Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-54781

This phone seems to be i nice phone, but i have to have some hands on time with it to know for sure, i have been a nokia fan all my life, and never a problem with any of the nokia phones i have had in the past

  • AnonD-40848

Dear Haterz, if u dont know anything About the Symbian Belle FP1 Software, Then Plz Watch This:­eature=g-all-u

  • Anonymous

jbpianist28, 14 May 2012JESUS CHRIST.... dont you read between the lines, wake up... the... moreYou do realise this is a Smartphone and not just a camera? And people use these things for watching videos and all kinds of things which is where the word Smart comes from in Smartphone, and this thing is gonna look seriously pixelated making me chuckle when i see the word PureView.

  • smart one

[deleted post]Yes... As you said... Symbian is so outdated, but still better than android...

  • Anonymous

Alin, 14 May 2012This phone has the biggest sensor created on earth, bigger than ... moreYou need proper practical like for like comparisons between other phones first, because most people just view images on a 19" monitor or maybe a big tv and print out at A4 at the most and this is the reality of nearly every camera, and if it is seriously better than other camera phones for this then yeah i'll admit it might be worth buying even though you are getting that creaky and almost dead Symbian Belle OS on there, but i honestly think Nokia have been struggling so much lately they just needed to grab some headlines, and a 41mp camera phone certainly does that, but if they really wanted people to take this thing serious it should have had a higher resolution screen to view what the camera did and have WP7 because Symbian is a dead OS now, or no saying Symbian is dead is a bit harsh so i'd call it the living dead OS.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2012have you ever used belle.think before posting anything I have used Belle OS and doesn't seem great. Nokia needs to improve its OS standards or else its a waste launching such a good phone. Another OS, i would have definitely gone for it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-51869, 14 May 2012exactly thats y i used my words'ready to triger files in c drive... morefor n8,the whole 16gb internal memory is partitioned to C:, D: and E:.

-using SRAM(Static RAM) caching
-using EEPROM(Z:Drive)

as per windows if compared
- C:= Windows Folder
- D:= System Files

  • Denon87

AnonD-44031, 12 May 2012Dumb, or dump? But really, why won't you use it anymore? It is ... moreNobleScarlet. You know so well about Symbian OS.
I think you really should make a youtube video where you tell about these good differences between symbian and android. That would be good informative and helpfull for people. :)

  • Alin

Anonymous, 14 May 2012I'll reserve my judgement on this thing until i see a direct com... moreThis phone has the biggest sensor created on earth, bigger than any DSLR!!!! Nokia developed this sensor specific for this phone!! DSLRs have big lenses to compensate the sensor size. Check some samples in the evening to see how great this camera is!

  • Andy

[deleted post]Yeah. That's sad but really true. All of my friends who are using Nokia's symbian envy my android or the iOS of others and they say it's a crappy stuff now with all these better OS in the market. A lot of people dreams of having an iPhone which is a good device, really but at the same time, they don't know that android phones have the biggest market share nowadays. Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG are just few using android. That's why Nokia is now offering Windows phones because symbian is one incompetent OS now.

  • Anonymous

Nokia just saved me a bunch of money. Now I don't have to spend $40,000 to get a 41MP camera.

  • AnonD-51869

Anonymous, 14 May 2012Symbian OS stores "virtual memory" in C:. RAM !=C. RAM... moreexactly thats y i used my words'ready to triger files in c drive' 

for example
c drive = windows system folder whereas d drive=ddr ram inside your pc 
only difference here is phone uses z drive(rom)to store its OS whereas in pc its stored in windows folder

  • Anonymous

At least this one has better storage then at&t one x lol, making it easier to snap more picture on the go!

  • Anonymous

I'll reserve my judgement on this thing until i see a direct comparison between this and other top end Smartphones for image quality, because anyone who knows anything about cameras knows Optics are everything, and a little 3mp camera can thrash an 8mp job if it has a larger sensor that lets more light in, and i'm betting in real life this isn't that much better than your iPhone 4S's and Galaxy S3's of the world, and if so i'd compare this to a big American engine with lots of capacity and noise but thrashed by it's European rivals at 1/3 the capacity.

  • AnonD-5041

Anonymous, 14 May 2012y? you like to open up business like tarpaulin printings? hahaha... moreJust like Android and iOS, only a little better.

Nokia Belle FP1.

Superior OS. Superior hardware. Nokia.

  • AnonD-5041

Anonymous, 14 May 2012y? you like to open up business like tarpaulin printings? hahaha... moreWatch and learn.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-51869, 12 May 2012ya i absolutely agree with u my frien.but as u stated 'phone shu... moreSymbian OS stores "virtual memory" in C:. RAM !=C. RAM is mandatory to run certain tasks since it is where it stores temporary data that wont be needed as much.

Example, Picture thumbnail data stack will be stored in C:. actual pictures will be stored in E:. When you access pictures from E:, it needs to find the location of it and finds the data stack in C:(more like page number of a book).RAM in the other hand will store temporary data that Symbian used to look for the data stack or computational outputs and stores it in RAM to get the data stack in C:.

RAM is like a store and forget type of memory. Store, Use, Forget/overwrite. Virtual Memory in C: is somewhat similar to RAM but it helps ease the work of the RAM.

in doing math computation in real life, Scratch Paper = Virtual Memory/C: RAM=mental computation

  • AnonD-28873

Anonymous, 14 May 2012y? you like to open up business like tarpaulin printings? hahaha... moredid i heard phone?

No other phone company has the same quality that nokia gives for the basic phones use.

Other company boost the screen reso to save the tiny 8mp sensor in their phone. And yeah i admit i love to have hd screen on my phone, but having a better camera is more pleasure rather than having a hd screen.

Ps. Huge mp of this phone doesn't mean business. Low IQ

  • jbpianist28

[deleted post]to make the phone look bad... it isnt rocket science...
easy they hate nokia

  • Nalin

We know that nokia is world leader in mobile phone industry and nokia belle is superb mean to say 41 mega pixel is superb with loss less zoom as nokia smart phone clarity is superb as we know!