Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • Gavro

Great fone. Especcially when u put a lot of different programs and games in him. Great design... I love it ...

  • Kandee

It's absofcukinglutely beautiful

  • khalid

I thik that all the phones or i mean all the manufactors in general are going worst and worst.
My opinion is that the older phones are better than the new ones

  • sonu

i love it

  • hamid

that is very good mobile phone.
please send for me new program
thank you

  • Maan

lyanna: The 7610 & the 6670 are not equiped with flash, the optional flash look somewhat bulky. When you want to listen to MP3 you'll have to use the loudspeaker to listen to mp3 & Real Audia files but I find that Real Audio files sound better then MP3's. You can set photo id to incoming calls. The 7610 keypad took me only 2 days to get fully used to but the navigation button is a little too small for my taste. Dont know anything about PDF files. Conclusion, stick with the Nokia 7610, the 6670 is an uglier version of the 7610.

  • lyanna

Hope can get some advice = narrowed down to 2 but Not sure if i want to buy 6670 or 7610. does either of these come with flash for the camera? if not, does it mean the optional flash is one of those ugly add ons that protrudes? Aslo, 6670 can view pdf, can 7610 do that too? and, since it's not stereo speaker (like what some of the posts says) does it mean i have to use the loudspeaker to hear mp3? i use loudspeaker function all the time, this one's good or not? can i set photo id to incoming calls? any idea how many? how about the keypad, is it or soft, easy or diff to use, how does it compare to the 6670? thanks a bunch

  • Tel.Me.

Ugly phone with good features.

  • jinny toh

the functionis very nice,but why not have infrared & the sound not loud

  • Avinash

7610 is the best. The camera is too good and do not forget the looks of the attracts.
GO FOR IT.....nothing better then this phone

  • Anonymous

i have the nokia 7610 it is THE BEST, and maan, you retard 6230 can do 3 or 4 mins of video capture not seconds, get your facts right! if in doubt any1, go for nokia 7610 !!!!!!

  • moboy

all you guys dont know what youre talking about, i work for a phone store and have a 7610. its far better than a 6230, has better screen resolution, megapixal camera compared to mere 640x480,also has the best user interface symbian all the way. you ppl with your 6230s, the phones fine but 7610 beats it in every possible aspect technology wise. listen to me i know my stuff 7610 hands down!

  • Anonymous

i recently got a new 7610 and to be honest i was quite dissapointed, the menu system is slow and frustrating.also the size of the handset is quite creates a large sqare shape appear in your trowsers, and also the internal memory is poor my music (which sounds really poor)has used up the memory card already after a few songs. Dont get me wrong the phones other features are good. the camera is good and the screen is big and bright. but overall i was dissapointed, i also own a samsung d500 which is a much better, and more desirable phone, i'd get that instead if u only want a phone and not a smartphone. overall (6.5/10)

  • dragoon

Can tell 7610 is it better than O2xphone2? What are different between both phone ?


6230 all the way the one and only. its just the best people trust buy it mr monoxide

  • rob

7610 is alot better than 6230.

  • Chris

Whats the best method of transfering stuff between my pc and phone? e.g. images, mp3s videos... Anyone?

  • Anonymous

can some tell me plz whice one would they rather have a nokia 7610 or a 6230?

  • Sulaiman Khan

It is a Simply Great Set to use.

  • Hazn

Thankss Maan for helping me i will buy 7610..