Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • torcida

808, 10 Oct 2012sorrryyy....! in phone it only shows around 8mb... but in ovisui... morethe big update via nokia suite will flash it completely new with the fp2 software... the small over the air update will install just the the changed and modified new data.

  • Obama

Nokia rocks

  • AnonD-2665

amar, 09 Oct 2012When i checked ezone site, black model for 808 is showing price ... moreYes, it is out of stock ! They r also listed black N8 costing 11k, funny thing is dat it is also out of stock !

  • 808

sorrryyy....! in phone it only shows around 8mb... but in ovisuite it shows 403mb... can anyone figure this out.. thank u..

  • 808

belle fp2 released .... !its a major update of around 403mb... expecting something big.... i am going for it... hi...hi...

  • torcida

AnonD-75151, 09 Oct 2012I am having same problemno problems with battery at all!!

p.s. pls post you experience with the todays arrived (!) PF2!!

  • torcida

Belle FP2 is there for all - FOTA!!! :)

  • AnonD-75151

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2012It seems that,my 808 is having a battery problems,it drained out... moreI am having same problem

  • Navaneeth

Mohan, 03 Oct 2012 My problems after the update (808) - No exit option ... moreAlso Sattellite view of the Map which is very very interesting is not available. In N82 each building can be downloaded and you can see each buliding as you drive along. N97 and 808 do not support. In a jiffy my friend down loaded whole city buildings through google for mini 97. As the new phones are coming old and good features are dropped. Very Frustrating that Battery is of poor Quality. Standby is very weak. I really wonder is there any front camera. All the Menu systems are scattered and there is no continuity between earlier phones and current phones. Nokia has a wonderful way of giving best phone and trapping and disappoints all around including poor audio for Calls and clarity

  • Mahesh

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2012Yes I like your idea. Nokia PureView II and Nokia PureView III w... moregreat idea.
Nokia pureview II's specifications should be like this:
1. 4.6" super amoled display with corning gorilla glass
2. 1280*720 display resolution
3. 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
4. Symbian belle os with some more advanced features and functionalities
5. 1GB RAM (minimum)
6. 16GB internal storage
7. Memory expansion upto 64GB
8. Camera is as same as 808 with some improvements if needed
9. Music player must have customizable graphic equalizers with Dolby sound feature
how is it guys? :)

  • AnonD-57881

I think it is true supplies of the 808 are running out. I bought mine yesterday here in Thailand and I had a hard time finding one, especially in white. One distributor said he is getting more next week but who really knows if he is just saying that. The shop I bought mine in the owner really had to look around before I made the long drive to his shop.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-68672, 06 Oct 2012Lifetime phone? but I still hope there is Nokia 808 Pureview II ... moreYes I like your idea. Nokia PureView II and Nokia PureView III will be a great success for Nokia (just like GS I, GSII, and GSIII for Samsung).

But again, it's up to Nokia what they're gonna do with their life. Put all eggs in one basket only..??!

  • rahulrods

AnonD-2665, 08 Oct 2012Check ezone website, black 808=24k, white=29kYes you're right.­Phones-Mobile-Phones---GSM/NOKIA/Nokia-PureView-­808---Black/pid-1347907.aspx

  • amar

AnonD-2665, 08 Oct 2012Check ezone website, black 808=24k, white=29kWhen i checked ezone site, black model for 808 is showing price of 24K but its out of stock.
However white model is in stock and its price is 29K. Strange that black and white model r having difference of 5k, thats a bit wierd. Also this price of 24k is not seen anywhere else.
If someone can confirm if its available for 24k anywhere in India?

  • kiko

Afer abdate with FP2 music player not open songs in MP4 format.

  • AnonD-2665

AnonD-44042, 07 Oct 2012are u sure mate its price has been droped to 24 k ????Check ezone website, black 808=24k, white=29k

  • spongebok

[deleted post]yes its true, i went there this weekend

  • AnonD-44042

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012Hey guys, I have had an opportunity to come across a Nokia 808... moreare u sure mate its price has been droped to 24 k ????

  • AnonD-74728

AnonD-68672, 07 Oct 2012dude, i already done all that while taking that pic..but it keep... moreDon't use the camera button to capture the picture. Press and hold on the screen the object you want to capture then it will focus on it then it will capture.