Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • Anonymous

no the sony ericsson S700 is better

  • smith collins

i love the phone full compatible displays and multi function

  • Valeriy

Guys, if there possibility to upgrade Nokia 7610 with better micropfone or soft to make sound quality better? I can watch video but sound is very bad. Please send me your replies to e-mail. Thanks

  • Smurfy

I love both the 7610 and 7260 and I have to pick one. So any opinion? Which of the two would be much more worthy?

  • Alex

I think is the best mobile phone that cause revolution in nokia

  • Anonymous

i would rather take the 6600 or the 6620

  • Anonymous

is nokia's 7610 better or SE's S700?

  • Anonymous

bye wich phone is good tell me!!!

  • bob

o and by the way i have used oxygen and pc suite. i thikn i need to setup the right connectiuon settings on the phone can someone pleas egive me sum advice appricate it.

  • bob

can someone please tell me how to connect this phone to your computer. it wont sync. its pissing me off. otherwose its an excellent phone!!

  • flexy michel

i love nokia product but they are too expensive,so if i can get it in discount prices or you can give me i will so much appreciate it

  • rob

this phone is the best!!!

  • maryam

can some one tell me is 7610 is good or not? bye bye

  • Fawaz

damn it guyzzzzzzz// sound !sound ! souond! enuffffff ,im looking ahead to purchase this fone /but believe me evry ones complaining abt the sound output on this cell/i mean is it tht poor?? plz i need technical specifications on this!!and is it true tht the navigation is so slow on this cell??

  • Fawaz

im highly impressed by this cell//and really wanna buy one//as usual heard from evry one tht this cell does not support stereo sound right?? could any one plz tell me basic difference in mono sound and stereo//***

  • komy

i have a problem with my 7610. it takes very long time with data transmition(phone to PC and PC to phone). What can it be?

  • Anonymous

buy k700i

  • maryam

i want a mobile can u tell me wich 1 2 buy 6600 or 7610 pleassssssssssssssseeeeeee

  • Anish Bagchi

The only regret that I have with 7610 is the missing Infra red port, I can't use IR remote to control gadgets from the phone.It was available with 6600 but now most of the smart phones are not having IR port, so BAD.....

  • Gavro

Great fone. Especcially when u put a lot of different programs and games in him. Great design... I love it ...