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Nokia 6630

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  • Ted

hi all! i currently own a 7610.was thinking of buying the 6630. have heard about the many bugs in 6630. Can some one tell me which is the latest bug-free version of 6630??? Is it v 3.45??Thnx

  • robpe

Is there such a thing as a 3g sim ?
My 6 year old sim works fine.

  • madden

can you use the 6630 with any normal sim card or does it have to be a 3g sim card?

  • Ter

Is Stereo phone. Good Phone.

  • Chris is back

sorry I forgot this site is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chriss is back

hi you all!!

well i found this web site to download games ringtomes etc etc etc......
BUT i cannot download anything coz I am living in Japan and this country does not appear on the options to download.
so if some of u can download a game i will be very happy if you send it to my phone too.
if yes i ll let you know my phone number privately.
thank you a lot and I hope u enjoy this site.

  • zeus

how about the mp3 player, is it stereo or mono?
coz i had a plan of buying.
pls reply. thankz!

  • robpe

OK will do.

  • han

i tot u said there is bug in ver3.45? anyway, pls share the results to us once u installed the newer version
thank you

  • robpe

I shall be gettinmg 3.45 installed next week. I believe it will give me the option to sw off 3g & stop the loss of reception & battery drain problem. I'm amazed Nokia expect their customers to have to sort out problems with their product. I've had to do a lot of research & chasing up to find out what I have so far. I'm really ***sed off with Nokia :-(

As regards the photo cell.. it's supposed to turn down the backlight in bright light situations so as to save the battery. I've never noticed it works on mine !

  • han from malaysia

can somebody tell me wat is the light sensor for? thank you

  • han from malaysia

to robpe:
I'm just bought a 6630, and i encountered a lot of problem, and the version is 3.45.113, is there any bug in this version?
thanks for ur advise

  • jma

hello!...I'm from the Philippines and I have this phone right and so far, there are no problems that occured...about the 3G stuff, the network operator where i got this phone configured the settings for 3G so no problem was encountered...

  • robpe

2What's wrong with this phone ?"
Lots of things. My advice.. don't a Nokia unless it's been on the market for at least 6 months. Nokia are notorious for releasing things too soon before problems ironed out. They have an arrogant attitude.. a bit like Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

is your version 3.45?
that is a bug from that version

  • Anonymous

wat's wrong with my phone???how come the call duration time and the call number overlaps with each other???is it caused my virus???!!!i jus bought it!!!

  • Staggie

It's the best fone around in SA. It works on vodacom and Telkom. I could copy dvd's with it. I went to the cinema and recorded a whol movie and it fitted.

  • robpe

You say "pls dont discourage ppl to choose 6630 bcoz this is excellent phone ever made!!"
But why should people have to spend hours researching to find stuff then trying it out on a their new phone to solve a problem that shouldn't be there in the 1st place ?
That's Nokia's job isn't it ?
Most people buy a phone then expect it to work OK from the start without loads of hassle !
It's a disgrace that Nokia released the 6630 with this problem. Go read
Everyone else is disgusted with nokia's 6630 losing network & chewing up the battery !


dear to all readers.....would you send me an original backup file (juz setting only)

  • robpe

OK thanks but I've taken the phone back & swopped it now for a 3230.
I would be prepared to get the 6630 back as it's higher spec phone & try net monitor but will it work with Vodaphone version of 6630 firmware ?
Does net monitor cost anything ?