liquids. one annoying thing though is that the housings fade like hell hence affecting it's sleek look. i got fed up of changing housings n stuck to the old one.


yoh!dis 4n rocks da most greatest thng is dat u cn download mxit!!!!!

  • asad

Very good performance.I have been usuing it for more than three years.But still no problem.

  • Anonymous

i like the fone coz its so cozy

  • bazooka_south_africa

my first camera phone and I gave it to my niece who subsequently dropped it inside the loo...all those contacts i had, up in smoke or should i say down the toilet?? About the phone, was great, at that time, was a sleek phone....pity mine has been disposed of!

  • Rahul

jason, 29 Oct 2008this phone is the boss of all phones.. the pele of the phone worldTo me its a cobo of all greats............

  • Rahul

peija96, 06 Dec 2008heyt,, i cannot use my will say ''operation falied... moreThe impct of the fall has taken its toll on the phone, please get the software reloade and hopefully it wld be fine provided the can lenses hasnt broken if it hasit is difficult to find a replacement even/

  • Rahul

humhaina_4u, 08 Dec 2008As soon as I receive a call my phone goes blank and goes off. T... morePlease get the phone software reloaded from Nokia Care they wld be charging u around Rs.400(INR), please dont get it done fron unauthorized people since many a times the pirated software dosent support all the original functions availabe with the phone.The latest software that u wld get will be V 4.20.

  • Rajan

RAJAN, 26 Dec 2008can i use internet on this phoneRajan - yes it is possible provided it is activated by ur service provider but as per experience it really becomes a headache for the small fonts and a display size morever being a class 6 gprs phone the browsing speed would be typically slow. U can surely test check and go ahead.

  • Rahul

zyra, 04 Jan 2009can my nokia 6610i downloaded ring tone also can be my alarm ton... moreZyra on ur question - Yes it is possible, save the downloaded music in galleries and set it as required for your personalised alarm tone.

  • Rahul

Had been using this phone from Feb2005, and is almost like my mate have already clocked over 3200 hours, the radio quality is too good even now, battery back up nd network dosent need ny thing to say, looks its really a killing one.Had fallen from good heights the facia had broken still its heart keep on beating.No wonder it has been one of the finest products from the Nokia stable and wonder why dosent they relaunch the phone with a better cam. A heartfelt THNX to Nokia Corp for bringing this phone and thnx to the people who had designed it.If the people of Nokia Corp r hearing would request you to relaunch the phone once more even with the same specifications.Its a real gr8 experience. THNX NOKIA.......