Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView

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  • Mat

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2017DualSIM with 128GB seems like something worth waiting for. ... moreThere is 6gb ram and 128gb version of Nokia 8

  • AnonD-631139

Nokia 9 is ok. Need one more model Nokia 9s.
4.7 in screen under body
Dimensions 127.3 x 64.9 x 8 mm (5.01 x 2.56 x 0.31 in)

  • AnonD-631139

Yes. Yes. Yes. This is Nokia Mobile. This Model can improve market. But please follow two things.
1.Body Dimensions for 5.5 in screen
under 148.9 x 68.1 x 8 mm (5.86 x 2.68 x 0.31 in).

2.Camera and Slow motion video 2160p@30/60fps, 1080p@30/60/120/240fps.

  • AnonD-587484

Disply dan battery

  • Anonymous

I need:
Video in minimum 720p@120fps,

  • Anonymous

DualSIM with 128GB seems like something worth waiting for. If the battery will also be big, approx. 4000mAh, then I'm very interested.

Still, have to wait for the reviews to know whether it will be too unwieldy or not. Nokia 5 that I have now seems about perfect size-wide. In that way Nokia 8 may be the better flagship, just a shame there isn't 128GB variant

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2017The best snapdragon 835 can support is double 16 megapixels... moreDude dual 13mpx with a qualcom 835 is ample.. megapixels aren't everything... read up on your stuff before just posting links and suggesting limitations of the chipset... The standard 4K TV outputs a resolution of 8.3 megapixels... so the resolution is still literally more than 50% larger than that of a 4k TV... so in what use case will you be pixel peeping needing all that resolution? The only reason to pixel peep in the first place is to see the quality of the resolution, the reason for that is because HIGHER megapixel cameras on smaller sensors cannot capture the details in its original form... having a LOWER megapixel count on a larger camera sensor with a fast processor actually increases image quality your statement is literally garbage. Check out the Z1 it had a resolution of 20MPX but could rarely compete with its 16 and 13 megapixel counterparts because it was plagued with noise and other limitations when you actually inspected the photos...

  • Shsm

AnonD-551482, 18 Sep 2017why on earth would you slap an F2.0 aperture on a phone cam... moreTrue looking at that aperture and small sensor size it's bound to fail or be average at best in low light.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2017The best snapdragon 835 can support is double 16 megapixels... moreNah its not always about the number of pixels. Good cameras usually comes with bigger sensors. Nokia phones are known to have big sensors.

  • Anonymous

The best snapdragon 835 can support is double 16 megapixels or single 30 megapixels. So HMD needs better Chipset from qualcom if They want to produce phone camera that old Nokia was.

Bigger sensors could be possible, but big audience does not like big camera bumps so They play it safe at this moment. Hopefully HMD is succesfull and can produce some niche phones that does not sell big amounths.

  • Benny

Too little too late

  • AnonD-651341

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2017definitely this thing isn't Nokiawhat do you thing nokia really is ? chinese phone ? most oem manufacturing their phone in asia (china/india/vietnam).. even apple iphone x is made in china. *if u know what i means

  • AnonD-651341

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2017too big top bezelits unofficial render afterall

  • Anonymous

Tondern, 18 Sep 20174 gigs of ram='re a lady that doesn't know the actual use of your memory if you think 4GB of RAM is not enough, even 3GM RAM is enough for a heavy user like, tssss, trendy people

  • Anonymous

definitely this thing isn't Nokia

  • AnonD-441601

Great phone but a bit expensive hope it comes with 5000 mAh battery or better. Anyway much better than Iphone X

  • Rolf

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2017too big top bezelFor me i'm more focus on the performance of the phone and not the bezel. Bezel does nothing but for appearance only.

  • xvi

A somewhat small bezel phone with a 16:9 screen and on screen buttons would be great for one handed use and pocketability. 17:9 would be a good compromise but I guess there probably aren't enough screens available...

  • AnonD-551482

why on earth would you slap an F2.0 aperture on a phone camera? I mean.... everybody knows and F2.0 aperture is not going to be that great in low light..... even Samsung's and iPhone 10 has a bigger brighter aperture for night....
this is going to fail in low light photography.....

  • Anonymous

make the Nokia 888 !!! It will sell in the billions