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  • SH

I've tested E66 vs E71. If you're using the headset both are about the same quality but if you're playing the music via the speaker I personally feel tat E71 music quality is better.

  • H2O

Nokia Website said E66 with A-GPS only but said with GPS and A-GPS? which is correct one? please help...Thanks

  • Bob Gustafson

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  • Anonymous

Can the E66 synchronize with my Windows Oulook (contacts, calendar, notes)?

  • 7RS

Slider of the E66 is smooth jus like the one in 8800 arte, jus dat e66 is much define n of cos feature packed.

battery lifespan is pretty good, i can use this phone without charging plus usage, 2 days.

GPS is free for 3mths and a full license for guide of ur choice. ive yet to try my gps, will give comment after using it.

E71 n e66 is using the same platform of symbian OS and hardware.

E71 comes with Email word correction aka spell check in-built, Qwerty keyboard, able to edit documents in phone n a 2.3inch screen.

E66 supports screen rotate, turn to full screen view for images, tap to silent or turn over to silent calls, not able to edit documents in phone n a 2.4inch screen.

Camera wise, do not expect too much, jus take photos for fun will do. viewing from screen is much clearer than to view it from the PC. :)

the sound system for both the phone is the same, i find it nt as loud as my N95 8GB or 6110 Navigator. 6110 Navi, so far, is the loudest nokia phone, follow by N95/8Gb.

i must say that this phone is target on slick n neat rather than loud n bulky. this is how business phone should be, slick n neat. people dun wana carry too bulky things during business trip. they would love to travel lite.:) laptop not more than 5kg, phone nt bulky yet functionable n luggage as lite as possible. :)

personally ive tried E90 communicator, it serve its purpose well. except for one thing, it weigh my pocket down. other than dat, this phone is perfect for its class. :) full keyboard n 4inch screen. wat more can u ask more of a downsized communicator as compared to it's predecessors 9110, 9300i n 9500? smile if u agree. :)

  • Anonymous

jerry, 23 Jul 2008is the gps free?can anybody reply me asap tymy friend uses gps all the time and if it has a gps receiver then it should be free

  • jerry

is the gps free?can anybody reply me asap ty

  • Andrei

Today i played with E66 , the menu is verry beautyfull (resembles the old Symbian S60 V 6.0, kinda nostalgic) , the phone has an accelerometer , like n82 , the camera is tipical for the E Serie (medium level), the finish is great , but prone to scrtaches .

  • Anonymous

My E66's camera / video record image is upside down! Is there a software update to fix this serious problem with E66.

  • John

How durable is the slider?
And hows the battery life ??

  • Jeff

Now I have my two E66 for about a week. It is great and Fantastic phone. The menu has some how different and changed. It is great. I do have two number so I buy the first one and then I loved it so much that then I change my 2nd phone E51 with another E66. The design is also great and fits nicely in the hand

  • Earlb

I have e65. A wonderful phone. Cant wait for e66 to get to Trinidad and Tobago. E66 Is absolutely lovely.

  • plwh888

TAN, 21 Jul 2008e66 got chinese language ??? when coming soon???Singapore set have Chinese input/read build-in.


supeeeerrr megaa exxtraaaa`s fantastic,.....all function in one phone.....n95 is nothing.......congr.NOKIA.

  • TAN

e66 got chinese language ??? when coming soon???

  • plwh888

i have both E71 which i use as my BB but via MfE. The E66 is my work day phone. I was very impressed with E71 soundsystem, it sound tight and loud without distortion.

I had very high hopes for the E66 based on my experience with E71, but the camera and sound system in E66 failed miserably.

Can someone please tell me if E71 and E66 are using the same sound system or they are different ? Because E71 sounds REALLY GOOD !!!

I'm aware that E Series are business phone and I should not expect good multimedia outputs, but since they included a 3.2mp AF Camera, they might as well do a good job implementing it.

  • Fred

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2008I just got my E66 and have been happy using it. the feeling is t... moreGreat report. One thing I would like to ask is if any headphone with 2.5mm jack is provided and if there is a 3.5mm to 2.5mm jack input? Saw earlier reviews that sound distorts at max volume, is this true?

  • Dima

Anonymous: Thanks for your info & experience on e66. Can you tell us more about battery life and sound quality...i mean..loudness of ringtone and music when played in speakerphone. Thanks

  • tech fanatic

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2008I just got my E66 and have been happy using it. the feeling is t... morethat is a grate report and it's so helpful
thank you
but i'll stick to my e90

  • Anonymous

I just got my E66 and have been happy using it. the feeling is totally different from the previous E-series which is much a disappointment. :(

So far accessing the menus are pretty fast and did not hang on me when i start to multi-task on it. They provide free 90days navigations n a full license city guide of ur choice. the new features like auto screen rotation which only can b found on the N95 8GB. the screen rotation seems much smoother than the N95 8GB. wat i like most of this phone is when a call comes in, u can either choose to tap 2x on the lower part of the phone or turn it over n face down to silent the call. this only feature in the 8800 arte/sapphire arte. Smooth n solid build for the slider. feels as if ur owning a 8800 but with functions n expandable memory slot. Camera quality is so-so, anyway, E-series doesn't target quality of photos. It's target on people who needs PDA functions in pocket size.

This phone comes with a 2GB microSD card, a leather carrying case n a leather hand strap. These are the things that was not provided by the previous E-series.

Previously E65 only comes with a soft pouch which looks similiar to the one in N7270. no hand strap given nor can it be attach to the phone. infact, none of the E-series came with an option to put in a hand strap. E90 came with a leather carrying case which is quite buky to carry. E51, E61 & E61i dun even come with any carrying case. Recently a leather pouch for E61i finally arrived but its too late cos this phone is already obselete here. :( wat a waste! this time round, nokia is smart, they put these accessories into the sale package. E71 n E66 comes with the leather pouch n hand strap. It may differ in other countries. hope those who have this phone share the same sentiments as me rather than complaining about picture qualities. u should know why we choose E-series. If we have to compare E-series n N-series, tat will b unfair. hope this helps.