Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-44031

torcida, 10 Jun 201212x at 360p ;) cheersOh, sorry. Lol! :)

  • torcida

AnonD-44031, 10 Jun 201212x at 480p12x at 360p ;)


  • Anonymous

nissy, 09 Jun 2012Since the camera part is pontruding out, bulky; is there any ris... morenop buddie caz nokia used gorilla glas to cover the camera.....

  • AnonD-44031

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2012It'll be 4x not 1212x at 480p

  • Jide

Quitters don't win, many of us Nokia fans want Nokia to succeed & most especially Symbian OS to survive. We belief it's d best,most complete & least restrictive in fxns but Elop has d final say @least for now. While he could've just done 3 things namely:
1)increase S60 screen resolution.
2) allow dev of multicore support for d OS.
3) Support it/believe in it & encourage apps developers to do d same.
I've enjoyed S60 my best till date my dependable N82, my C5 offline navigation worked wonders for me & friends while on Hajj2010 in Saudi & convinced some to buy Nokia phones & i'm typing this epistle on my 701. But unfortunately, I've got to get even with a Elop so just made my order this morn for my next best OS via Samsung galaxy note. Will wait for 808 to crash next b4 buying to replace my ever dependable N82.

  • coded max

Nokia pls we've waited enough, I bliv in Africa, Nigeria is ur biggest market. So I tink we deserve wat eva dat comes out of ur production\manufacturing line, maximum 2 weeks from date of launch cuz dis is where u av d die hard Nokiamaniacs and symbiatics. We need dat stuff from now till 31st june. Pls before we do somtin. Bring it down to us let's prove critics and anti Nokia fans wrong, at least for once.

  • Anonymous

what ever circus Nokia do also they cant get their success back until unless they come out with android if they really come back with android then sun will never rise again for Samsung

  • AnonD-56939

AnonD-55345, 08 Jun 2012Yes. I have no doubt on the capabilities of the camera. But WTF,... morego play with ur sgs3 and htc one x.....808 is very fast in only one core and also it has 1080p for single core....does any of ur android provide that and also ur quad and dual cores are sometimes laggy.......

  • AnonD-56939

AnonD-5465, 08 Jun 2012OH my Dear God !! stunning quality specially againest the world... moresmall correction....sgs3 is not the world's best android one x is far better than sgs3 in both build quality and processor(gpu too)....and btw we wont see any phones in next 5 years whose camera quality even come close to 808(not even n8).....

  • Khan

41 mega pixl camera ???

  • Jason

GSM i m really confused about your activities.... may are u agent of SAMSUNG and SONY.... may NOKIA don't....

  • AnonD-51996

torcida, 09 Jun 2012it should be there in july for around 500 to 600 p.s. here y... moreThe price shouldn't be so high, at least not more than 470...

  • coded max

One tin some dudes forget to understand is dat, a die hard nokiamaniac and symbiatic will not listen to any negative comment let alone to give up on nokia for which phone? Samsung or iphone or htc all in d name of wat? Android, even if it is legdroid wit hexa core wit 2000 x 2000 display, we won't listen bcuz its nokia for life. Must everybody dance to android tune? BIG NO. Life is all about competition dats why iphone is iphone and dat is why nokia is nokia. If I need to play more games wit my phone den I tink I should get a small but fast symbian phone like nokia 500 or 700 then get a sony PSP or PSvita and comfortably play all d good games than to be deceiving myself wit android wack shack, remember u can't av a perfect device, why? If u may ask? Answer is, if a sony PSP is fitted wit a pureview camera wit a phone call ability den I tink u will av a perfect device but why won't dey do it? Dey can do it but if it is been done den I tink mega phone biznes might come to an end or after all d sales there won't b any sales, so u see dey r just using our heads, they need to be in bizness dats y dey r bringing different tins to us year in year out, imagine my nokia N8 is just a year old and I want to buy Nokia X0

808 and it won't end der by next year u will hear of lumia pureview or somtin. Am done, pls don't come here to comment against nokia if not na thunder go fire u.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-58323, 09 Jun 2012In wich store you buy this monster,pls tell me???

  • torcida

Esq1, 09 Jun 2012Pls is pureview 808 available in Nigeria? If yes, what is the pr... moreit should be there in july for around 500 to 600

p.s. here you see the camera (which is protected by gorilla glas) and it is surrounded not! by plastic..!­2/41mp.jpg
and here:­a808_2.jpg

And here you have some comparisons of the sensor's:­2/808Pureview-e1330540477299.png
and here:­aPureView808_sensor_610x409.png ;)

  • Me

I Think , That , At , This , Resolution , It , Will , Make , Great , Pictures . Bye . And Nice Using It .

  • Esq1

Pls is pureview 808 available in Nigeria? If yes, what is the price? If no, when will it come to Nigeria and what will be the expected price.

  • AnonD-5465

nissy, 09 Jun 2012Since the camera part is pontruding out, bulky; is there any ris... moreDouble layer gorrilla glass protected .. dont worry also its located UNDER a plastic rim !

  • AnonD-58323

In wich store you buy this monster,pls tell me???