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  • AnonD-2816

my c7 was having hacked anna firmware.... now its showing the original update but cant able to update it after downloading update(309mb) m unable to install it.
message showing that u need latest ovi suit but my ovi suit is already latest.. please help me.. please

  • wgt

anna browser is way beyond android...its too slow..i tested it and compare with androids units.i thought its gonna be faster.wake up nokia!

  • aiman

yeah, anna is available in malaysia.


Hey Guy'z I'm Going To Buy c7 Can Any Of U Tell Me What Games Do I Get With This Mobile???

  • AnonD-1304

Just updated my wife's C7 to anna, I have a weird problem... when I open gallery (photos) and view a pic, I am unable to navigate to the next picture when I swipe my finger to the right...or go to previous by swiping to left.... I was able to do this in previous Symbian 3...can someone help?

  • Brix

Hey guys!
You can update your phone using c7!

  • Brix

AnonD-18483, 19 Aug 2011tried many times to update and finally success thanks nokia i al... moreHow to update plz?

  • AnonD-18483

tried many times to update and finally success thanks nokia i always hope will be the best .

  • Anonymous

emmasho, 18 Aug 2011Guys i nid ure help. i just got dis phone yesterday but i cnt us... moreNokia c7 is the best mobile

  • mapal67

AnonD-7579, 18 Aug 2011hey if anyone known please put some precaution steps prior to u... moreMy upgrade failed a few times, but just keep trying and after a few times the update was keep trying..:-)

  • Anonymous

is anna availble in india

  • Sanjeev

I own a nokia C7. But when I saw the features of other android phones I knew that nokia C7 sucks.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]To install Anna, go to Settings -> Phone -> Phone management -> Device updates and check for updates. It will find the update and install it. Before you do it, backup your phone either with OVI suite or using file manager on your phone.

The update takes around 20-30 minutes to complete, during which you cannot use your phone and the phone will restart. Make sure your battery is well charged before you begin and dont interrupt the phone in between. After the update completes, you can run software update from Application folder and run the new found updates again.

  • Anonymous

drakula, 19 Aug 2011does anyone know why OVi is not working for symbian anna? It ke... moreOVI store is not as smooth as the Android market or Apple's App Store. When you start it up, it checks ur downloaded apps and finds updates for them, during which it is extremely slow. Give it five minutes after opening to do what you want.

  • Anonymous

what is the difference b/w Anna and S60?

  • drakula

does anyone know why OVi is not working for symbian anna?
It keeps loadinf, and nothing happens

  • poxme

update is out!I'm updating my phone right now via OTA. there are 6 updates. cant wait!

  • C7

AnonD-18334, 18 Aug 2011I have already updated my C7 with Symbian Anna. However, I am fa... moreCan you teach me if how to install symbian anna.? Plz?

  • drakula

AnonD-1225, 18 Aug 2011After getting the SW update v. 022.014, u got two more important... moreive done that. Is it normal that there is no split screen under conversation messages??
Please advise

  • drakula

there is no split screen for messages, how come??
I already installed the two updates, which says important.