Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • Raghu m

Hi everybody, i use dis cell last 7 months. Some other says 7,8,9 buttons are not working....! It is a good joke... But i say overall it is ok... Expect copy-paste button option..

  • leen

Muhammad bin khalid, 24 Jul 2009hi friends can i know, what are the colours of the xpress c...

  • Anonymous

pls try and improv more on it the keypad.

  • Anonymous

jermaine, 02 Oct 2009i have just got it this fast few days, i haven't yet use it... moreHi I encounted also the same problem with the keypad.
The numbers 7 8 9 were not working.
I got the keypad replaced.
Maybe its a manufacturing problem.

  • Jolly S.

Please dont go with the looks of the cellphone. I purchsed this cell phone in the month of december 08 and within 6 months I had to face problem with the keypad, 7 8 9 was not working. I went to Nokia care and though they repaired it free, they took one month. I was without my cell phone for 1 month. Very Disappointing!!!!

  • jermaine

i have just got it this fast few days, i haven't yet use it because the keypad is not working 789,, i don't know yet if it's good, as of the moment, i leave it at nokia center, for it to be fixed.

  • shreya

thought it is a good one nd bought jus 3 months ago .. but the battery does not stand 4 more than a day !!!! pls don buy it ....

  • kunal

to improve battery life, decrease brightness.

  • kunal

aldrin, 26 Aug 2009hi.. kinda new here.. just got my N7310 phone.. i was wonde... moreNo need of antivirus,this is not smart phone, virus cant install and can not harm, only computer viruses can be present in memory card, that can harm other computer only, dont warry about phone. only scan memory card from computer.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 7310 Supernova is better than samsung pixon 8mp.(price is 4 times less than pixon) ,there r many things ,which r present in supernova ,but not in pixon, like text copy past, equilliser edit, sound in flash file,themes, screen savers and many.....
pixon is waste of money.I sold my pixon....
Noone can beat Nokia, it is no.1 alwys...

  • rajesh

Really bad model. Difficult to use the keypad. Battery stands to a maximum of 2 days. The problem is that for 1.5 days it shows that the batterys is full. Just in 3 hours the battery meter reading decreases rapidly before it gets empty. You never know when to charge it.

  • rh7777

7 8 9 buttons are broken on my phone too

  • anonymous

same as other comments on her good phone generally ok but nightmare to text with the key pad

  • Reginald

i love it cos it has all i want in a phone

  • kb24

its a stylish and unique phone! preferably for the girls ;)

  • cel

for me this is a cool phone. i've used this for several months and it works good. features are cool and i just relly enjoyed it. it's just sad because i've lost it out of carelessness..

  • my name saad hameed

my question nokia 7310 keypad probleme ,2,8,7. why probleme

  • paresh makani

i dont no

  • nm having a problem in this seT ! whenever i delete few of my sent messages, and when i come back and check my sent messages folder, those same deleted messages are there ! i dont understand! is anyone over here having such problem ! please help me! and tell me if anyones cell (7310) hangs !

  • nikhat

please adice me whether shud i buy this phone nikia 7310????????????? or any other good mobile????????????