Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • Nokia Fan

Hey u guys out there!!its so esy to complaint about this fantastic phone. If u have a stan,buy a phone like this..then only complaint..Cant even afford to buy Nokia 3310, wanna complaint!! Comments?? Most welcome..e-mail me!

  • Angelinna

Hey, be fair and try the latest Chea. Men, Nokia is so behind in terms of tec., design, concept, merketing!

  • Kashif

wow... NOKIA RULES... this fone is off the hook... i ll get one the day it comes out

  • pimp

it has a perfect features but when it comes to the design it looks cheap especially the keypad,i think it is made of plastic looks like handspring of now,im starting to hate nokia.

  • Dr_T610

good bye nokia and hope to never see you again!!

  • U know

Gee...I m sick of all those professional writers (and voters) sent by SE. Stop framing other companies' products, plz! It's not useful to this kind of anti-adverstising while your own company's products suck!! I don't see how this 7610 doesn't out-match any of the SE released a couple of weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

What do you mean about the size?! Too big? It's a little heavy.. But.. Not so much for a smartphone... I really like this phone.. I mean.. Cuz I'm in Latin America.. And almost no one takes us into account.. Nokia is one of the few.. They've already announced this same phone for us.. Not likely with SE or others.. They announce them like 5 months later... That's why I like Nokia.. I think this phone is just amazing.. A Smartphone with style.. And yes, I like it. I'm a teen. I look for standing out in the crowd. An S700 for Americas (SOON) wouldn't hurt, though... Cheers.

  • Anonymous

shit nokia is always behind look at their phones they dnt hve 262k, 1.3mpix camera and the keypad is for frogs

  • Anonymous

no more idea for nokia to creat a new design, just a fucking bar phone. Nokia , take a look at SE, every models released from them is really a bomp

  • unknon

amazing phone

  • Anonymous

fucking shape,fucking keypad...Why somebody have to buy not good...

  • panayiotis

listen...its good but...the shape,the keypad,the size aren't so good...if this mobile was a bit smaller and if it has better design of keypad i will buy has and video recorder at least 10 min. but that doesn't change my i forgot it...i am very happy with nokia 6600...its mobile only doesn't has long video recording only 20 seconds...but its ok...

  • ian

this is another brick.......

  • BOOM

i like nokia, but agin this is another 3650 keypad thing! :(

  • poetoe

feature wise, ok. designwise, total sucks.

  • Laurent

Nokia always seem to be a bit behind the other manufacturers. For example, the Motorola E1000 has a better screen resolution and a 1.2Mp camera but its the software, usability and durability that makes them the worlds biggest cellphone manufacturer. I think the 7610 is awesome... I'll get it the day it comes out!

  • Anonymous

here is another shit from NOKIA..