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Nokia 7 plus

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  • AnonD-709101

AnonD-741535, 01 Mar 2018How can you possibly know that? The phone won't be out for ... more check that and check the release date in india

  • AnonD-566022

I hope Nokia 7 plus price should be under 25k ..

  • AnonD-743855

Does anybody know if the chinese version has b20 band support and NFC?

  • Singbee

Just shorten dis about an inch Nokia! Keep rest as it is.

  • Anonymous

Hey Nokia , you are no more number 1, and if you continue to seel these mid tier at so high price, you will learn your lesson again!

  • AnonD-741583

For the people who want to buy Nokia 7 plus. Just want to warn one thing:
China is the first country which start to sell Nokia 7 plus on March 7th. Now there is some feedback from Chinese Nokia 7 Plus users that there is a chance that your Nokia 7 plus bottom screen looks more yellow, not white. This problem will happened when your Nokia 7 plus screen light isn't set on 100%.

  • AnonD-741583

AnonD-468012, 10 Mar 2018Better than Nokia 8!In some way it is better than Nokia 8 such as the screen size, camera app and the design. But for the performance Nokia 8 is much better than Nokia 7 plus because Nokia 8 has Snapdragon 835 and Nokia 7 plus have Snapdragon 660. Don't forget Nokia 8 is 7th fastest phone in 2017 and 3rd fastest phone in Android phone due to the report at December 2017.

  • Neil

Is it 4g(volte)+4g(volte) active or 4g +3g active

  • rich watarious

Oh God, I love this phone this will let me go back to Nokia again. They were once the best and now they are coming in very strong again. I love every thing but I wish the price was €350 to get more customers for this phone. By the way the pricing is not bad.

  • AnonD-468012

Better than Nokia 8!

  • AnonD-733422

Hudinited, 10 Mar 2018OK. 1) HMD produces hardware but nokia still wins in dura... moreU said that sd variants are not cheap.Many sd models are cheap,a1,redmi note 4,redmi 5,5+,5 pro,....Also mtk devices are not cheaper,it cost the same like sd variants for that model.Also mtk note 4 is more powerful than sd version.Only better thing is faster updates but Xiaomi is better in every other segment.This is Nokia 2018 model,wait for Xiaomi 2018 models and mi 7 who will be in the same price range,and then judge.

AnonD-602143, 10 Mar 2018why the same old design and old tired features keep on comi... moreagree with you but ,that old things will keep coming till designers of "BIG BRANDS" dont come up with something new, for me OPPO's concept for full screen phone with UD fingerprint,vibration speaker for calls (like xiaomi did on mi mix models) , and front camera built in body and slides up when you open camera app would be enough for 2k18, personally i cant imagine better design than that at least on front side, and after all this design language slowly gain "boring" comments but its still quite ok. im fine with it before i see something special

  • jan

dont stop. keep moving forward. 90% different smartphone brands that i've tried and tested. now i am back to nokia again. being a developer of apps and games i am hype.

AnonD-733422, 09 Mar 2018First Nokia is not brand,it was brand.Second it's more expe... moreOK.
1) HMD produces hardware but nokia still wins in durability. (according to JerryRigEverything)
2) 7 Plus uses Android One software from google. (Google owns Android so can it be better)
3)Zeiss is brand who speaking to itself.
And after all , I said that All Xiaomi phones except MI note 3 have bad camera. And i said that MTK devices are cheap, on the other side, Xiaomi SD powered phones are reasonably cheaper than other brands, always lacks a camera. So before correcting me take all facts and read comment correctly than say me that im wrong.

  • AnonD-602143

why the same old design and old tired features keep on coming in coming new means creativity has ended after note 8 a nd iphone x....tired,of old f*cking thinks...

  • Anonymous

nava6221, 09 Mar 2018I agree 100% . That was the reason i sold my redmi note 3 a... moresame reason I sold Nokia 3310 & buy a Iphone X... lol

You comparing a Redmi Note 3 with Nokia 8 ? the price is like 300% different.

AnonD-713607, 10 Mar 2018OMG Nokia 7 plus is so Expensive!!! 400 Euros = 31000 INR... moreDirect currency conversion does not work for Manufacturers. This will be priced anywhere between 21k - 23k INR because the direct competition is the Moto X4 which is retailing at 21k - 23k - 25k INR for different variants. Mind you, the X4 has IP68, while this only has IP54 which is normally enough since people are not crazy to dunk their phones every day in the water. Let's wait till April.

  • Anonymous

Considering they both price with A8 (2018) or differences up to 20 USD. Which is good overall?

  • AnonD-713607

OMG Nokia 7 plus is so Expensive!!!
400 Euros = 31000 INR in india...
I want this but not at this price!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-743413, 09 Mar 2018Anyone tell me about its weight ? What is the exact weight ... moreIts weight should be 186g.