Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • kmaltz

I used this phone for about 1 year, had to send it for repair 3 times, all because of its faulty keypad first the 7,8,9 keys, then the d pad, then the a,5,6 keys; then, there's the battery life problem. Recently replaced it with another model... much happier ever since.

  • Shaanya

How much is this phone in india?

please reply!

  • angela

hi guys! i thought I'm the only one having some keypad problems.I'm also experiencing the same problem with some of you. 2wks ago my keypad 7 is not working then a wk after keypad 8&9 are also not working and also the volume - i have to remove the casing and press the keypad hardly to work again.I'm planning to send it to nokia for repair.

  • Arjun

Hi its super set & nice to use . it look like sexy set


  • Imraj

Hi i'm imraj.i'm using this phone about 6 month.i felling that battery backup is not always get low.after charging it goes 6-7 hour.

  • marie

i have dis phone for over a year now and i never experienced any problems at all.. so its safe to say dis phone would be a good choice if ur looking for a hip and handy handset...i luv it!!!

  • Sanika

Hello....I m using Nokia 7310Supernova since last the battery backup is really very bad...i m having this problem from last february..wat to do about it??Please reply..

  • ajhora

ATI, 04 Nov 2009hi i am using this cell since last 6 month.i have problem o... moreim useing this cell scince last 2 months.i think there is a problem in heating and hangging.battery back up is no good.

  • tirtharaj dhakal

I am tirtharaj dhakal,i have a nokia 7310c Supernova since last november and the phnoe never got wet or fall and the keys 7, 8 and 9 and Volume down keys stopped working .

  • ATI

hi i am using this cell since last 6 month.i have problem of red button(which is used to disconnect call) not working prperly. i think there are some problem of hangging. also have problem of heating.battry backup is not good.

  • 2727

well i have a nokia 7310c Supernova since last november and the phnoe never got wet or fall and the keys 7, 8 and 9 stopped working and the volume down as well, text messages time are always 4 hours ahead. all this happened about 2 weeks after and i payed $1700.00 TT for it.

  • 2727

had this phone, nokia 7310c supernova since last november and the problems are the keys 7 , 8 and 9 and the volume down stopped working in about 1 month time,text message time is always 4 hours ahead and when i set a birthday to remember the phone pops it up everyday.wacko i guess. otherwise it a nice phone. just imagine the phone never never fall or get wet and those problems arise.

  • lady

1.How can i use my 7310 as modem??...
2.What particular website that i can go to see the step by step procedure of setting cp as modem??

Thanks guys hope to hear from you...
Just want to explore the different features of my unit which is 7310 supernova...hehehe...thanks and God Bless..

  • raj

y cant u introduce black color panel

  • Aditya

Buttons 7, 8 & 9 not working...
Very delicate piece...
Looks good at first, but due to delicateness, show goes down...
Nokia seems to have it discontinued, as site not showing this phone currently...


Im usin this cel for last 7months and i think this is a gud cell for everyone ! It has all imp features except WIFI but this is a gud mob im haapy with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Captainic

Hi everyone,
I am using this set previous 10 months, its a perfect set to use for everybody.

  • Anonymous

this phone is not at all good. I bought it 6 months back. problems started with the keypad not responding ezp 7,8,9. Then after that the microphones stopped functioning... no1 was able to hear wat i'm speaking... and now the software's gone completely... all my messages in inbox,drafts,saved messages got deleted automatically.. battery back up is pathetic... it has got only the looks... an messagin is also very difficult... so guys don go for this fon... waste of money...

  • maqsood

yes it is no 789 is not working properly.i also change from the company.

  • Anonymous

I'm glad it's not just my phone! Have had it less than 8 months and the 7, 8 and 9 buttons don't work. Am going to send it back to Nokia to be repaired. The only thing that I don't like is the reflective cover on the phone. It makes it difficult to text in natural daylight!!