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  • Anonymous

My screen freeze and i should lock the phone then unlock to work again

  • Peenoise

Thinking of buying a pre-used 7 Plus. But I'm divided between this, Redmi Note 7, Asus Max Pro M2, to an extent, Realme 3 (NOT the Pro), and Xiaomi A3 (I really don't mind the 720p screen, as long as I get smoother FPS in games). Realme 3 Pro (and A3) is a bit too expensive for my range but I might consider it when its price is lowered in the future.

I'm a moderate gamer that mostly plays PUBG/MOBA games. I want to experience stock Android as I heard that they perform better vs custom OS because of less bloatware. Custom OS is fine if they don't slow down too much the phone though.

Lastly, based on the opinions here, the ratio of complaints vs complements is around 50/50, with most of the cons are charging port and display malfunctions. Again, I'm going for a pre-owned unit of this model(although it's only 2 months used as of this writing), I'm kinda hesitant for going for it. So what do you think?

  • Nox

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019Who has used this phone for at least an year? I'd like to know h... moreHave had this now over a year and had no issues at all. Battery might last little less than as new but still lasts 2 days at quite heavy use. Camera is very good, when using google cam.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019Who has used this phone for at least an year? I'd like to know h... moreI have using it for one year. I didn't have any issue its work fine without any lag. Battery is also as good as it is at initially. No heating issue in normal day to day useage. It's heats up a little when we play intense game like pubg it's common. This phone is made up of 6 layers of ceramic coating at back its hold heat so when the temperature outside is high it's heats up while charging especially in summer. We can avoid it by switch off the phone or placing phone near to fan. In camera department it's very good. We can take good photo by adjusting shutter speed in low light. I am impressed.

  • Jaymin

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019Who has used this phone for at least an year? I'd like to know h... moreI have used it for 1 year.
I my experience is below average with it.
Initial battery was superb
Than after a year its heat up, and increased it's size so the display and display glass solidly moved up also I have a black dot on display.
In this Price range your friends using sambung and older one plus
You fill disheartened in camera section,
And display is LCD so don't even think to compare with Samsung.

Overal good product but only for 15k . That's it.
And also you don't get good after service.

  • Anonymous

Who has used this phone for at least an year? I'd like to know how it's keeping up.

How is the battery in heavy games?
Does it heat up to the point of lagging in games, ever?
How is the camera in low lighting?
Any screen or charging port problems?

  • Anonymous

The General, 19 Jul 2019My earpiece Speaker is not loud and clear, i can't hear the othe... more@The General
You are not alone with that problem. I am always saying "Sorry", or "Could you repeat that please". It's a lousy, tinny speaker and you can't do anything about it.

  • The General

My earpiece Speaker is not loud and clear, i can't hear the other caller especially in a noisy place. Please any advice or suggestions??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019Hi guys, I have just received new update (v3.54E) What's New... moreCorrect model # TA-1155

  • Anonymous

Hi guys,
I have just received new update (v3.54E)

What's New
- improved system stability
- User interface enhancements
- Google security patch 2019-06

Size 307.8 MB

I'm from middle east, model TA-1125 official reseller

  • Alexander_

RishiGuru, 07 Jul 2019I find the Novatek panel fiasco as the only chink in the armor o... moreI've been using a 7 Plus for a while now (with a Novatek panel) and it's honestly not that bad. Here are the issues I've faced:
- The brightness cannot go down below 19% (fixed by an app called Dimly)
- The sensitivity of the screen is very low when the phone lays flat (ever since I've applied a screen protector)
- The touch refresh rate or however it's called is significantly lower than my previous iPhone 7's. This is the only issue I consider a disadvantage and annoying to get used to. It is only noticeable when compared to the iPhone though, you can get used to it eventually.

  • Joy

lewinsky, 06 Jul 2019I bought my Nokia 7 plus in December 2018 and was okay until May... moreI am also experiencing it since 2-3 months and seems there is no end to it via software updates. Really frustrating!

  • adr

How this phone compares to 8.1? Is it better?

  • Anonymous

Kokoliha, 15 Jul 2019Really an amazing phone. I have it, my wife has it and my best f... moreHow long you guys using these phone and from which country you bought these?

  • Kokoliha

Really an amazing phone. I have it, my wife has it and my best friend, too. Not a single issue with these phones.

  • Anonymous

Just sent mine back because it wouldn't charge properly, and ordered a Pixel 3a

I had it since launch back in March last year, not a single issue to be noticed,I got the international ta-1046

  • Khan


I just ordered mine and have paid for. Now what should I do ? I did not knew it had so many issues.

From charging port to Novatek panels to screen freezes.

How to make sure I get the right device ?

Tips tremendously appreciated.

  • Niv

RishiGuru, 07 Jul 2019I also firmly believe the same. Nokia's manufacturing partner... moreI 100% agree with this statement that there will be no other phone in the future which is better than Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7 plus regarding the quality of engineering to attain exceptional build quality. I never regret in buying 7+ because of its all-round abilities. Everything is good the battery life, the camera, timely updates etc. I didn't face any issues till now with my one year useage it still very sturdy and working like little champ.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2019They haven't created a true replacement for it yet.I also firmly believe the same.

Nokia's manufacturing partner Foxxconn is putting huge pressure on Nokia from the beginning of 2019 to start designing phones while keeping more profitability in mind. This means going down the lane of Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Honor, Motorola mid-range devices where your purchase decision is mainly governed by high spec sheet with almost no importance to built quality, sustained performance & unique design.

The mantra in this segment is to create an dirt cheap low quality all plastic body phone with garish colors, while giving next to no importance to built quality as who cares. In turn give the consumers high specs with high peak performance because that is what people understands & compares with other phones. Also give no consideration for thermals generated by internal components which results is drastically low sustained performance ans will increases cost.

And yes give a big battery with no fast charging support & 10 watt slow charger. I said it before and I will say it again, Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1 are unique devices which will never have a true successor for its price. I have both of them and will but then in a showcase ten years down the line to show the metaculus engineering, built quality & deign that Nokia was able to prove for the price.