Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • panchi

jazmeen, 05 Jan 2010I really love this phone when I first saw it I really love ... more2 gud

  • jazmeen

I really love this phone when I first saw it I really love it especially with the pink casing...
it's simply amazing!!!!!

  • Anonymous

recently my friend got this phone. it is very good and nice incudes all features needed in low price phone

  • Anonymous

Great phone, I just love it! year and half and work great!

  • Avirendra

I used 7310 for 1 year and i found so much problem in it. 7 8 9 key is not working. Befor this its display is gone. This is very bad phone i ever see by nokia.

  • govinda

hi, i bought the nokia 7310 phone last year,the 7,8,9 and - keys had stopped working.I went to the nokia care centre but was not satisfied with the response.once finally i got it repaired by a local it had started giving trouble again.what should i do now....??
is there any service centre in noida or ghaziabad where i can get my phone repaired efficiently.........??

  • Anonymous

So nice! I'm awfully satisfied with this set. F.HAQUE

  • anirban dutta

very very bad phone .tv output is very poor

  • nokia user

7310 is a very good mobile phone, I was so satisfied with it.

  • karen

what is the duration of the battery ......

  • AMJATH86

Its very very beautyfull and amazing

  • Umar

I normally Recharge my Phone 2 times a day...
It is Very Good Set but have a Battery Problem...

  • kps

tirtharaj dhakal, 07 Nov 2009I am tirtharaj dhakal,i have a nokia 7310c Supernova since ... morethis was very similar to what happend to my phone...but repaired...

  • kps

angela, 13 Nov 2009hi guys! i thought I'm the only one having some keypad prob... moresame to me angella...
wt da hell on this 7,8,9 keys...

  • KPS

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2009my cellphone im using right now is of this kind, at first i... morekey 7,8,9 case is truth... it's occured to my one also...
there wasn't any support for mp4..

  • Vijay

It does not supports mp4. bakwas

  • Anonymous

YC, 18 Aug 2009I bought this phone brand new from Nokia around 3 months ag... moremy cellphone im using right now is of this kind, at first it was ok and i felt this was very great, but after two months, keys 789 didn't function and calls dropped and you wont be able to hear the person on the other line. i wonder if Nokia could replace this with a new model. So shameful for Nokia.

  • Smruti

My mobile does not support mp4

  • nfk

how is the set yarrrrrrrrrr.........

  • kmaltz

I used this phone for about 1 year, had to send it for repair 3 times, all because of its faulty keypad first the 7,8,9 keys, then the d pad, then the a,5,6 keys; then, there's the battery life problem. Recently replaced it with another model... much happier ever since.