Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • Sid

aldrin, 26 Aug 2009hi.. kinda new here.. just got my N7310 phone.. i was wonde... moreGet real man, Its a JAVA S40 phone. There're no viruses written for S40 phones.

  • cody

difficult to read outdoors... battery is easily discharged, i dont know why, it just does... other than that its a cute phone...

  • rajiv

I think that there should be Price noted with model set of each mobile..

  • aldrin

hi.. kinda new here.. just got my N7310 phone.. i was wondering if i can add antivirus on it? becasue u know, everytime you access the bluetooth, its just like you are also inviting viruses and worms to your cell i was sondering if we can add antivirus? if YES..pls give me the LINK where i can download it.. TNX IN ADVANCE guys..

  • Invictus

I hate myself for buying this. The phone is sheer EYE CANDY! Reading the screen outdoors is hellish due to the mirrorized coating on the screen. FM radio reception is easily degraded...stereo signal is downgraded to mono due to poor reception, unless you stick out the headset wires. Very difficult to accurately press the keypad, especially those beside the navigation button. You'll practically use your fingernails to press the keys (and scratch the finish as well). Simply put, it's a kiddie phone.

  • 007

This good fhone

  • alphasaiya29

these phone i think it's okey for free downloads go to before buying these unit check it will

  • Jose

Awesome !

  • 7310a

whats the problem with the keypad??? its not functioning ????

  • rhonnie

Ive got this phone,it indeed nice, so handy esp. for girls who are not so technical in terms of acquiring phones specifications etc.,

  • YC

I bought this phone brand new from Nokia around 3 months ago and like many others have found that the keypad has problems with number 7, 8 and occasionally 9. It looks good, but frustrating as hell to not be able to text properly!

  • neha

selvakumar, 14 Aug 2009the same problem.the key pad is not working.i ask the nokia... morewid 7310 usb cable comes or tv cable comes.???????
plz dear rply soon...........

  • neha

mariah, 18 Apr 2009it;s the best phone ever, i would recommend it to everybodyshud i buy 7310 is it good?

  • a1

im planning to buy this phone next week, bt im cnfuse w/ your comments... help me decide... tnx...

  • sneha

well i have one and mine is working nicely,the only problem being that within few months of usage,the keypad coating is should do something aboutits keypad

  • selvakumar

ELITE, 12 Aug 2009can i ask about this phone? i read some of the reviews on y... moreworst phone friend,pls avoid this some nice phone is not working 7 8 9 buttons.i ask nokia care the told it will come.within the warranty period it comes.they were not replacing.dont buy

  • selvakumar

the same problem.the key pad is not working.i ask the nokia care the told it will come.then why they are selling this type of very cheap nokia.i never expect from nokia.within a year i lost 7000 rupess of buying a worst phone.realy sad .

  • jBee

i have one, and technically it's a good phone.

the camera shoots a bit slowly, but it does produce good quality pictures, provided you use it in good light settings (i.e. place is bright, camera not blocked or having dust). and yeah, it takes some patience to use it - it's worth the wait.

Battery-wise, if you would use it more often to play music files, it would drain faster. Other than that and other media works, it would last long.

The display in the mirror screen IS visible even though it's bright and sunny on the outside. Just don't look when you're wearing shades or tinned eyeglasses - i've tried it, and it's really dark.

you can use it to take pictures, then upload them through a PC, and vice versa. I've even tried downloading videos from youtube, converted the file format, then put them on the phone. tada! i have the videos i like in my phone!

with an expandable memory up to 4GB, you could do a lot to the phone (just don't stuff it with so much - it will really slowdown, which is common even in PCs and other phones).

and add to that, it looks cute.

generally it's a very good phone.

  • Sharey9729325102

Ahhhh totally bakwas totally paisa battery pack more than 5hrs.totally low sound .i will say truth ppl hvin extra unusable money may buy them.5130 n 7210 r gud choice then it


can i ask about this phone? i read some of the reviews on youtube that this phone is not good cause if you used it on a daylight you will be so hard to use it coz of its mirror sort of its screen? im planning to buy one of these days?