Nokia 7650

Nokia 7650

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  • prostu

Simply shit.P800 is far better then this.

  • dee

i think nokia7650 is very exellent but i can't use it because it's too expensive.

  • Q18

i have the nokia 7650, and am glad of it, it dosent have any problems, mayb the one you people bought was fake (not made in finland) the one i have is made in FINLAND, and it has a SPREAKER phone, and Polyphonic ringtones, and 4096 colors, and u can store as much as u want phone numbers not like the P800 even if u put 128MB u can ONLY store 500 numbers, so whts the point in tht ?
the price of it in my country is 250 RIALS



  • hydri

i have been a T100 but the phone doesn't have something special thing just color LCD,many phone use color LCD,not like my new phone nokia 7650..everything ican do it..i,m very glad with my nokia 7650

  • phantom

Don't buy it sucks Assssssss

  • Hua Phan Nhu Binh

Who give me 7650!! I will thanks very muck
I from vietnam!!

  • da Oracle

Not a bad phone. Will the Multimedia messaging work with Pay as U go tarrifs??????????

  • bita

I like this model

  • thang

I verry like it !
it's verry nice but in Vietnam it verry expensive i'm not enought money buy it !
I have a 8310 ,if i have a choose I will choose 7650 .

  • thang

I verry like it !
it's verry nice but in Vietnam it verry expensive i'm not enought money buy it!

  • daddi

Your dad never learns from his mistakes..

  • aka

my dad bought me a ferrari on my last b/day. this year he bought me a nokia 7650 .my dad is known to be consistant.

  • Aurélien

1000 € in belgium,i found it in a Mobistar shop in brussel for 999.50€ exactly

  • carl melia

i got this fone sim free and i fink its bloody crap, ive had 2 in a week and theyve both locked up, dont bother with it spend ur money on something good and thats a fact

  • peter

i have a 3330 and i'm going to buy the 7650 what i want to say about nokia is that i am a member of club nokia 1 year now and i'm reaaly disapointed of the service you have to pay for everything in clubnokia!that's not aq club that's a rip off!!!

  • dd

Nokia 7650 price ?

  • Bel ragazzo


I agree that the P8OO is an outstanding handset, with outstanding features. The screen is bigger than the 7650, however only when the flip is taken off. I suspect it may be more difficult to use the handset without the flip. The memory stick is useful but not essential and memory expansion can be programmed into the 7650. I do not take anything away from the P800, it is a excellent phone but I prefer the 7650 as of now. However it will be interesting to see which phone becomes more popular!

  • caff

To belragazzo
, If you see the following picture,­p800/q14.jpg
you will know that P800 has far bigger screen than 7650, plus P800 has memory stick expansion, larger battery life.......there's no competition between the two, P800 is the only choice !!!

  • belragazzo

Battery talktime is 4 hours! That is not exactly rubbish is it.