Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • Anonymous

why can mms size only be 100kb? and will it get bigger soon? please let me know thank you

  • Anonymous

Why Nokia cannot make a phone which looks like a phone ? And why no radio ?

  • annie

WoW!!! very beautiful can't wait for coming... do u know when will be available for buy??? i'll thankfull if u tell me thnx.

  • Anonymous

FOR ALL THE PPL WHO USES SUCKS AND SHIT WORDS..... why ???? i cant find any reason.... the design ??? u dont have to like it guys .... it is a matter of personal obenions..... and me personally i like it so much.... what else ... the features.... it is excellent .... now i can kiss my ugly p900 ass goodbye for ever.... i cant believe how stupid i was when i decided to use sony shit ericsson phones.... nokia RULES man .... and sony ericsson realeses very good phones.... ON PAPERS ONLY.... but when u use them.... it is the WORST

  • Zedestructor

I'll try to convince my parents to buy me one when it gets out

  • Anonymous

the motorola MPx100 with an 1.3 MP camera and Flash
the new Tel.Me 919 with a 2.1 MP camera

  • AeFox

Who talk about brick?.. every single SE design are real BRICKs.. and very ugly Bricks.. lol! looks like Remote TV Controls of the 70's .. and 80's ..:)
with that freeze hands aluminium metal


  • AeFox

Why everybody talk shit about the design if NO ONE holded this phone on their hands yet ... i see that if you hold this phone with the right hand, and just use your thumb finger to access the keys, you will find that every key it's near and easy to access on that keys config, because your anular finger make a curve access not square like the regular keypad config...

I think that there are a lot of developement and work on the design, it's not just a cosmetic desigb.. it's ergonomic...

Excelent phone and very nice feactures!

and amazing that thanks to this keypad config, now it's slimer than 6600 design

1 megapixel camera! :) any another phone with that feacture?


  • zabi

h i people u know wot it has symbian 7.0 operating system running in it just like the nokia 6600 but nokia 6600 has symbian 6.1 so it is the greater version of nokia 6600

  • Saqib

Nokia 7650 Features I Like it.But One Thing i Like Very Much That Is Fm Radio This Phone Has Not Radio.

  • Ali Ebrahimi

very good

  • Anonymous

well, i hove one thig to say, ugly design, dont put it near the mirror!

  • Anonymous

Sucks, shit, can't anybody use language more becoming of an adult?

  • Dr.PSK.Vyas

A very good phone with all the features i need .
I would like to know the cost of it
Please mail me the details as soon as possible

  • Anonymous

Nokia is the best

  • Espinosa

I really like this phone!!! It's amazing.. It completely leaves behind those SE products from last week... A smartphone this small.. And the Onyx/red combination is awesome!! That's the one I like the most.. I absolutely like this phone!!!

  • Anonymous

that is totally stupid why does every time nokia puts out a good features fone it has to look like shit , first nokia has the best fones but it shud definitely hire a new fone designer

  • lil__na9oor

this phone is DAMN cool. i like it. i am using the 7600 it was the best phone in my opinion but now this phone is a shit!!

  • Anonymous

phone ia damn cool and the looks of the phone is very unique!!!!!

  • Giang Nguyen

i dont know how it is exactly now, but from the picture i think it's quite cool. The features are fantastic. I love the camera recorder that can take up to 10'. i should listen more opinions from u guys so that i can decide to get it or not. Actually im using T610, but that's quite cheap now. Cant show off hihi. Anyway, keep it up guys!!!