Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • Zain

whu ever noz alot about dis phone.. plz add me cuz i wanna no.. juss bought it.. nd whats da site for V 3.45 nd oder downloads??

  • jie0

cute fone..nice design..superb features [dont compare it to the n6680 or the n-series] but why there is no radio? arghh! i'm beginning to hate nokia~

  • robpe

I'm getting 3.45 installed today. I'l let you know if it gets solves the 3g problem.

  • Ted

hi all! i currently own a 7610.was thinking of buying the 6630. have heard about the many bugs in 6630. Can some one tell me which is the latest bug-free version of 6630??? Is it v 3.45??Thnx

  • robpe

Is there such a thing as a 3g sim ?
My 6 year old sim works fine.

  • madden

can you use the 6630 with any normal sim card or does it have to be a 3g sim card?

  • Ter

Is Stereo phone. Good Phone.

  • Chris is back

sorry I forgot this site is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chriss is back

hi you all!!

well i found this web site to download games ringtomes etc etc etc......
BUT i cannot download anything coz I am living in Japan and this country does not appear on the options to download.
so if some of u can download a game i will be very happy if you send it to my phone too.
if yes i ll let you know my phone number privately.
thank you a lot and I hope u enjoy this site.

  • zeus

how about the mp3 player, is it stereo or mono?
coz i had a plan of buying.
pls reply. thankz!

  • robpe

OK will do.

  • han

i tot u said there is bug in ver3.45? anyway, pls share the results to us once u installed the newer version
thank you

  • robpe

I shall be gettinmg 3.45 installed next week. I believe it will give me the option to sw off 3g & stop the loss of reception & battery drain problem. I'm amazed Nokia expect their customers to have to sort out problems with their product. I've had to do a lot of research & chasing up to find out what I have so far. I'm really ***sed off with Nokia :-(

As regards the photo cell.. it's supposed to turn down the backlight in bright light situations so as to save the battery. I've never noticed it works on mine !

  • han from malaysia

can somebody tell me wat is the light sensor for? thank you

  • han from malaysia

to robpe:
I'm just bought a 6630, and i encountered a lot of problem, and the version is 3.45.113, is there any bug in this version?
thanks for ur advise

  • jma

hello!...I'm from the Philippines and I have this phone right and so far, there are no problems that occured...about the 3G stuff, the network operator where i got this phone configured the settings for 3G so no problem was encountered...

  • robpe

2What's wrong with this phone ?"
Lots of things. My advice.. don't a Nokia unless it's been on the market for at least 6 months. Nokia are notorious for releasing things too soon before problems ironed out. They have an arrogant attitude.. a bit like Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

is your version 3.45?
that is a bug from that version

  • Anonymous

wat's wrong with my phone???how come the call duration time and the call number overlaps with each other???is it caused my virus???!!!i jus bought it!!!

  • Staggie

It's the best fone around in SA. It works on vodacom and Telkom. I could copy dvd's with it. I went to the cinema and recorded a whol movie and it fitted.