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Nokia 7610

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  • jackson

Handphone analyst shut up. it's a good mobile with excellent feature

  • juan

Hi, I have just purchase a 7610 Black, I like the looks, but there are a few setbacks e.g when playing mp3 it skips a bit and moreover mono sound (dont have headset yet)and the themes are not that impressive. By the way does anybody know a good site for me to download some themes?? Thanks

  • Scooby

When i wanted to upgrade from a N6100, it was between N6230 and N7610. In the end i chose the N6230 cos it has more features den the N7610. There were 2 main reasons actually: price and FM radio. Size wasn't a big deal but for a phone bigger and heavier den the N6230, the N7610 really lacks a FM radio. And it costs SGD 300 more den the N6230 so i felt it wasn't worth it. Otherwise i love the design which was unique but not weird like the upcoming N7260. Another plus point is the 1 megapixel camera although Siemens S65 has a 1.3 megapixel cam. I nv like Siemens as its resale/trade-in value in sg drops like hmm.. a bomb... haha. Anyway cheers to N7610!

  • Handphone analyst

Siemens SX1 will have all the function that we need and better function than nokia 7610.
For your knowledge,it has;
1)All connectivity media include infrared.
3)MP3 player with stereo unlike 7610 mono sound without bass and etc.
4)External mmc slot,insert or take out can easily done.
5)Unlimited video recording.
Hope nokia can done better handphone in the future.

  • Ricky Ong

I don't know what going on,actually on Nokia handphone.Everytime if got a function it will also lose a function.Eg. This phone no radio,no infrared but got mp3 and cost a bomb.N6600 got infrared but no mp3 player.N7260 got radio,got infrared but no mmc slot.
It think siemens sx1 will have all the function compare to nokia.

  • Dave

I think oia got lucky with this design cause all their other new designs have been piss poor, lucky us this phone exist its the bomb!

  • ather yasin

it's a very beautiful set and godwilling i would buy this.

  • sd


  • Anonymous

seriously is it true about falsyfying the camera pixels..maybe thats the problem there havin on o2x3 forum.

  • Tealeaf

This is Nokia's best and probably the best looking phone on the markwt, shame I can't say the same for Nokia's other phones e.g. 6230!

  • sezai

im (sahinsirket),
i bought this phones from Bagpuss_sam but what can i do? i dont know

  • steppe eagle

after thinking to buy which phonne, the nokia 7610 and se k700, i've came to the conclusion that the 7610 is the better phone...better camera, better design n better expansion capabilities...i like the se k700's design n feature initially but the more i look, the more i dislike its "coffin shape" n thick build...i think the nokia 7610 is the BEST -LOOKING phone on the market today...also sony ericssons phones suffer problems, even the k700...(eg hang, restart)...i have used both se n nokia in the past n , unlike sony ericcson, nokia's phone have not give me A SINGLE PROBLEM at all!!

  • jideobi obiora

about nokia 7610, it's one of a's features are ok.

  • CK

Sony Ericsson sucks!!! Nokia rules! The 7610 is sent from the heaven while SE's K700 owners are going through hell with their bug ridden phone!

  • Dave

Shut the fuck up Ok the S700 has advantages in some area as you mentioned but with that bulky look and sliding keys you can safely assume my 7610 will out sell the S700 just you wait!

  • Dandy

Mr Nokia. I dispute your claim that the 7610 is the best phone. I shall say the SE S700/710i is by far a much better phone. SE uses CCD lenses, which is the lenses used on digital cameras. 7610 uses a VGA camera which has been enhanced to generate image quality of 1 megapixel. The casing is poor and plastic and the layout of keys is unergonomical and impractical. The features in camera is poor in comparsion to the S700. S700 also has a speaker not a loudspeaker like the 7610 which is basically just your earpiece on loud. The screen is of poorer quality only 65k compared to S700's 256K screen. Screen size is smaller. The S700 also has an integrated FM Radio, bluetooth and infrared. I believe all phones should maintain the use of infra-red to enable connections with older electronic products possible.

The 7610 again was released early in anticipation of the S700 and only those stupid enough and gulible enough to believe Nokia marketing campaigns have gone out to buy one.

  • lovely marie

i realy lovvvve this phone! its tbe best nokia ever! no one can defeat it! NOKIA KEEP IT UP!

  • Hari

This fone has the worst battery time

  • Zulfikar

I got this phone a month back...Its gr8. I am use to with 9210i, where u get multiple alarm settings and u also get option to repeat the set alarm daily, this feature is not there in 7610.
With FM it would have been no.1 phone in market.
Pl. help me for games for 7610 and software for unlimited audio recording

  • honest

comparing to z1010 its camera and zoom is way superior especially the zoom even in video its classy, the screen althout big enough isnt the same, a litle less good than k7000i,z1010 and clearly inferior to the best 65k display of sharp gx20!
mp3 goes good enough but again without the quality of z1010, for the one who hdnt heard something better is good enough!