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  • Anonymous

guys please suggest me-

1.What should I check or ensure while buying this phone?
2. How to recognise Global edition of this device?


Anonymous, 29 Jun 2019Guys, am so much interested to buy this device. But so many user... moreI have this phone for more than a year now. No such issue faced just go roght ahead and buy this phone

The one's interested to buy this phone,

I have been using this phone for over a year now and I heard many people complaining about the Battery life and atleast in my experience the phone easily lasted me 12-17 hours* a day on a single charge with maximum screen-on time of more than 6 hours and 30 mins. I am not a heavy user but I can guarantee you that this phone won't disappoint you in any ways and it can handle most of the stuff you throw at it.

The only issue I had was that the phone used to overheat sometimes but now it has been solved in the latest update (May 2019 security update). I would recommend this phone instead of any current Nokia device even if it has an older processor. For people who are in a hurry-

1. Excellent battery life (for a normal user)
2. Superior build quality
3. Great Choice of processor
4. Camera quality is pretty good (has improved wastly over the time)
5. Charging speed is outstanding (this may vary for you)

1. Display could have been better
2. Speaker is on the quiet side
3. No water resistance

Go for this phone.

  • Hitesh

Hi guys, I have purchased N7+ on June 2018 till now it work really up to the mark . there is NO problem in the charging point,No problem in headphone jack but Yea.. it some time get heat up when I do intense work like playing game at full brightness but I think it's normal with any phone even my younger brother recently brought Samsung A50 and it also got heatup. And the major quality that separates this phone from another is the RAM management and camera quality, the camera quality of this phone is far much better then any other phone in this range.
Even after the one year usage it's battery backup gives 10-15hr* full day charging And it also receive time to time security update that is also the plus point. ONE MAJOR DISADVANTAGE OF THIS PHONE IS THAT IT IS HAVING HYBRID SLOT.

*I am not a heavy user..

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2019Guys, am so much interested to buy this device. But so many user... moreFirst of all I'm changing my phone in a month or so as it's a mid range phone and one should use a mid range phone for a year max if he changes a lot or not IMO.
Now here's my experience so far:
I have this phone for about a year now and I have used this as rough as one can be it have been dropped about more than 40 times on floor in my hostel from stairs bed table you name it but there were nothing on it except for two or three scratches which were very hard to find. I have also dropped it water and it went under tap water too as I dropped it in mud and the side was of charging port side but after a few hours in rice under 40 degree celcius plus temperature it runs again without any issues of headphone jack or charging port.

Downside after pie updates if storage is full and there is less than about 500mb storage remaining it got stuck and you have to reboot and that's now I think is of software side but if you have storage above that than its smooth most of times. I think Android Pie sometimes make this phone stuck for a few seconds or a minute and a half.
ANother issue is that's from hardware which is the power button sometimes it behaveslike there is no hardware ticking inside and sometimes it doesn't work at all in a day but then it is as its new.

  • Anonymous

Guys, am so much interested to buy this device. But so many users complained about facing charging port issue.

So it would be very helpful for me to know that, actually which variant of N7p faces charging port issue?
Plz provide your valuable opinion.


hi frnds, i am owner of nokia7plus from 10 month, i really hate this phone hardware and operation. there are jack pin is not work in all 4 spel type earphones, charging pin dameged every time, i have repaired from company 3 time but still problem continue now, other side when play game there are so heating up, heating is realy to much high, when handset is on ur hand u can feel heat to much and also feer for blast mobile, screen britness effect ur eye, there not protected from any type of secure light controler, main problem is type pin of handset, jack pin, and performance, when u use game play then game hang by handset heating and stop game automaticaly and freez the game, this is my experiance of 10 month use this device, old nokia is best but now nokia is bad then china other mobile. frndsss be care ful buy nokia phones.

Kashifalikhan, 27 Jun 2019Well it comes down to personal prefernce as the both phones have... moreThank you! Is yours using a Novatek screen? I wonder if only the brightness is the issue?

  • Devil2Death

Anonymous, 27 Jun 2019@Hi I checked my phone after reading your post and the security... moreNokia 7 plus usually gets updates in the last week of the month. Nokia 6(2017) gets them in first week. Then 6.1,7.1,6+,5.1,5,4.2...etc.

CharlieBoy, 27 Jun 2019This or the Redmi Note 7 4/128 variant? Currently same price here. Well it comes down to personal prefernce as the both phones have kinda same specs, N7plus has better build quality and better android experience, i would recommend you to go with nokia because it will provide you smooth perfomance for a longer time. I been using it for a year now and never had any issue with perfomance.

This or the Redmi Note 7 4/128 variant? Currently same price here.

  • Anonymous

Hi, 27 Jun 2019Hi anybody got June security update? @Hi
I checked my phone after reading your post and the security level is still on 1st May 2019, yet my Google Pixel 3a shows 5th June 2019. HMD aren't very quick with updates, are they.

  • Hi

Hi anybody got June security update?

  • John

I've been using this phone for 5 months, and everytime I delete a bug file (1 GB to 3GB file), it lags and the shuts down. Even if I do heavy tasks. I had a J7 Prime as my phone before this and it handled these tasks smoothly.

I don't know why these things happens because 1) it is an android one device 2) frequent updates. I had high expectations about this device but it is letting me down. Hopefully, when it will get Android Q (I hope it will), it will fix all these problems because I had 2 monthly updates now and nothing happened still.

  • James

Hi kindly let me know if any one facing this issue after updating android 9 on Nokia 7 plus suddenly phone hangs then we need to use power button either use pattern or finger print it works again

  • dishonored

aberdeen.bunter, 24 Jun 2019Had this phone 1 week and its great apart from one huge problem ... morebro check ur phone or reset it mine is already Pie + mai update patch
and the phone works smoothly

  • Devil2Death

aberdeen.bunter, 24 Jun 2019Had this phone 1 week and its great apart from one huge problem ... moreGo to nearest customer care & ask them to upgrade your phone to some latest update. (June or May 2019). You should get periodic updates thereafter.
FYI: I have been using Pie on this phone since last September. Haven't had any major issues. The camera has improved in last update. And if you are not happy with default camera, install Google camera mod. Problem solved :)

RishiGuru, 17 Jun 2019What I love about Nokia phones is the approach to engineering th... moreyes its true it will last forever and ever but its not updating as it was meant to do so its a well designed BRICK mate.

Had this phone 1 week and its great apart from one huge problem it wont update to pie its stuck on 8.1 and the August 2018 patch which is as a good as a chocolate watch in the mid day desert=useless now since this my research as stated dont upgrade at all stay at 8.1 but the camera is just rubbish now my sony zx kills it to death even though thats a rubbish phone as well camera overheats badly. Its meant to get constant updates and yes I could side-load it but why should I, its getting returned to retailer as faulty if it cant be an android one phone then thats mis-selling as well so nokia blew it again and I will just buy samsung again doing cheap was indeed not well thought out by me on this one! lol

  • Rahil

Maybe you got a defected piece, because I am using it from the past 1 year, and it also hell fell down from first floor, with no dents or broken screen, and the phone works as fine as it came out of the box.