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Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-5041

Nokia 808 PureView is now 18000 Philippine pesos = 434.5722 US dollars @ SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines. Limited stocks only. Attention Eastspark and Altus.

  • AnonD-74728

The 808 already supports most of what you have stated. Use macro mode for very close to lens shots. Update to the latest Belle FP2 firmware.

  • kenzo

AnonD-68672, 06 Oct 2012Lifetime phone? but I still hope there is Nokia 808 Pureview II ... moreUse mAcro mode for objects very close to the camera lence. The camera on the 808 is capable of most of what you say it can't do. Try playing with the settings and update to Belle FP2

  • Varun

Hey Team,

I would kindly request you to rectify the memory card support column details entered by you to 64GB instead of 32GB. As I have tested the Sandisk 64GB Class 10 microsdxc card into one of the demo handset in one of the reputed electronic mall here in Mumbai,India. It's practically working very well without the need for formatting the memory card. Infact the handset responded really well without even restart or hanging.

Thanks & Regards,

  • AnonD-68672

Unic , 05 Oct 2012I'm saying again. don't buy useless phones like gs3. Samsung alw... moreLifetime phone? but I still hope there is Nokia 808 Pureview II which can use manual tuning focus & more camera updates to it.. becoz atofocus which is now was hard to control, im having trouble to focus on small object like peanuts on different distance & other problem i found is when camera is aim at light object like Lamp or Bright TV Screen other area become dark, using ISO & Exposure wont help at all.
I was hoping if there will be Pureview II, Hope all these problem will fix & hopefully camera come with Burst mode, Panorama. The way camera is now i think Burst mode cant be used with app since the lens is open & closed is it guys ?

  • Carol

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2012Symbian and MeeGo are great OSes. Symbian should follow Jolla's ... moreAs far as i know, symbian is a Nokia property since 2008. So, if Nokia kills it, is dead! Who would buy a system killed by it's own manufactor? I know this is b***s**t but it's reality. I love symbian and it's potential is far away from all other useless systems. But peoples are always cheap, and the publicity is always for them. Now ios and android are the main actors for the flock of sheeps! But... Everyone is in court now, suing left and right. This 'run after money masquerade' where cheap copykats sue cheap copykats, will soon come to an end. Hopefully very soon, so can symbian araise again:).

  • SS

wacyndegwa, 05 Oct 2012where can i buy this phone and get it imported to kenya ,how muc... morecheck with Euro 479

  • Carol

hasan, 05 Oct 2012It is amazing but it still nokiaYesss, it is Nokia.... The only manufactor with more then 5 years experience on the market. Ja, it is still nokia... You people have to stop comparing a manufactor with a mobile system. Nokia is nokia and could be symbian or windows, ios or android does not matter. Why? Simple... cause in this area Nokia is the best, samsung, htc, lg are some kind of wash machine junk (i don't know, like a fake made on a ship addidas shue) and apple is for school kinder;) it is nokia = experience = innovations = quality. Ja. It is still nokia, hopefully will remain Nokia.

  • torcida

Here you will finde some nice pictures shot with the 808:­d=4904420#post4904420

Cheers ;)

  • Unic

I'm saying again. don't buy useless phones like gs3. Samsung always less gives but charges more. But Nokia gives whatever they can give with reasonable price. don't miss N808. it'll be a lifetime phone 4 u.

  • hasan

It is amazing but it still nokia

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2012sad that they have started to kill symbian and Belle.closing dow... moreSymbian and MeeGo are great OSes. Symbian should follow Jolla's path - exit from Nokia and continue reviving it's already great OS. Symbian has to find a way out for themselves. Form a new company or find another company for them. They can make it if they try.

  • wacyndegwa

where can i buy this phone and get it imported to kenya ,how much does it cost in dollars plz help me

  • Anonymous

AnonD-74293, 03 Oct 2012hey guys i have heard that nokia india is discontinuing this pi... moreNokia made 808 in a very limited numbers. it's a limited edition from Nokia. It's rarely availabele in major cell shops around the world, even in big cities. So you better hurry up, or get a send hand one. Wish you the best of luck.

  • AnonD-27987

AnonD-5465, 04 Oct 2012thanks for ur nice words :)) , i guess nokia made it this way t... moreI agree with you dear sir, and you are correct it seems the 808 is "allergic" to noise thats why perhaps it eliminates the noise as much as possible

perhaps even sacrificing the bright contrast for less noise it seems hehehe

though sometimes, specially in clubs, one might prefer to be able to see something in the video even with all the noise rather than none at all right?

hoho would be rather cool if nokia (or rather sir dining) would let us calibrate the exposure a little more hohoho

anyhow looking forward to seeing more of your shots sir sea breeze ^_^

  • AnonD-5465

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2012Hey guys, I have had an opportunity to come across a Nokia 808... moregreat news dude ... but u must format it via phone to prevent lag and freezes when recording 1080p videos to it.

  • AnonD-5465

AnonD-27987, 04 Oct 2012thanks for the prompt reply dear sir. I am a huge fan of your cr... morethanks for ur nice words :)) , i guess nokia made it this way to eliminate noise in night video capture, i tweeted mr.damian dinning (the guy behind the 808) he said increase it if desired, but actually if u increased it in ANY camera not only the 808 u get a very undesired noise all over the video..., but yes u r right its a little dark.

  • Anonymous

Hey guys,
I have had an opportunity to come across a Nokia 808 pureview and inserted a 64gb class 10 microsdxc in the Nokia 808. It worked absolutely fine without a single glitch. The card was not even formatted to FAT32, instead it was in its own default exFAT file system. Nokia 808 read the card content very smoothly I even played one of the HD[1080p] video file, browsed the entire content in my memory card. Overall it was operating very smoothly. This was extremely awesome. Also the updated price of the Nokia 808 as on 04/10/2012 is Rs.24k in eZone,Mumbai,India.

  • AnonD-27987

AnonD-5465, 04 Oct 2012nope u have if needed to increase the evaluation exposure manual... morethanks for the prompt reply dear sir. I am a huge fan of your creativity in your shots with the pureview uploaded on flickr hohoho!

there is one odd thing about the pureview's exposure value though

it doesnt actually "brighten up" the dark areas/spots but only heightens the light source

for example

Im in a sala with only a lamp lit up for light

with the xperia S... fiddling with the exposure value (setting the gauge higher to +1 or +2 for example) brightens the dark spots/areas, revealing areas unseeable from the camera's viewfinder when the exposure is set to 0 (default), I am actually able to see some details even though the image is full of grain/noisy

with the pureview whenever I put the ev to +1 or +2 it doesnt actually light up the dark spots the dark areas are still dark but the light coming from the lamp (the only lightsource in my example) heightens up...intensifies

making the light coming from the lamp brighter

but essentially the dark areas still are dark :/

  • Anonymous

Ikenna351, 04 Oct 2012Thanks Sea-Breeze. Please, how do I lock & unlock screen ... moreto lock 808, use lock key (near camera button) or get lock app at nokia store.
To unlock 808 with fp2, just swipe the screen left or right